"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


58. 58

“Go on Bobby said both Rose and Elizabeth.

Bobby got out of the car to a host of cheers. He went to the front where he was presented with the cup.

“Don’t go away lad said Sam.’

Your heaviest overall single fish was won by Geoff Smith with a cod of 9 pounds five ounces.

Geoff came forward to receive his cup and a cheque for one hundred pounds.

Everyone cheered.

Ladies and gentleman your overall winner of the Whitley Bay open 1972 is Bobby Parkin with three cod weighing 18 pounds seven ounces. Bobby was given another silver cup and a cheque for £200 pounds.

Hold on Bobby said Sam. This young lad has a great future as one of the best anglers in the North East and because of his honesty today I am going to let him come into my shop next week where he will be given everything he needs for both fresh water and sea fishing, courtesy of ABU and Shakespeare fishing tackle. The press from The Whitley bay Guardian took his photo and Elizabeth couldn’t help herself she ran up pushing her way to the front to where Bobby was and kissed him on the lips. The cameras clicked and that was the picture they published on the back page. The reporter took her name and told her if she had not have thrown her two plaice back in the sea she would have won the prize for the heaviest fish by a female competitor. A seven-year-old girl won with a small dab.

Bobby was thrilled as they drove home, Elizabeth held one of his cups.’

“Well done Bobby said Rose.

“Seems like you have a future as an angler.’

“Two hundred pounds is a lot of money Bobby, I would put it in the bank and save it up.

“I will Rose, you can take one of those cod home for your dinner tomorrow if you like

My mam and dad will never eat three.’

“That’s kind of you Bobby thank you.’

Rose dropped Bobby off and Elizabeth helped him into the house with all of his stuff.

His mother and father were delighted when he showed them the trophies and the cheque that he’d won.

Bobby said that he’d see Elizabeth at school in the morning as she got into the front seat.

Rose gave Bobby a wave as she pulled away.

He seems like a nice boy said Rose looking at Elizabeth.

“Yes,’ I like him.’

“I saw that earlier, now I hope that kissing is all you’ll be doing.’

“Rose, we do get sex education at school you know.’

“It still doesn’t stop young girls getting pregnant though does it. Look over there.’

Across the road were two young girls pushing prams they only looked about sixteen.

“Now that could be you if you’re not careful.

Rose I’ve only kissed Bobby once, it’s not as if I’m going to hop into bed with him.’

“I should think not either.’ Rose reached the house and Elizabeth got out and wondered into the house after opening the front door with her key.

Hi Mam have you had a good day?

Yes,’ your aunt Mildred and uncle Allan were asking after you.’ They wanted to know if you wanted to come and stay for a few days during the summer holiday?

“I don’t know mam, I may be going fishing with Bobby. Is our Allan not going?

No, he doesn’t want to go either.’

“Well we don’t break up until the end of July mam, that’s three weeks away yet.’

“You do get six weeks holiday you know, I mean you could just go and visit your aunt for the day, you don’t have to stay.

There’s nothing to do in the guest house mam, Allan and I get bored.’

“You could always go to the arcade or play on the beach.

“I thought dad was taking us on holiday?

  It depends whether or not you father is home.’

“What about Deborah Jane is she not coming home either?

“I don’t know she is working in a hospital now, she’s doing her first- year training.

How many years does it take to become a doctor?

“Five years.’

“That’s ages, I don’t want to be a doctor, I want to be a hair stylist and work in a beauty salon.

Women always want their hair styled and it’s good for tips as well.

Surely you want to be something better than just a trainee hair stylist Elizabeth Rose.’

“No,’ I’ve made up my mind. What’s wrong in that anyway?

Nothing dear, nothing at all.’

“Somehow Janet knew that her daughter was never going to be academic like Allan or her older sister. There was a touch of sadness in her mother’s voice as she asked how her day had gone.

Elizabeth told her every detail of her fishing trip and how Bobby had won the trophies.

Rose waited until Elizabeth went to bed before telling Janet how she’d ran up and kissed Bobby.

“We are going to have to watch them said Janet.’

Yes, I have had a word with her this afternoon but to be fair she is well clued up from all this sex education that she receives at school.

I think that they learn too soon these days Janet, it doesn’t prevent teenage pregnancy. We drove past two young girls only this afternoon pushing prams they were.’

I don’t know what I’d do if Elizabeth got pregnant. Her father would be furious at me for allowing it to happen. She is developing already and is now having periods. I think I’ll take her to the doctors Rose and get her on the pill now.’

“Will they give it her now?’

“I will demand it.’ Elizabeth is not the brightest of kids Rose you know it and she could be taken advantage of if we don’t do something.

“I’ll take her if you like said Rose.’

“No, I think it’s best if I take her Rose, I’ll make an appointment for her tomorrow and take her myself.’

Janet turned on the television to watch an episode of The Onedin Line in which James Onedin marries Anne Webster in order to get his hands on a ship. However, the marriage turns out to be one of true love. James is ruthless in his pursuit to get his shipping line started.

“Oh,’ I do love this drama series said Rose that Daniel Fogarty is such a dish.’

“That’s Michael Billington isn’t it? It’s pretty ironic that Jack Wild is playing Peter Thompson isn’t it?’

Yes, but my Peter is far more handsome.’

“He played a good part in Oliver the musical though.’

“Ron Moody was fantastic.’ Do you fancy a sherry and some chocolates that Peter sent me?’

“Go on then, just a small one mind or I’ll be talking funny so I will.’

Rose got to her feet then went to the cabinet where the sherry decanter was and removed the lid and poured out two small glasses. She glanced at the glasses occasionally then at the television screen so that she wouldn’t miss anything. She found the big box of chocolates that had a large red ribbon attached and carefully lifted off the lid.

“Here Rose help yourself, Janet handed her the box then went back to the drop leaf cabinet to pick up the glasses of Sherry.

Harvey’s Bristol Cream, you can’t beat it for flavour said Janet after taking a small sip.

“One thing is certain we’ll both sleep tonight.’

Rose picked up a hazel nut whirl and popped it into her mouth. Janet took a raspberry heaven.

“Mm they both sighed in unison as Peter Gilmore kissed Anne Stallybrass.


July 28th saw the six students finished their two weeks at St Michaels Hospital. They were tired and all they wanted to do was sleep. Philip collected his sleeping bag and made his way to his flat. He told Deborah that he’d call her. In fact, he stopped in bed all that Saturday and awoke on Sunday morning about eight in the morning. After two weeks of none stop casualties, five deaths and the endless report filling for every patient Philip had been ready for sleep. Fourteen- hour shifts were a nightmare, he hoped that once he’d qualified things would settle down. Deep down though he knew that they wouldn’t. Cardiology was the field of medicine he’d chosen Philip had to accept that living and dying were all part of everyday life in a hospital.

He just had to get used to it. Deborah Jane had broken down when the old lady she’d been treating for severe stomach cramp had died. She was slow in reporting her illness dismissing her pain as mere indigestion. For weeks she suffered the pain until she had collapsed. It took Deborah most of the day to recover from the news. Dr. Jaffah gave her a hug and told her that she could not save everyone. “It was just so quick Doctor Jaffah.’

“You weren’t to know how advanced the cancer was until after her x-rays came back.’

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