"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


71. 71

Deborah Jane hugged and kissed the cheek of her father as Janet looked on with envy. Peter and her had given her twenty thousand pounds towards the cost of the house but Deborah had made more fuss over the ring that may have cost a few hundred pounds. They posed for photos and Deborah asked if her mother would stand at one side and her real father at the other. Reluctantly she did and once the photo was taken she walked away.

Brian didn’t stay long once the ceremony was over he got into a second-hand car and drove away.

“I can relax now said Janet to her husband. “After all this time that man still gives me the creeps.’

 Peter and Janet returned home it was just after seven that evening. “I think I will just go and have a shower said Janet as Peter changed into his slacks and a tee shirt. He popped on the kettle to make tea.

He checked the post then sat reading the Evening Chronicle he was about to pour the boiling water into the pot when the doorbell rang. He went to the door to answer it thinking it was some sales people.

Hello, Mr. Thompson, Peter Thompson.’

Yes, what can I do for you gentlemen?

The two men showed their badges then asked Peter to accompany them down to the police station.

“Am I under arrest, and if so what for?

“You are not under arrest at this stage Mr. Thompson but we would like to ask you some questions relating to your last visit to Singapore.’

“Can I tell my wife where I am going?

“Certainly, sir but do you mind if I come with you just as a precaution, you do understand.’

 Peter walked back to the living room then through to the bathroom and stood outside.

“Darling I’ve got to go out, I won’t be long.’

“Alright came a shout from within.’

Peter picked up a casual jacket then slipped on his shoes.’

Peter got into the back of the plain unmarked police car and the door was closed. The two men then got into the front and they drove to the new police station on Stephenson Street.

Peter never said a word all the way there.

 Once inside the interview room the two men introduced themselves the larger of the two officers was Detective sergeant Gavin Stewart his receding hairline and jowls told him that he’d been with the force a long time. The other man was considerably younger with a baby looking face. He introduced himself as Detective Anthony Cotton.

He just sat writing down notes.

“Smoke said the sergeant and Peter refused.’

The sergeant lit up a woodbine and then drew in the smoke and then exhaled slowly.

“Can I ask why I am here?

“Yes, we will come to that in a moment we are waiting for someone to arrive.’

“I haven’t got all night you know.’

“We appreciate your patience in this enquiry sir.’

There was a knock at the door and Anthony Cotton let in another man. He was Chinese and stood only five-feet three inches tall his hair was cut in a Chinese Style and he wore a khaki coloured uniform and a badge on his left breast pocket. He carried his official police cap.

The soft-spoken foreigner told Peter that he was called Marco Lau Chan.

You have just returned from Singapore just a few days ago Mr. Thompson is that correct?

Yes, I’m a Merchant seaman.’

“Yes,’ and you were also in the Royal Navy before that.’

“So, you have done your homework so could you tell me what this is all about?

“Do you know a man called Lee Jung Hui?

The name doesn’t ring any bells why?

 “We have been keeping a close watch on Lee Jung Hui and his activities.’

Marco Lau Chan pulled out a file from his briefcase then passed it over to Peter.

There were some pictures of him handing something over to Jung Hui.

So,’ I owed him some money for a gambling debt.’

Look a little further Mr. Thompson?

Peter looked at other photos showing Lee Jung Hui escorting four young girls into the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

You were staying at the Grand Hyatt were you not Mr. Thompson?

Yes, is there a law that says I can’t.’

“No but there is a law which prevents you from sleeping with under- age girls.’

“Where is your proof Mr. Chan? All you have is some pictures of a man escorting some girls into a hotel and me paying a gambling debt. You’ll have to do better than that.’

One of the girls was found dead in the room that you were staying in Mr. Thompson would you care to tell us how Wei Wei Fong was doing in your bed Strangled with a piece of rope.’

Look I think I should speak to my solicitor – I am answering no more of your questions and if I am not under arrest then I am leaving.’

Peter Thompson, we are charging you with the murder of Wei Wei Fong you do not have to say anything but anything that you do say will be used against you in a court of law. Do you understand your rights sir?

“I would like to ring my solicitor.’

“As you wish.  A phone was on the table in the room and Sergeant Cotton dialed the number that Peter gave him.

After a moment the phone was answered.

“Hello Johnathan, its Peter Thompson here, look I’m down at the police station on Stephenson Street in North Shields. Yes, they are charging me with murder.’

“Say Nothing until I arrive.’

 “Thanks Johnathan.’

“He’s on his way now.’

Come with us Mr. Thompson said Detective Sergeant Gavin Stewart. Peter was led to another room where they took his photo and then took a set of his finger prints. After which they gave him a paper towel to dry his hands on.

He was then placed in a cell, they made him empty his pockets and removed his shoes laces before leaving him alone in the six feet by eight prison cell. There was a toilet that faced the door that had a spy hole but no toilet paper. His hands were sweating and he swallowed hard fighting back the urge to cry.

All of his sins were coming back to bite him on the backside he thought. One thing he did know and that was that he didn’t kill Wei Wei Fong. It must have been Hui who came to his room after he left because he left the girl eating something from the food he’d ordered.

It was nearly eleven o’clock when Johnathan Fisher arrived he was allowed 30 minutes with his client before accompanying him to the room where he had been questioned earlier.

They grilled him for over an hour but could not get a confession.

Alright said Gavin Stewart you will be detained until you will appear before Newcastle Crown Court.

“What about bail urged Johnathan Fisher, my client has not previous convictions.’

“Due to the seriousness of the crime I’m afraid not.’

“Please, Johnathan get me out of here I’m innocent.’

“Just do as they tell you and tell them nothing understand.’ I’ll inform your wife on my way home.’

Johnathan left and Peter was led back to the cell “Look at least leave me some bloody toilet paper.’

“Shitting yourself are we, laughed Detective Cotton.’

“Wouldn’t you if you were being charged with murder.’

Cotton returned holding three sheets of Izal toilet paper that looked more like grease proof paper.

“Go canny there won’t you, chuckled Cotton as he slammed the door behind him then the sound of the door being locked from the outside resonated off the bare walls painted in a light green colour. There were graffiti marks all over the room with the names of previous people who had been detained there. A lot of them had the names of their girlfriends enclosed within a heart. Peter read each one just to pass the time. He waited twenty minutes before using the toilet.

He expected the spyhole to open at any moment so he hurried to finish and then flushed.

He walked around and around the cell like a caged lion they had taken his watch but he reckoned it was after one in the morning.

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