"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


7. 7

Alright then Princess, what’s it to be, Goldilocks and the three Bears or Little Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood.

Peter began to tell the story and when the part came where the wolf cried out “All the better to eat you my dear,’ he grabbed Deborah Jane by surprise and tickled her. She screamed with shock and laugher.

She loved the way her daddy told her bedtime stories.’

“Good night princess pleasant dreams, he left the revolving light on and closed the door.

“Here, I poured you a glass of rum out.’

“Thanks, what are you drinking?


“I thought we’d have this then have an early night.

“You did, did you; you sassy young thing.’

Janet cuddled into him on the sofa with her feet tucked up over his thighs. He put his arms around her then kissed her tenderly. He shot back the rum in the glass then was about to carry Janet to the bedroom.’

Wait, we had better drink the sherry and shift those carrots before Deborah Jane sees them.’

“Yes, good thinking.’

Peter drank the sherry and Janet ate half of the sweet mince pie then set the glass and the plate

down on the table then they took the carrots and left one in the hearth to make Deborah Jane think that he’d dropped it on his way up the chimney.

They walked quietly into Deborah Janes room and turned out the light, she was fast asleep.

I’ll go and fetch her presents in from the car. Going out in just his slippers, Peter opened the boot and brought in a load of neatly wrapped presents then set them down under the tree.

“I’ve filled her Christmas stocking said Janet.’

“Now we can go to bed then.’

Peter walked into the bedroom as his wife was getting undressed he gazed at her nakedness. She slipped under the covers as Peter folded his clothes and put them onto the cane chair made in Indonesia that he had sent home along with a dining table and six chairs made out of the finest walnut. He had rugs from Morocco and most of his bedding came from Hong Kong.

He had paintings, vases, and dinner services from china, in fact, the vast majority of his furniture came from abroad. Even the beds that were in every room came over by ship and were delivered to his house. He and his shipmates assembled each one and the finest mattresses that came from India were neatly placed on the wooden slats. The head board and the posts at the bottom of each bed were all hand carved. They were a work of art and all bought cheaply.

Janet and Peter made love on the bed and afterwards Peter lit up a cigarette. Looking over at the clock it was now twenty past two in the morning. “Well tonight might be the night when our first child together is conceived said Janet.’

“I think we should do it again just to make sure.’

“Why Peter Thompson, you’re a randy old goat.’

Hey, less of the old.’ Peter stubbed out his cigarette in a marble ashtray then pulled Janet on top of him and they made love again.




It was the sound of excitement that awakened Janet from a drowsy sleep. Janet looked at the clock which told her it was eight thirty in the morning. She popped on her dressing gown then went into the living room.

Mummy look Santa has been. He ate only half my mince pie and he dropped a carrot in the hearth. Look at my stocking Mummy, it’s got apples and oranges, nuts inside.

“Can I open my presents?

“Wait until daddy gets up.’

“Ho Ho ho Merry Christmas did I hear someone mention daddy, Peter came out of the wearing a Santa Claus suit with false beard and a pillow stuffed up his night shirt.

He kissed his wife then Deborah Jane.’

Shall we see what Santa has brought us aye?

“I think this big one is for you Deborah Jane.’

Peter lifted the heavy box over and Deborah Jane read the card.

“To our little princess Deborah Jane love from Mummy and daddy with kisses.’

She tore the wrapping paper and inside was a huge doll. She opened the box and took out the life-sized doll. I think it speaks to you Deborah Jane, pull the cord at the back.

“Deborah Jane pulled the cord and a voice said “hello my name is Susan what’s yours.’

“I’m Deborah Jane she answered and then pulled the chord again.’

“Do you want to go for a walk the doll said.’

“Not right now, I’m opening my presents.’

Janet had gone into the bathroom and was washing when Deborah opened the next, it was a pram to put her doll into It had been covered in a protective layer of foam then wrapped in Christmas paper and had a large ribbon and a big bow on the front.

There was tins of toffees and selection boxes which she opened. Peter picked up all the discarded wrapping paper then put it into the bin whilst Deborah Jane placed the doll into the pram and proceeded to push it all over the living room.

I think I had better help mummy with the dinner don’t you Aunty Mildred Uncle Alan and your cousin Susan will be here soon. Peter went to the sink and washed his hands then placed the turkey onto a large tray. He lit the oven then closed the door and waited for it to heat up whilst he made sausage meat and sage and onion stuffing. The bird was stuffed and then an onion placed inside the cavity to seal the entrance and then slices of streaky bacon on the top and then it was placed into the oven.

By then Janet was ready and she began to peel the potatoes for both mash and roast.

“Peter said the best way to ensure crispy potatoes was to par boil them then place them in a tray with goose fat.

“It’s a good job we bought plenty of carrots isn’t it Deborah Jane or those reindeer would have eaten them all.’

Deborah Jane giggled. “No wonder Santa is so fat daddy eating all those mince pies and drinking all of that sherry.

“Well he only eats the pies from the special little girls you know.’

“Well he ate mine so I must be special don’t you think?

“Oh Yes, you are a very special little girl. Peter filled the kettle then put it on the gas then came in the living room and set the coal fire alight. They couldn’t put it on last night because Santa would have burnt his bum he told Deborah Jane who thought it hilarious and laughed out loud.

Once the fire was going Peter returned to the kitchen to help out. He made a pot of tea just as there was a knock at the door. Can you get that love, it’ll be your Mildred and Alan?

Janet went to answer and sure enough it was her sister at the door.

“Merry Christmas they all said as they came in carrying presents.’

Mildred had wanted them to come to Acorn House for dinner but Janet insisted that she and Alan come to hers. Peter brought two other chairs in from the shed and placed them around the dining table. Each setting had a sherry glass and a glass for water Deborah Jane could sit on the end next to her mother and him.

“Do you need a hand with anything asked Mildred?’

No everything is fine,’ just sit yourself down and relax.

“Can you give me a hand outside asked Alan to Janet there’s something in the car I need you to help me with?

“Can’t Peter not help?

“No, he’s busy pouring the tea out it’ll only take a minute.’

“Alright then, Janet took off her pinafore then went to the door with Alan. they walked outside and Janet asked where he was parked. It’s around the corner, I didn’t want Deborah Jane to see what we have for her. Walking to the end of the street Janet turned the corner onto Clermont Road.

“Where is your car, I don’t see it.’

“I didn’t bring my car.’ Why have you brought me out here for then?

“I didn’t come in my car because I came in yours.’  

“My car, I haven’t got one.’

You have now, see that light blue Ford Escort, well that’s yours Peter bought it for you for Christmas.’ Here, there’s the keys have a drive around the block.

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