"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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attached the Ambassador 7000 reel to the locking device at the handle. The but end of the rod had rubber tubing which went two feet up the end so that the angler had maximum grip whilst casting. He released the line clicking on the ratchet and began to feed the cat gut twenty- pound line through the eyes of the rod with a shock lead of forty pounds attached. Rose feeling satisfied that they would be alright said she would come back for them around five o’clock.

“Can you make it four o’clock Rose please, that gives us time to fish the tide up and down again.’ Bobby quickly baited up and then walked to the front of the gut then launched his sinker with a 2’0 cod hook baited with wragg worm high in the air. Out it went some 150 yards, Bobby let the line sink then tightened the line and placed it on his rod rest. He then baited a hand line for Elizabeth and then casted that out for her and told her to hold it and tell him it the line jerked. He showed her how a fish would bite.

Rose left and told them to be careful as they both huddled in the homemade shelter.

 They watched as she walked back around the gut and then crossed the road.

Bobby was distracted momentarily as a boat started its engines in the gut. Jumping up he took the rod off the stand and stuck just in case there was a fish sniffing about and then reeled in for all he was worth. The prawn boat pulled out of the gut just as Bobby’s weight broke the surface and the hook had been stripped by crabs most likely because of the way the worm at the top of his line that remained was hanging down in chewed mass. He removed it and then rebaited.

The sun poked its nose out through the cloud and a shadow was cast from where he was standing. Bobby stood in a different place and cast out again the lines seemed to go further out this time because it was wet. Again, he reeled in as his line rested on the river bed. Once the spider weight had gripped the bottom he set it down. The prawn boat was now past Frazer’s Jetty and heading towards the Black Middens a graveyard for many ships in the olden days. “The legend of “Jingle Geordies Hole” is still spoken about even today he told Elizabeth.’

“Originally known as “Jingling man’s hole” the Geordie was added some years later; was a smuggler and pirate who used the caves and labyrinths below Priory Castle at Tynemouth to lure ships onto the Black Middens in the late 17th century. Jingle Geordie used lanterns strategically placed to make the ships think that they were boats at anchor. When the ships went aground he and his accomplices plundered the ships. The treasure was hidden in the secret tunnels below the castle. The caves rested on 100 feet cliffs and were known as “Prior Haven” A window of rock five feet high and three feet wide looked out beyond where the piers are now and ships could be seen five miles away. Later the legend tells of a young boy called Walter whose mother told him the story of Jingle Geordies hole. He made it his quest to try and locate the treasure hidden there.

He climbed down and got inside the cave then searched inside the tunnels until he discovered a golden Bugle on a gold chain he blew it twice and the doors to a hall opened. Inside the hall supported by pillars of Jasper and Crystal were lanterns of gold, Chests of gold coins and gems. He was later knighted and he became known as the Lord of a Hundred Castles. “Jingle Geordie’s chains he wore on his arms and legs after he was caught are said to be heard in the stillness of the night.’

When Bobby had told Elizabeth the tale, she was fascinated. He would often tell her tales from Edgar Allen Poe, and today was no exception. “Tell me a story Bobby, gan on, please.’

“Alright, Bobby opened the bag containing the sandwiches whilst Elizabeth poured the pop out into plastic beakers that Rose had neatly put inside the carrier bag. What’s inside your sandwiches?

“Pork luncheon meat.’ What have you got?’

“Ham I think, there’s some apple pie in there as well that Rose made the other day.

What’s the Story about asked Elizabeth as they sat and ate the sandwiches between them.

This story is called “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The nervous man narrates the story as he tries to prove that he is not mad even though he confesses to the murder of an old man. The motive for the murder was neither passion or greed but for fear, said Bobby. The fear behind the old man’s piercing blue eyes. Again, the man stresses his sanity because his actions are cold and calculated. Every night he went to the old man’s apartment climbing in he observed the old man as he slept in the morning he would behave as if nothing was wrong after a week the narrator decides to kill the old man.

Stopping momentarily to chew his sandwich Bobby builds up the suspense until Elizabeth finally says “Come on Bobby what happened next?

“On the eighth night of stalking the old man he continued to stalk the old man until he wakes up; he cries out he’s terrified. The narrator knows how he feels to be frightened having suffered the terrors of the night. The narrator can hear the pounding of the old man’s heartbeat. Afraid that a neighbour might hear the old man he kills him. He cuts up the body and buries it under the floorboards of the house. Cleaning the room after him the narrator sits in the chair exhausted.

“Then what happens asks Elizabeth?

“The clock in the hallway strikes 4 a.m. and then there’s a knock at the from door. It’s the police, the old lady next door had reported hearing a loud shriek. The narrator tries to cover up his actions saying that the old man was away on business and that he had had a nightmare and had called out in his sleep. He leads the police all over the house after they ask to come in and take a look around. They even look in the old man’s bedroom. The narrator was careful not to leave a drop of blood anywhere. He’d cleaned the room thoroughly.

The police sit down and are happy with the narrator’s story until he begins to hear a low pounding beat of the old man’s heart coming from below the floorboards. Panic begins to set in because the narrator believes that the police can hear it too. Driven mad by the sound of the beating heart that begins to get louder and louder he confesses to the killing and begs them to rip up the floorboards.

“That was really creepy said Elizabeth. Just then there’s a tug on her line and she scream’s.

Her imagination running wild as thought the pulse on the line was the old man’s heart beating.

Bobby takes hold of the line and begins to pull the green twine used by the fishermen to mend their nets with.

“You have one but I can’t tell what it is yet?

“Have I,’ said Elizabeth Rose who had now calmed down.’

Bobby made the line coil up in a circle so that it would not tangle up when he took off the fish rebaited then re-casted.

Bobby lifted the fish onto the wooden jetty. Its white belly gleaming. Turning it over the brown and orange colours told him immediately that it was a plaice. “It’s a good eating fish that you’ve caught Elizabeth, I will fillet it for you.’

“No Bobby, let it go.’

“Let it go,’ it must be at least two pounds in weight.’

“I don’t care, it’s my fish and I say let it go.’

“Alright but don’t tell me to throw back mine if I catch any.’ My dad likes a freshly caught piece of fish.’

Bobby threw the flatfish back into the depths and in a split second it was gone.

“He rebaited her hook for her then cast out again. Here hold on to the line until I check mine.

Bobby struck then began to reel in the line at five to one revolutions per turn. It took less than twenty seconds to bring in and on the end of his line was a very small codling. He took the hook from the fish’s lip then threw it back immediately. Lying on the top of the water the gills worked frantically to get air into the swim bladder. It ducked its head in the water a few times trying to dive down into the depths.

“Is it going to die asked Elizabeth?

“More than likely, if it doesn’t go down within the next few minutes.’

“Poor thing, it didn’t have much of a life did it.’


“Further and further away it went out with the tide until two seagulls spotted it and they dived in trying to seize the prey. Gamely the fish tried again to swim down away from danger but the second seagull snatched it up into its beak. It was being chased by the other gull. Then two more appeared they joined in harassing the bird hoping that it would drop the fish but instead it swallowed the fish whole. It landed soon after on the ledge of the Low Light building and squealed in a victorious song.

“Oh,’ that was horrible, eaten by a bird.’

“Every creature on this earth apart from us lives at the expense of another Elizabeth.’

“It doesn’t make it right though does it.’

“Just then two men dressed in full survival gear began to set up their rods fifteen feet away.’

“Caught owt young’un?

“Just a small codling.’

“I caught a two- pound plaice said Elizabeth proudly.’

“Where is it, that’s a good size fish.’

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