"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


64. 64

“Janet open that bottle of Croft I brought home will you.’ “I’ll have a tot of rum if you don’t mind.’

Janet went to the drinks cabinet and poured them all a drink and they made a toast to Peter.

“Will you still be needing my services now that you’re a man of leisure, I mean, Deborah Jane and Alan have moved out, there’s only Elizabeth Rose left now and she is old enough to look after herself.’

“No, we don’t want you to go, you are part of this family now Rose.’

“I would hate to think you were just letting me stay out of sympathy.’

“Sympathy, Rose without you I don’t know what I’d do.’

“You’d both manage I’m sure.’

“This is your home as long as you want it to be Rose, you know that.’

“Thank you and I appreciate that but if ever you want me to go please just tell me I wouldn’t be upset. You have made me more than welcome in your home.’

Sitting in the armchair Peter told them about his last voyage with the Navy. There was a touch of sadness in his voice that both his wife and Rose picked up on.

“No doubt you will enjoy working in the Merchant Navy just as much Peter.’ Think of all the new friends that you’ll make.’

“Yes, I guess you’re right.’

It was twelve forty- five when they all decided to retire to bed.

Peter went to the bathroom last then tried the door of Elizabeth Rose’s bedroom. The door wouldn’t open. Something had been pushed up against the door stopping him from coming in.

Peter was annoyed. He hung up his dressing gown and got into bed with his wife. Their love making was over almost as quickly as it had begun. Peter turned his back and was asleep in five minutes.



After six months working for The Big City Brokers Brian Thompson was well on the way to becoming a successful trader. However, Sam Craig was struggling again. He had made some rash decisions which had cost the team and they were not happy about it.  Sam was more or less back to where he was before Brian had pulled him out of the mess that he’d found himself in the last time.

Malcolm Moore paid a rare visit to the office and once again Sam was called in and warned if he didn’t do a good deal and make some money by the end of trading that day then he’d be out.

Everyone knew that Sam had been read the riot act. His body language was a dead giveaway.

He sat for a long while looking at the screen in front of him with both hands behind his head.

Brian had helped him the last time and he’d picked up briefly on so small deals but Sam was a bad risk taker and a definite weak link in the chain. Brian thought long and hard about helping the old man but he hadn’t done him any favours. He had to go if he couldn’t make a deal today.

Sam was perspiring heavily. He wrote something on a piece of paper then made to get up to stamp it then sat back down again and crumple the paper up. His bottle had completely gone.

Forest Witherspoon looked at Sam from his office which didn’t help matters.

He felt like a man awaiting the gallows. 



“It was nearly five that afternoon when Witherspoon called him in.’

“I see you haven’t done a deal today Sam.’

“I’m sorry Mr. Witherspoon, I tried I really did.’

“I’m sorry too Sam, but you have got to go I can’t keep you on. Please clear your desk.’

“Thank you for the opportunity said Sam and shook Witherspoon’s hand then left the office. He quickly gathered his things into his rucksack then said goodbye to everyone. The door was opened and he left. It had taken less than five minutes and it was a stark reminder that if you took your finger off the pulse in this job you could be the next victim. When Brian had finished he had made the company 20 thousand pounds. He had an idea that he was going to sink some of his own money into and he would implement that tomorrow at the start of trade. He walked to the restaurant to pick up his car then drove home and told Lori all about his day. He Showered and then got ready as Lori was putting on her makeup. Fancy a Chinese tonight love: said Brian knowing he had made a fair bit in commission from the deal he had done that afternoon.

“Why not, there’s a beautiful restaurant just opened on Regent Street called “The Golden Wok.’

Lorraine was used to eating out most nights now and she liked it that way. The house stayed cleaner because there was no mess to clean up.

Brian put on his blue suit and a contrasting silk tie. He polished his shoes whilst Lorraine slipped into a sequined light blue dress and black high heels she’d had her hair done and the highlights she had in her blonde hair made her look like a movie star. She liked the way people were attentive as they walked in and she was addressed as madam whilst Brian was called sir.

Do you have a table in the corner asked Brian politely? Since working at the Big City Brokers his cockney swang had somewhat disappeared and had been replaced with a softer more polished accent which Lorraine liked.

Yes sir, said the young Chinese waiter. Brian followed the Chinese waiter to the table then pulled out a chair for his wife and then sat down. The waiter asked them if they would like drinks as he handed them the menu.

Yes please, could we have two dry martinis’.’

The waiter left the table then went to the bar where another Asian was serving behind the bar.

The waiter stood whilst the martinis were shaken then poured out into two glasses then brought over.

Would you like to order now sir?’

Yes, could we have the black bean soup to start and then could we have a platter of meats and fish. Some fried rice and curry sauce please.

“Yes, sir right away.’

Lorraine sipped on her martini whilst they waited. The Golden Wok was busy with about sixty covers. They only waited five minutes and their soup was brought over. The waiter left a bowl of prawn crackers then left.

“I’m going to visit my mother tomorrow Brian, I have a day off.’

“That’s fine darling, I have some notes that I need to read up on. I have another hunch and if it comes off then it will make us a hell of a lot of money.’

“I hope that you are not going to leave us penniless Brian.’

“Trust me darling, I’m the best trader they have in there. I always have a cover deal.’

SEK fisheries subsidiary are floating 19.2 million on the stock market. If I can get in quick and buy them I can then sell them at a higher rate and make us enough to last us twenty- five years and that’s living the high life. You can have anything you want.’


“Wow, does that mean we can buy a new car?

“I will buy you your own if this deal comes off.’

“I love you Brian Thompson.’

“I love you too Lori.’

“When the assortment of food arrived, there was enough of it to sink a ship with. There were oysters, clams, mussels, prawns, there was variety of pork and chicken dishes with ribs. With vegetable and fried rice with chips and curry sauce.

“This looks fabulous.’

There was several empty plates and every time a plate was empty or had bones from the ribs on it the waiter took them away.

After twenty minutes Lori said that she was stuffed. Brian however was wading through a plate of battered lemon chicken with chips and curry sauce. He asked the waiter if he could make him a carton to take the remaining food home. He would reheat that for his dinner tomorrow.

Brian ordered coffees and the waiter asked if they wanted a dessert.

“No thanks, said Brian.

They sat just chatting until nine thirty then Brian paid the bill and they left.

“I tell you what Lori for what we had it was very reasonable.’

“So, this could be somewhere to come at least once a week then?

“Without a doubt, it’s the cheapest restaurant we’ve been to and the food is excellent.’

Brian reached the car and opened the door for his wife and she slid inside.

Driving home Lorraine looked on the bill boards at what was on at the theatre that they could go to.

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