"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


61. 61

When he had dried himself, Phil put on some clean clothes, he put on a tie dye tee shirt made by his friend and art student Derek Crammen and a pair of flared Levi jeans and his platformed soled boots After eating one slice of Hovis bread with some Lyles lemon curd he dashed out of his flat. He went to his usual corner of the library Felicity Jones was already there with Melanie Jacobs.

Hi Phil, come and join us said Felicity, there’s something that you may be able to help us with.

“Really and what would that be?

“The Male reproductive system. We have an essay to write on the workings of a man’s prick. I mean we have the diagrams, but what we’d like to know is how many times a week do you have a wank?

Philip cleared his throat nervously before speaking. Well that depends on the mood I’m in sometimes it can be up to six times.’

A week said Melanie writing notes?

“No,’ a day.’

“Wow,’ you are an active little bugger, aren’t you?

“I’m not little either Phil laughed.

So,’ tell me then Phil said Felicity trying to keep a straight face does size really matter?

“I can only speak for myself but I guess that it does to a man yes.’ That does not mean that a man who only has a penis one inch long cannot satisfy a woman or father children.’

“I think that he would have difficulty having a wank though don’t you think. I mean he wouldn’t get his fingers around it would he?

“I don’t know you’d have to do a clinical study.’

Do you think that the students here would mind if we did a survey?

“There’s only one way to find out.’ You will have to ask.’

“That’s a great idea actually, we could go around and measure all the male dicks in the university and collate how many times they masturbated in an average week. Then find out how many times in a week they had sex

Is it true what they say about black men being more endowed than white people asked Melanie.

“I don’t know, but here comes Levi Moses ask him.’

Phil left the two women to question Levi whilst he found a reference book that he was looking for.




 The winter of 1976 saw snow up to six inches deep and drifts of two feet in places. It didn’t stop Bobby Parkin or Elizabeth going out to fish the River Tyne. The re-development programme had begun in the surrounding area. Bobby was able to climb into the old number Seven dock owned by Smiths and fish there. You had to be careful in the dark because there were large pot holes that you could fall into. Elizabeth had learned to cast a beach rod and was fairly adept at it. Bobby had taught her of course and she could send a weight out over one hundred yards. They both were wearing red survival suits and fur-lined waterproof boots to keep their feet warm. They had woolen gloves on their hands too and they only removed them to rebait the hooks that they were using. Bobby made a fire inside a disused oil drum he made several holes in it with a metal rod that he found. There was lots of firewood lying around and Bobby brought enough back to keep the fire going until the early hours. They sat on a capstan with a blanket wrapped around them watching the glow from the red tip light that was secured to the rod. Since Winning the Whitley Bay Open in 1972 Bobby was now an accomplished angler. He knew where to fish and when to fish.

His prize from ABU an Shakespeare made sure he had everything he needed for both sea and fresh water fishing. He had a tilly lamp that used gas instead of the old petrol ones. He could cook outdoors if he wished on the camping stove. He was given a four man ten and a bivouac with two- fold away beds for when he wanted to stay overnight. Tonight, was just a four- hour session where they would fish the tide up for two hours up and two hours down. They got there just before dark and it took them less than ten minutes to set up. it was done in military like precision. The next bait hung ready to be changed over as soon as it was retrieved. Baits were left out for no more than fifteen minutes then discarded. Bobby made sure that they had an array of baits to use for the four- hour session. He left nothing to chance. They had fresh wragg and Lug worm, crab, mussel, and fresh mackerel strip. Each bait was neatly tied on by bobby ready for the next cast if they caught a good-sized fish it was quickly dispatched then left. The bait was changed and then cast out again within two minutes. Then the hooks they had taken off were rebaited for the next cast.

Bobby never wasted a second. And as soon as time was up he never stayed. They would reel in and everything would be neatly stowed away then they would climb through the wire fence after using a torch light with a powerful beam to negotiate the big pot holes.

Walking up the bank was the toughest part and because Elizabeth had only short little legs it was hard for her to get up the bank. Bobby was now over six feet tall. He had passed his driving test and had a banger to run around in. The red coloured Cortina was three years old he only paid a hundred pounds for it from his boss’s wife Annabel. Bobby was a rep for Hotpoint an electrical goods supplier.

The wage wasn’t bad but he had to drive all over the country so he never saw a lot of Elizabeth. Sometimes he’d be in Birmingham or Sheffield and would have to stay overnight if meeting boss’s from other firms.

“Where are you tomorrow Bobby, Elizabeth would ask?


“Where is that Elizabeth asked again?

“I told you, it is in Huddersfield.’

“Are you staying over?’

No,’ it’s not far from Leeds so should be back It will only take me two hours tops to get back.’

“Will I see you tomorrow then.’

“I expect so.’

“Do you want to come for dinner?

“I’ll see what mam says okay.’

“Well give me a ring and let me know.’

Garry took out his filleting knife and using the metal car rail as a bench, he filleted the two Codling he’d caught and placed them into two clean bags.

“Here give that to your mam, she likes a bit of cod, doesn’t she?

 Yes,’ she does.’

“Come on I’ll get you home before your mother start to moan.

Janet asked Elizabeth to be in no later than eleven o’clock because it was a work night.

Elizabeth was an apprentice hairdresser at Luscious Locks in Cullercoats. At first all she did was sweep up and wash peoples hair. Now she was setting and blow waving. Once a week she went to the hair dressing college on the Coast Road where they used students as guinea pigs. 

Young lads and lasses came for a free haircut.  They were all supervised by Mrs. Eileen Cochrane who made sure that they cut the hair the way they were shown.

Bobby, Rose, and Janet were used to practice her skills on. As she progressed after turning eighteen she began to hate her job. She scanned the Evening Chronicle job section every Thursday evening in the hope that she could find something better. It was in early February 1977 That a job came up in the chronicle for a librarian. It was to work in the Central Library in Newcastle next to the Liang Art Gallery. She went to the interview not expecting to get the job and was utterly surprised when she was selected. The money she would earn there was almost double what she was earning in the hair salon including tips. She worked her weeks’ notice and most of the customers gave her a big tip the day she left. On the quiet she told them if they ever wanted their hair done she would do it cheaper than Luscious Locks for them. Mrs. Olive Brand who owned the salon was sorry to see Elizabeth go but she could not compete with the wages that Newcastle Council were paying her. Elizabeth settled into her new job and she liked interacting and helping customers find books and doing research for them. She was learning other skills too like typing and how to use the new computer and photo copier. She found another hobby as well it was CB radio where she could speak to people all over the world. Bobby was also into it. She was able to converse with Bobby in the privacy of her own room. Allan her older brother had joined the police force and often there would be radio signals from the police as the panda cars would intercept a burglary or robbery that was in progress. It was illegal to listen in but Elizabeth had always lived on the edge. They still went fishing together and it was whilst fishing at the quarry with the tent up that she and Bobby made love for the first time. It was a little awkward at first because they were both inexperienced. But they soon got the hang of it. 

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