"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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“Ah but there is the other side of this argument Doctor Ahmed, said Doctor Stewart Graham what if the patient is brain dead. The heart and lungs still function. Yes,’ he is kept alive by a respirator but he cannot make a decision over his own life. You could say that the family could be asked in that instance to end that life but what if there is no family. Is it morally right that I should make a decision to end that man’s life? How do we determine life legally?  If the brain stem is dead, there is no cognitive function is it then the man is dead? Is he being just a shell being kept alive by a machine. The other scenario is abortion. When do we say when is a fetus is a baby? Legally it is up to 13 weeks but should we have the power to end that life? Many women may argue that it is their body, their personal space and we do not have the right to invade that space. It is their decision to abort that so-called life regardless of how developed it is. As doctors these are the dilemmas that you will have to face throughout your career; ethically and morally, regardless of your stance on religion, divinity, agnostically or otherwise. It is all about probabilities of diagnosis. Based on evidence whether or not to treat with surgery or medication. Viability rather than Gods will. Inevitably you have to live with the decisions that you make as doctors.’ Thank you – we will open up the floor for any questions.

“What is your stance on assisted suicide, someone in the audience asked?

“I’m fine with that said Doctor Stewart Graham, as long as the medication is controlled.’

Like I said earlier, if a patient is in severe pain and life expectancy is minimal aren’t we alleviating that patients suffering? We know that that patient is going to die whatever we do. Is it not better to help that person to die with some dignity?

 Someone else asked if in fact doctors were playing God with people’s lives?

Doctor Suliman Ahmed stated that based on evidence and diagnosis that they were only decision makers and that they were not playing God or any other religious being.

The decisions we make as doctors are collectively made based on these facts. We would not just go in and give a patient an overdose of a drug that would end his life. That would-be murder. However, a drug would be administered in a lot of cases over a period of time to alleviate pain that will eventually terminate that patient’s life. The question and answer session went on for another hour. After which Deborah Jane and Philip came out.

“That was interesting don’t you think said Philip?’

“Yes,’ it was, I still don’t like the idea of assisted suicide because I’m a Christian and the bible says that “Thou shalt not kill.’

Like Doctor Jaffah says, “We cannot save everyone.’

“Where do we draw the line though Philip?

“I guess when we have explored all the possibilities and we are left with no other alternative but to alleviate suffering.

 Changing the subject Deborah turned to Philip and said “I’ve been thinking a lot about us today.’

“Oh, you have and what conclusions have you come to?

“You know when I said that I would never sleep with you?


“Well maybe I was wrong about that, I think we should, you know give it a go.’

“Well I’m shocked, I thought that you might be saving yourself for the right man.’

“I am, I mean I was. I didn’t realise until today how I felt. You see I haven’t slept with anyone before.

“Are you sure that you want to?

“Yes Philip, I’m sure.’

Okay, would you like to come over to my apartment.’

“Yes, I would.’ “You have got some, you know, protection.’

“Yes, don’t worry. Philip took her by the hand and led her to his apartment.

The feeling of excitement and also fear gripped her as they crossed the road and walked along the road to his flat.

Once there he let her in and they went upstairs.

Philip was in no hurry he made her a drink to help her to relax and they sat together on the sofa just talking there was no awkward silences between them in fact Deborah found herself laughing at some of Philips silly jokes. Then he leaned over and kissed her and she responded. Her heartbeat quickened as Philip began to explore her body his hand went under her tee shirt and slipped to her back where he stroked. Instinctively her hands went inside his shirt and for the first time she felt a man’s body willingly, her father who was quite hirsute in comparison. Philip was dark skinned and smooth there was no hairs on his chest. Philip stood up from the sofa Deborah stood up with him. His arms went around her and he swept her up off her feet and carried her to his bedroom. He put her down and stroked her long blonde hair then he lifted the shirt that he was wearing over his head his long shoulder length curls sprung back and she looked at his athletic frame. She followed his lead and removed her shirt so that he could see her and at the same time unhooked her bra strap. Her breasts were round firm and her nipples jutted out hard and tingling. Philip came to her and her took one of them in his hand and caressed it which made her gasp he kissed the softness of the nape of her neck then his head went down to the silken orb and his lips engulfed her breast. She moaned with the pleasure of it, the sensation was something wonderful. Philip undid the button on her Jeans and let them fall down the long legs, she stepped out of them then mirrored everything he did. They lay on the single bed kissing and stroking each other, exploring every curve. She couldn’t believe how good lovemaking could make her feel.

Her whole concept of what she thought it would be like was changed. She no longer felt guilt or shame and afterward she felt so calm, totally relaxed. She had finally ridden herself of the nightmares that her stepfather had caused. The dreams that made her feel dirty and sordid. They were replaced by feelings of love and tenderness.

Deborah and Philip spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening in bed together they got up briefly to eat some macaroni cheese on toast and a cup of tea. Deborah stayed the night in the arms of the man she loved.

The next morning, she left Philips place early and came back to her own flat where Chloe was waiting. She told her how Levi Moses had stayed the night the two girls giggled as they told how they’d spent the time making love.

“We must catch up on some notes Chloe, we have another seminar this afternoon from Gynecologist Paul Webb.

I’ve decided what branch of medicine I want to go into said Deborah Jane. I was thinking about it all day.’

“Not all day I hope said Chloe laughing.’

“No,’ not when we were you know, but earlier.’

“So,’ tell me then what have you decided.’




“I want to work in the psychiatric hospital dealing with abuse, and other mental disorders.’

“I couldn’t do that Deborah, I think that branch of medicine takes a special kind of person. “Obviously I will need special training in order to help treat these disorders but I find the whole concept fascinating I really do. The brain is such a complex organ and to think that we only use just one third of it excites me. I want to study it fully to understand how it functions and why we only use so little of it. Can you imagine what Albert Einstein could have achieved if only he had been able to use all of his brain.

“He was certainly way ahead of the rest of us. Pardon the pun.’

“I’m going to take a shower then get myself ready?

“Have you eaten breakfast?

No,’ I’ll buy something from Tom’s Diner later.’

When Philip woke he saw that Deborah had left; she’d written him a note and left it by his beside.

He swung his legs over the side of the bed then stretched before picking up the note and reading it. He smiled then got up and went to the bathroom. He turned on the shower then went to use the toilet.

Deborah had told him that she’d meet him in Tom’s Diner if he wasn’t coming to the lecture.

That suited him because gynecology was not something he wanted to pursue as a career. Cardiology was his field of medicine. Stepping into the shower he lathered himself and shampooed his hair the water revived him as he let it soak his body.

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