"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


59. 59

Sometimes they can live for even a couple of months with chemotherapy and radium treatment. We couldn’t give Mrs. Whitelaw either of those because the tumours had spread to all of her major organs.

Filling out the death certificate and informing family members was the hardest part of the job. She felt the pain of death just like the family and she fought hard to stop her own tears as she broke the news to her son and daughter. Deborah wondered if death would become so blasé and that her heart would become hardened to it. She hoped not because she had to be able feel what they were feeling she had to put herself in the mindset of the bereaved family or her words of sympathy would just become empty words.

She found herself reading passages from the Bible to the bereaved, this helped some but not all. Some turned on her and Jesus and questioned their faith for allowing their parents, sons, and daughters to suffer. There were no words to comfort these people. She just had to say sorry for their losses them leave them to it. Deborah Jane wanted to address this with Professor Edward Wilson the next time they had a seminar. Which was on Tuesday morning.

She was up at eleven o’clock that Saturday, she and Chloe went shopping for food and looked in the clothing shops. This to her was therapeutic, eventually though they would invariably get on to the topic of death. “Do you ever wonder what you would do if it was your parents fighting for their lives said Deborah Jane.’

“I wouldn’t want them to suffer said Chloe,

“Morally and ethically we are duty bound to try and preserve life Chloe.’

“I know that but if it was a dog in the road who had been knocked down or was dying of an incurable disease the vet would put that animal to sleep. Why are we kinder to animals than to our own kind? Why do we allow them to suffer?

Because society thinks immoral to do otherwise.’

“When you become a doctor Chloe you have to take the hypocratic oath.

Who are we to play God with people’s lives though Deborah?

“We aren’t we just try and make their passing as comfortable as possible.

“Even though some die in absolute agony.’

“It is not up to us it is it? It is the will of God.

“Christ Deborah, don’t get all sanctimonious on me.’ I’m an Atheist.’

“I can’t answer this question, this is why I must broach this with Professor Wilson.’

Two days later Deborah Jane met with Professor Wilson she asked him about the morality issues. He told he that there was a lecture/debate that afternoon with Doctor Stewart Graham a Christian, and Doctor Suliman Ahmed a humanist. “It will be very interesting to hear the different viewpoints don’t you think he asked her.’

Yes,’ it will because I am struggling with my own views on the matter.’

“No doubt I will see you there this afternoon then.’

You will Professor Wilson and thank you.’

Deborah met Philip in the grounds of the university where there sat on the grass eating lunch.

“Are you going to the lecture this afternoon asked Deborah Jane?

“Would you like me to go with you.’

Don’t you want to go?

Not really, I don’t have views either way.

I think you should go just to hear what they have to say.’

Okay I’ll meet you, I’m going to the library to read up on Sigmund Freud and his case notes taken from patients with mental trauma during the war.’

I’ll see you in the hall then.’

Philip seemed cold towards her, maybe he didn’t want to go out with her anymore. They hadn’t slept together whilst he had come to stay at her apartment during the two weeks they had spent at St Michael’s Hospital. All kinds of thoughts were going around in her head. She felt confused and didn’t know what to do for the best, she liked Philip, he was good to be around, but did she love him enough to sleep with him?

Ever since she had told him that they would not sleep together he had been distant. She wondered if it was just her imagination. She wanted to go further with Philip but was afraid to because of what her father had done to her. She felt unclean, soiled goods. Damn him she thought for ruining her life. She wanted to speak with her mother or to Rose. Maybe they could help. She could never tell her mother what her stepfather had done. Deborah thought if she did tell both her mother and Rose would they believe her.

Walking through the grounds she saw Chloe with Levi Moses they were getting very friendly she thought. Turning she headed for the library she walked down the corridor then up one flight of stairs. The library was full of students looking and checking reference books. She looked all around until she saw Philip in a corner of the room talking to a girl. She was flirting with him, playing with his long hair.

She walked up to him and said.’ “So, this is your research on Freud is it Philip, are you going through the Ego and the ID theory together?

Philip looked embarrassed, his face reddened as he introduced her to Felicity Jones a second- year student. She was very attractive with a nice smile.

Hello, you must be Deborah; Phil has been telling me all about you?

“Really, it hasn’t stopped you flirting with him then.’

“You have nothing to worry about Deborah, he’s clearly in love with you.’

“You looked pretty cosy together just a few seconds ago, don’t let me interrupt you.’

“Look darling said Felicity you’ve got nothing to be jealous of.’

“I’m not jealous, I mean Philip is free to do whatever he likes, it’s not as if we’re engaged or anything.’

“Felicity laughed and then said Phil is just a good friend.’

Just then another girl joined them and she kissed Felicity on the mouth.

Melanie, I want you to meet Deborah Jane. She is a first- year med’ student here.’ “Melanie is my girlfriend, we share a flat together.’

Deborah Jane felt stupid for jumping to conclusions. “I’m sorry, I thought…

Forget it said Felicity, come and join us we were just discussing Freud’s psychosexual theory.

They spent an hour and a half going through various scenarios. Deborah was fascinated, she discovered the Sigmund Freud was not a psychiatrist, or a social worker, or psychologist, in fact he was just a medical doctor. He spent hours drawing in complex detail pictures of the brain. He also studied anesthesia and was well on his way to becoming a scientist to discover chemicals to make surgery painless. Sigmund Freud was an Austro- Hungarian Jew, anti- Semitism was all around him although Freud, an atheist, he had an empathetic nature.

Many female patients came to his private practice with what seemed no basis for being there. Some had forms of paralysis that either rendered them to a wheelchair or unable to get out of bed. Using psychoanalysis, Freud was able to ascertain that they were suffering for some unconscious repressed anxiety. Some had suffered sexual molestation, whilst others had undergone physical abuse or gross neglect.

Deborah’s eyes widened as Felicity went on to explain about the anxiety, and depression that these patients endured. 

Unable to cope with the shame and guilt that they were left with, they then contemplated suicide because they felt that they had nowhere to turn to for help. Freud treated each patient individually using what he termed cognitive behavioral therapy.

The old form of psychiatry was to sit and listen to the patient for an hour as well as taking notes.

Freud interacted with his patients talking to them and explaining the cause and effects that they were feeling. He found that many of his patients were better to cope with their problems having discussed them openly with him. Deborah wanted to know more so she picked up all the books that she could find on the subject. Philip walked with her to the seminar where they listened intently to the lecture by the two doctors. She stood up to ask a question about Freud and his theory on the life death debate.

“Thank you, Miss Denny, said Doctor Suliman Ahmed, an interesting theory, Freud stated that the patient who was in severe pain and terminally ill left him with a dilemma. Did he treat the pain with drugs until the patient died or did he let the patient die slowly with just the recommended legal dosage?

“You see there is a fine line between what is morally right and what is legally right. The question is do I treat a patient by giving atoraloc sulphentiral- or do nothing and wait for the patient to die.

The dilemma you all will face is this. Do I go in and administer drugs that will eventually kill the patient?  Some would say that I went to give the patient the drugs to kill the patient not to alleviate pain. This is where the double effect comes in. I know that the drugs that I administer will cause renal failure and then cardiac failure over a sustained period but at the same time will make the patients end of life an easier passage.

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