"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


70. 70

Hello Lee said Peter who had rang him from Scotts shopping mall to tell him that he’d arrived. Lee arranged a meeting with a young client of his choosing.

Peter passed him the money discreetly and they walked over to his car where Lee Jung hui drove him to the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

“Your room is booked and your clients will arrive at 6 p.m. Choose one or more if you wish and they will cater for your every desire.’

Peter had never had a problem with Lee before, everything was discreetly done and there was no come backs.



Lee dropped him at the hotel and said that he’d pick up the girl or girls at twelve that evening. It would give him six hours of pure pleasure he thought. It had been over six weeks since his last encounter here and he couldn’t wait. Checking in he took the elevator to his room he carried only a small bag with a change of shirt and underwear. He took the elevator to the tenth floor and then walked along to his room and inserted the key and let himself in. A clean robe was folded on the bed so he took it and went to the bathroom where he took a long shower.

Drying himself he shaved using his electric razor from his bag. He trimmed the nails from his fingers then filed them smooth. His hair was brushed then her sat on his bed and waited.

He took the time to ring his wife and asked how she was. She told him that they were bogged down with snow.

“It’s 48% here, I’ve just had a shower and a shave and I’m going to have a nap before going to the casino with the captain and some of the other officers.’

“Make sure you come home a winner then. ’I miss you.’

“I miss you too darling.’

“See you soon bye.’

Peter hung up then redialed for room service “Please send up some food at nine o’clock.’

Peter told the receptionist what he wanted then put down the phone. It was now ten past four in the afternoon their time so he thought he’d have a nap until the girls arrived.






Walking into the angling shop in the Haymarket Bobby was armed with some new catalogues from Shakespeare fishing tackle. He was greeted by Jimmy Mulligan the owner who didn’t seem that interested at first but one thing Bobby had in his repertoire was the ability to tell a good story and by the time he had finished he had not only convinced Jimmy but several of his customers as well who had been listening intently as he told them about his fishing adventure to Balcary bay in Dumfries. “The steep rocky ledges were very dangerous and the tidal waves could sweep a man off his feet and smash his body to smithereens.’ Bobby told them how him and his mate Brian Elsdon had gone out when the sea was rough. Bobby explained what rod he used what line right down to the hooks that he used all by Shakespeare of course. Bobby told how they used ropes to tie themselves onto the rocks. they were kept warm and dry because of all the Shakespeare clothing that they were wearing. Bobby told them how he battled the elements to catch a Cod weighing 32lbs. some of the lads looked at each other thinking that Bobby was talking a croc of shit until he pulled out his ace card. His story was inside the sea angler magazine, all in beautiful colour. They showed him and Brian Elsdon tied on to the rocks as Bobby reeled in a monster cod from the deep.

“It was a stuff of legend as the lads all asked him questions and then got his autograph. They wanted to buy equipment from Bobby direct but Bobby winked at Jimmy and told them that it could only be bought through a retailer.’

“Now Jimmy, how much do you want to buy from us’

The deal was done and Bobby had made over a thousand pounds that day. Tomorrow he would be in Sunderland and the same story would be told with even more enthusiasm.

Bobby knew how to be dramatic and keep his audience interested and hanging on his every word.

  Some of the people around the area already knew his name and his respect grew. Wherever he went Bobby told them an adventure he’d had. Soon he was the top salesman. It was then that Bobby Capitalised on his fame. His first venture was to design his own rods. Everything down to the finest detail and something cheaper than the top manufacturers were producing. He developed an all in one box seat that when opened there was an array of space to keep line, hooks, a draw for your reel and one for an assortment of lead weighs. His tent design had two-fold away beds and he had his own tilly lamp. His best idea though came from watching other anglers struggle carrying gear. He invented a fold away trolley that could be assembled in less than 2 minutes the wheels folded in over and it could be stored in the boot of the car. There was a place where all your rods could slide into without falling off like some of the ones he’d seen in other angling stores. Made of aluminum it was also light, half the weight of other types of trolley on the market. Before long other companies were approaching him to use his name to sell their products.

It was just like Sam Harris predicted. Bobby got his first instructional TV show in 1979 and a new product came onto the market. It was called a video. The nine- inch tape fitted into a machine that could play recorded TV programs. Video films were big business and Bobby seized the opportunity to get Sony to produce a series of fishing instructional tapes that would sell for nine pounds ninety -nine pence each. It made Bobby a lot of money because they were sold all over the world.

Of course, other fishermen jumped onto the idea too and before you knew it there was videos about what types of ground bait to use to fish for carp,  what boilies to use, how to tie knots, you name it, there was a video and a book to accompany it.

 Bobby was now twenty- three years old and the most recognizable man on the street. People stopped him to ask him a question which Bobby wrote down afterwards because every question he could answer would go to make another video. In 1980 He and Elizabeth Rose were married.

They bought a terraced house on the seafront at Tynemouth. Where they lived happily together.

Elizabeth still worked in the library but only part time because she enjoyed her work and it kept her busy. She was home again by two in the afternoon and she would take the new addition to the family, a dog called Kipper. Kipper was a pedigree Jack Russell, he was brown with patches of white on his nose and belly. Each morning she would take Kipper out along the promenade and then again in the afternoon they would walk the full length of Tynemouth Long Sands and back. Kipper was good company for Elizabeth when Bobby was away doing a promotional video or selling his products in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Elizabeth knew that she would not see a lot of Bobby but this was the price of fame. Each night she and Kipper would curl up on the sofa together and watch a movie or the soap operas. Kipper’s favourite was Emmerdale farm with the sheep and cattle. He would whine on as soon as seven o’clock came each night until Elizabeth turned on the TV for Emmerdale farm and Kipper never moved from the spot.

Kipper was jealous of Bobby and would growl if he cuddled or kissed Elizabeth so he was put into the passage.

That didn’t last long because Kipper would jump up and pull down the handle of the door until it opened then sit in front of the TV. He learned to accept that Bobby would be here sometimes and he would have to lie on the floor.

At night Bobby made Kipper sleep on the floor but through the night he would hop onto the bed when they both were asleep and lie between them.

In June 1980 the whole family travelled down to London for Deborah Janes Graduation.

Philip also graduated and they both had found jobs in Oxford. They rented a flat there until they were able to put a down payment on a house. The four -bedroomed detached house in the aptly named Scholars Acre, Carterton in Oxfordshire became their new home. Neither Janet or Peter mentioned the M word (Marriage) They were quite content to let her daughter live the way she wanted to. Deborah kept her stepfather at arm’s length she hardly made eye contact with him at all there was a surprise guest to her Graduation, her real father came on his own. He had bought himself a suit and had a haircut and a shave. For once he looked really smart and she was happy that he had come. Of course, there wasn’t a prouder man in the room than Brian that day. Her father had bought her a gift and when she opened it her eyes lit up. It was a lovely sapphire ring encrusted in white gold.

“That’s your Graduation present from your dad darling.’

“Daddy that must have cost you a fortune.’ I’ll never take it off, thank you.’

“It was worth every penny just to see the look on your face.’

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