"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


62. 62

It got to the point that Bobby was bringing the tent out more frequently even if they were going night fishing.

He told his mother that the tent kept the wind off their backs because the pilot boats made them put the fires out after some kids got in and set fires off then left them instead of putting them out before they left. They were nearly discovered naked in the tent one night when the police spotted their tilly lamp outside the tent. They had to rush to get their clothes on before they arrived. The two burly coppers asked them some awkward questions Elizabeth was blushing as the policeman shone the torch in her face she didn’t have time to put her bra on so she just sat with her arms folded with a tee shirt on inside out.

The two coppers took a cup of coffee each offered from Bobby from his large thermos flask before winking at Elizabeth and leaving.

They had told Bobby that he was trespassing but they were prepared to let him fish there as long as he didn’t light any fires.

Bobby promised that there would be no fires from him and off they went.’

“Phew that was close said Bobby.’

Yes,’ nearly caught with your pants down.’ What did you do with the condom.

“I threw it in the river when the coppers were talking to you.’

“Proper seamen now then.’

Bobby laughed even though he knew that the pronunciation was right but the spelling different.

Elizabeth pulled on her boots then brought in her line which had a large eel on the end of it. The snake like fish wriggled on the patch of grass by the tent.

“Bobby help me with this will you.’

Bobby found an old rag that he used for removing the hooks from fish. He placed a plastic gadget called a disgorger that he’d gotten free in the sea angler into the eel’s mouth and it slid down the shaft of the hook and then with a quick flick the hook popped out he returned the eel to the depths of the sea.

Even though it was only eight o’clock and she and Bobby would have sex at least twice during their fishing trip. They decided that they had had enough excitement for one evening.  The sea was fairly calm for the time of year it was a 7.0 tide and although Bobby had tried every combination of baits. All he was catching were small dabs. He poured himself a drink then Tied three small peeler crabs on his hook and then casted his line out to a mark where he had caught cod from in the past.

If we don’t get one on fifteen minutes we’ll pack in Elizabeth. We can always come back tomorrow night that bait will keep in the fridge I use in the garage. You don’t keep food in there do you?

“Only our sandwiches. The maggots love ham and peas pudding.’

“Aye,’ they love pork pies as well Elizabeth laughed, just then there was a huge bite on Bobby’s Moonraker beachmaster rod. He wound in the slack and then waited almost immediately there was another knock and bobby struck. It was a cod alright, it tried to make for bottom amongst the chains used to launch the ships. Elizabeth stood up as Bobby battled with the fish. Get the net Elizabeth I think we are going to need it for this one. “It’s bloody heavy, it’s like dragging in a dustbin. ’There was still sixty yards to reel in and Bobby was in danger of losing the biggest fish of his life.

“It’s definitely a double figure fish if I can only land it. Slowly the fish got closer to the bank.

“Take it easy Bobby said Elizabeth every bit as excited as he was.

I have the camera in my pocket wait I will take a shot. The flash went off as Bobby wound in the last few yards. The cod surfaced and its head was huge.

The net with an extension pole went underneath the fish and then Elizabeth scooped it into the net.

“Here hold my rod and pass the net to me slowly.’

Elizabeth passed him the pole and She took hold of the rod as Bobby lifted the monster cod onto the grass. Its tail flapped about in the net but it wasn’t going anywhere. Bobby removed the hook then cast out again after changing the bait trace and set his rod next to Elizabeth’s. “Keep an eye on the rods Liz there might be more of them out there.’ Bobby took another photo of the cod then weighed it.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph It’s just under twenty- three pounds.’ Twenty- two pounds fifteen and a quarter. “That’s my biggest ever land caught cod.’

Elizabeth’s rod went and she took hold wound in then waited. Bang, the fish hit the bait and Elizabeth struck.

“Easy Liz, don’t lose him.’

“My arms are aching.’

Keep the line tight, don’t let him dive or you will lose him.’

Elizabeth tightened up the drag on the Penn reel with level wind to make it harder for the fish to take line suddenly the line went slack and Elizabeth thought that she had lost the fish.

“Keep winding Liz, faster, faster, Elizabeth was near exhausted but eventually the fish broke the surface and the fight was won. The cod with a brown colour along its back and huge white belly went into the net and bobby lifted it out.

 It wasn’t as big as his but it was well over fifteen pounds. He hardly had time to unhook the fish when his rod went again. “They must be lying in that trench the Headwin made for the Oslo Bergen Ferry.’

 Bobby struck and again the fight was on to get the fish to the net. For the next half hour, they had netted six cod with a total weight of 108 pounds and seven ounces.

That has to be the catch of the year anywhere said Bobby. He took several photos with his instamatic camera.

“I have got to tell Sam Harris about this.’

Don’t tell him the location though Bobby or every angler and uncle Tom Cobbly will descend here from all over the country once them pictures go into the Sea Angler magazine. “Come on I must go to Sam’s house now and show him. They packed everything away and the fish were placed in a huge plastic bucket used by builders to put mixed sand and cement into. They had to drive carefully so the water would not slosh about in the boot.

When Sam Harris saw the haul of fish he was absolutely gob smacked. “leave the photos Bobby said Sam and don’t worry your secret is safe with me. I’ll say that they were caught in the Hebburn area of the Tyne. You’ll have to tell me the story both of you said Sam in his low Baritone voice this will make great reading. He stroked the grey moustache and goatee beard as Bobby and Elizabeth relayed the story. He took out his camera a Pentax with a large extended lens on it and took a picture of them in the back of his shop with the cod all laid out together. That is bound to drum up business for me Bobby. I tell you what son how about I get some sponsors for you, I mean you can advertise and try out rods, reels and every other bit of fishing gear. They’ll let you keep whatever you use. You can give them a report on every piece of gear that you use and either keep it or sell it on. Some of these rods retail for at least two hundred pounds a whack so you can make a lot of money from it.

Better still Sam why don’t I be the rep for one of the top companies. I already sell gear for Hotpoint – It makes no difference to me flogging a rod rather than a washing machine.

 They can pay me a salary and I will still endorse other products all for a fee of course.

You can be my agent Sam, I’ll give you ten percent of everything I earn plus pass gear I get free onto you for the shop at a cut price.’

“You’re smarter than you look Bobby Parkin.’

Before long mate I’ll be developing my own rods direct from the factory.

Christ Bobby, you could end up a millionaire. You’d be invited all over the world to fish in competitions. TV Programs will follow and God who knows where that will lead.

“One step at a time Sam, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.’

It was just after ten when Elizabeth got home. She wasn’t very happy when she got out of the car.

“What’s up asked Bobby?

“What’s up you ask, what is going to happen to me when you go swanning off all over the world? Do you expect me to sit around and wait for you whilst you galivant all over the place?

“I’m doing this for us not just for myself Liz, what’s so bad with that?

“Yes, and once you are famous I will not see you for dust.’

“I love you Liz, nothing will change that, once we get enough money together we can settle down and get married isn’t that what you want?

I don’t know Bobby I’m only eighteen. I’m not bright like you. I just do what I can to earn a living.

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