"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


69. 69

“Look guys whatever your selling I’m not buying okay.’

“We’re not selling anything Mr. Thompson. I am detective Sergeant Ian Ewart and this is Detective Harry Harrison could we come in a moment we would like to ask you a few questions.

In regards to what?

“In regards to a robbery that took place two years ago in Croydon.’

Come on guys leave it out, what would I have to with a robbery.’

“Your wife is wearing a distinctive engagement ring. It is unique you see because the owner marks his rings with his own distinctive mark.

“So, what?

  “Well could you tell us how you acquired the ring?

“I bought it from a bloke in a pub a couple of years ago, he said that his fiancée had given him the flick and that he was selling the ring.’

“So, what did this guy look like.’

“I really can’t remember.’

“I’m sure if you put your mind to it you could remember something about him.’

“Come to think of it yes, I remember that this guy was about six feet two he had a busted nose and black wavy hair.

How old would you say this man was?

“Early twenties I reckon.’

“And what pub was this in.’

Brian thought for a moment then said “Yes, I remember now, it was the Crown on Canterbury Road.’

“Would that be in Croydon?

Yes, it was.’

“Can you remember the date precisely?

“No,’ not really.’

“What were you doing in the Crown sir.’

“Having a pint, the same as all the other punters.’

“How much did you pay for the ring sir?

“I gave him a monkey.’

“Rather a lot of money to be carrying around isn’t it?

 “As it happens I had a win playing cards in my local the Red Lion in Portsmouth.’

What were you doing in Croydon then.’

“I was going to see my then girlfriend she lives on Festing Road. I was early you know, she works as a clippie on the busses so I thought I’d go for a pint. “That’s not a crime is it?

“No, but we need to eliminate you from our enquiries.’

“Well I’ve helped you all I can; will excuse me I’ve had a long day at the office and I want to have a shower.’

“Thank you for your assistance Mr. Thompson.’

The two men left, they got into the black Cortina and drove away as Brian closed the door.

 “What do you think said Ian Ewart to his partner?

“I think he definitely had something to do with the robbery.’

“I checked him out and he’s not big time.’ He’s a small fish in a big pond. He wouldn’t have had the brains to pull a job like this so, he could be telling the truth about buying the ring.’

“We have no proof that it was him anyway.’

“Do we keep an eye on him?

“No, I don’t think it would lead us anywhere Harry.’

 “Let’s get back to the station and get the paperwork done and close this case. The Jew got a good pay out from the insurance company.’

“I bet he put in for more than what was actually stolen Gov’

“Everybody does, don’t you?

 “Erm, I never heard that laughed Harry.’



 January 1978 was a very cold winter month there were drifts up to six feet and the snow ploughs were out in force trying to clear the roads. The number of accidents increased as a result of drivers speeding and losing control of the vehicles. Preston hospital was filling up with patients because the RVI and General hospitals were full. Regardless of the warnings on the television, people just ignored them. The surgeons and nursing staff were pushed to the limit. Janet Thomson sister at Preston was highly organized and every ward was being utilized.

Some patients from other wards were being sent home earlier so that the steady influx of patients could be accommodated. Janet didn’t mind working the extra hours with Rose still in Ireland looking after her father who was now able to get out with assistance and was speaking much better. Maggie only came around at weekends like Shaun. More and more Rose was left to look after her father. She looked forward to along chat with Janet when she could get a hold of her. She too had been working flat out she had told her.

Peter was away in Singapore and would be back in two weeks. He was delivering a large consignment of cars and the deck of the Lord Hinton was full with containers. Each one held up to four cars inside. The containers were stacked six high and five wide right down the full length of the ship. Peter was worried that a large wave or a gale force wind would blow the ship over.

The captain Robert Henshaw assured them that his ship was able to withstand the worst of weathers.

When the ship docked the cranes unloaded the ship and the cars were driven away by lorry. Other goods were then loaded onto the vessel to take back to England. Whilst this was going on Peter afforded himself a break. He ordered a taxi to take him into the Scotts shopping mall.

Where he went up in the escalator to the sixth floor. He found Chung’s the tailor shop he was looking for and went inside.

A well- mannered young Chinese assistant bowed and then asked Peter if he could help.’

“I would like three made to measure suits please. One grey, one blue, and another tuxedo please.

Yes sir, right away. The young man left he went through to the back of the shop, Peter could hear the sound of sewing machines as he opened another door.  An old familiar looking man came out.

Hello Mr. Thompson nice to see you in Singapore again.’

“Thank you, Han.’

Han took the tape measure from around his neck and began to take down some measurements whilst Peter told him that he had retired from the Royal Navy and was now in the Merchant Navy.

The old Chinese man had been in the Navy too during WW2. They had shared many stories about the war. Even now Han hated the Japanese.

“Would you like me to get my son to deliver them tomorrow for you Mr. Thompson?

“Yes please.’

“They will be ready for you.’ The old man proclaimed.’

“Thank you, Han, I will settle up with you tomorrow.’

 “Would you like a deposit?

“That will not be necessary.’

“Peter wrote down the name of his ship before leaving.

He bought a nice gift for his wife and some small gifts for his children. He thought to himself that they were adults now Deborah Jane was now engaged to Philip Ellis and Allan had met someone, he was going to be married soon he told him in his last correspondence. Elizabeth Rose was still seeing Bobby Parkin and they were getting married too.

Luckily the gifts were cheap enough here. The shop assistant even gift wrapped them for him whilst he waited. You would not get that kind of service in Brittain unless you went to Harrods.

All the gifts with tags were placed neatly into a bag. He bought another gift for someone that he’d be meeting later that night.  He walked down Eu Tong Sen Street down to the open market where the sights and smells of freshly cooked food excited him.

He stopped outside of his favourite place The Water Garden that served the best seafood and noodles he’d ever eaten in Singapore. He watched as his meal was made from fresh ingredients and the cook added them into a hot wok in a blur and stir fried them using an array of herbs and spices. His mouth was watering as the meal was put down to him along with some rice wine.

Peter was fairly adept at using chopsticks and he slurped the noodles with a deep spoon which was the proper way to eat them. They were delicious as usual with pieces of fish and large tiger prawns done in ginger and chilli with soy sauce.

“He sat for a good hour until a man approached him.’

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