"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


66. 66

“Did you here that Fanny Richardson from Coronation Street dropped down dead in the launderette last week. Fell like a sack of spuds she did.’

“You ought to take care of yourself you know mother, you never stop from six o’clock every morning until eleven each night.’

“There’s always something to do in here love.’

“The house will be still here long after you are not.’

“I’ve a pile of washing to hang out shortly. It’s a good drying day.’

“I have a washer dryer mother, why don’t I buy you one it will save you a lot of work.’

“It’s no good Lorraine love, I’m no good with electric gadgets.’

“I’ll teach you how to use it mum, it’s simple.’ It beats trying to wash them over the bath.’

“We’ll see eh.’

Lorraine spent most of the morning with her mother then asked her if she fancied going into town.

“I guess your father won’t mind if we go out for an hour or two. I’ll leave his dinner for him on a low gas and leave him a note.’

She placed a hotpot in the oven and left it on a low gas and left the note for her husband before tidying her hair and putting on her best coat and shoes. She took her old hand bag with her and then closed the door behind her. They walked along the street together. Lorraine taking her mother’s arm as they headed towards Croydon High Street. Firstly, they went into Boots the Chemist shop where Lorraine bought her mother some make up.

Her mother found a jar of Vicks vaper rub and some Venose cough syrup for her father.

Her mother looked on in awe as her daughter paid the bill with a piece of plastic.

“Do they give you money for just showing that card you have?

“Yes mum, it’s an American express bankers card. The money comes out of my bank and they take the money I owe from my account at the end of the month.’

“How do you keep check on what you’ve spent?

“They send me a statement mum and I can check with the receipts they give you with every purchase that I make.’

“Oh,’ I see, this is all new to me.’

“Just about everyone has a credit card these days mother.’

“I haven’t.’

“I’ll get one for you if you like?

“What would I need one for, I don’t have money in the bank your father gives me money when I need it.’

“Come on mother we are going to get you brought into the 20th century.’

They went to Millets clothing shop where her daughter picked out some clothes for her mother to try on. Whilst her mother was trying on dresses and skirts Lorraine picked out a pair of new shoes and a handbag.

“That’s really nice said the assistant who was being over helpful and a bit too glib.’

Again, Lorraine paid using the card and they left the shop carrying several carrier bags.

They had a look in the Piggy Wiggly Store then looked in the window of Emanuel’s the Jeweller’s.

Let’s go in said Lorraine, there’s a bracelet I like.’

Lorraine pushed the door open and the Jewish owner was alerted by the sound of a buzzer that went off.


He’d had security devices fitted all around the shop since he was burgled two years previously.

“Hello Mrs. Lennox said the old man with a wry smile.’

The small Jew who wore a skullcap and a collarless shirt and a black buttoned waistcoat with a gold Albert chain which held a twenty- four carat gold pocket watch asked if there was anything he could help them with.’

“My daughter Lorraine likes a bracelet you have in the window Manny.’

Is this little Lorraine who used to come and look in my window when she was little?

“My what a beautiful woman you have grown up to be.’

“She’s married now Manny, She’s Mrs. Thompson now and lives in a posh apartment in London don’t you dear?

“Yes, Lorraine said blushing.’

Manny brought out a tray from the window and showed Lorraine it.’

“How much is it?

“It’s two hundred pounds.’

“Two hundred pounds repeated Joyce who had never had that much money to spend in her whole life.

“It’s very nice, but I’m sure we can come to some arrangement for cash.’

Manny looked at Lorraine and smiled “Your mother brought you up well, I tell you what, since I know you I’ll let you have it for £170.00 pounds. Here try it on.’

Lorraine held out her left hand and Manny fastened the gold bracelet around her hand.

He couldn’t help noticing her wedding band and then his eyes shifted to the engagement ring.

Nice rings you have their Mrs. Thompson asked Manny, may I ask where you acquired them?

My husband Brian bought them for me.’

“Really, may I have a closer look at them?

“Of course, Manny took out his eye glass he used when valuing diamonds and stuck it into his eye socket and took hold of Lorraine’s hand gently and peered at the rings.’

“Are you sure your husband bought you these rings?

“Yes,’ Brian gave me this one before we were married.’

“Lovely craftmanship said Manny,’ then he fastened the gold safety chain on the bracelet.

“There now, you won’t lose it because the safety chain prevents it from falling off your wrist.’

“I’ll take it.’

Lorraine counted out £170.00 pounds in cash from her bag and gave it to Manny who gave her a gift box to put the bracelet into.

“Thank you said Lorraine looking at the intricate detail of the bracelet on her wrist.’

Nice to do business with you Mrs. Thompson.’

Lorraine and her mother said goodbye to the little Jew and left the shop.

Manuel waited until they were out of sight and picked up the telephone and called the police.



Gerald Junghan the postman dropped the mail off at the house of Peter Thompson he’d applied to the Merchant Navy for a job and they had replied. Using a letter knife he slid the knife along and opened it. Lieutenant Commander Jeffery Montgomery had read his application and he was asked to attend an interview in two weeks. There was also news for Rose who didn’t bother with the letter opener and tore the envelope with her finger.

Reading the letter quickly she gasped then reread it again.’

Peter asked if she was alright having seen the Irish postmark on the letter.’

“I must return to Belfast immediately Peter.’ There’s an illness in the family.’

“Look, why don’t I drive you to the airport. I can pull a few strings and get you on a flight later today.

“Would you, that’s ever so kind of you.

Peter picked up the telephone and dialed a number. “Hello, could I speak to Robert Ramsden please, tell him its Peter Thompson who wishes to speak with him.’

Please hold the line Mr. Thompson and I’ll put you through to his office

A few minutes later Robert answered. “Hello old chap, how are you?

“I’m fine Rob, listen I need your help, can you get dear friend of mine over to Ireland tonight?

“Just a moment Peter I’ll check our schedule. The phone went silent for a moment then Robert returned.

“Hello Pete, yes we have a Hercules going out of Newcastle at 1700 hours. ’Have you got the details mate.’

“Yes, her name is Rose Sullivan she’s fifty years of age, she has a serious illness in the family and needs to be back in Ireland today.’

“No problem Pete, tell her to go through the checkout then report to gate 17 where she will be picked up.’

“Thanks Rob I owe you one.’

“It’s time we had a few beers mate.’

“I’ve been put out to pasture so I’ve joined the Merchant Navy, got an interview for a chief petty officer’s job in two weeks.’

“Why don’t you bring Janet over one night, we can go get something to eat and have a few beers?

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