"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


55. 55

Sam shook Brian’s hand as they passed, that was enough, Brian knew that he’d saved Sam’s hide and tomorrow he’d be back and had money to play with. All the others had lost money today and tomorrow they would be the ones who would be scratching their heads trying to come up with a good deal that would make up the money they had all lost.

Brian walked calmly down to the elevator and pressed the button. Once down stairs he used the phone to call and tell his wife the good news.


The six students jumped into the green camper van with the painted daisy chain and drove to St Michaels Hospital where they would spend the next two weeks. They reported to the ward where they were all given white coats to wear that singles them out from ordinary folk in the hospital. Each of them had a stethoscope around their neck as they walked around the hospital. Within minutes they were called to help a patient with a cardiac arrest. The team run to the ward where the 75-year-old man is lying on the bed. He is breathing but his pulse is very weak. They insert a canular and administer fluid. The man’s heart rate was then stabilised. Their first real emergency dealt with. Next, they were called to see to an elderly woman with severe stomach cramps. A sample of her bowel movement had been analysed in the hospital lab earlier and when the report came back it was not good Dr Sydney Jaffah explained when the stool sample was green in colour and of a watery texture it was not good. The woman was examined by the junior doctors and then Doctor Jaffah asked each of them for their probable analysis of the patient.

They all agreed that the first step would be to x-ray her stomach before making a diagnosis.

The woman was lifted onto a trolley in great pain and was sent down to the X-ray department.

They moved down to the accident and emergency ward where a young man had come in suffering from hypothermia after falling in the river Thames after a drinking session. The man who was no older than themselves. He was covered in mud but they had to get fluid into him to bring up his core temperature or he would die. The covered him in warm blankets and slowly his body temperature began to rise. The young man with tears in his eyes told them that he’d had an argument with his girlfriend of two years after he had popped the question and she had refused to marry him so he threw himself off the bridge and into the river. His mother and father were in the waiting room. They looked on anxiously as Doctor Jaffah approached.

“How is he doctor said his mother who was now standing up with her husband.

He’s going to be fine Mrs. Surtees but he will need counselling to help him deal with what has happened. He is a lucky young man. Being in the water for over half an hour is a long time and not many would have survived.’

“Can he come home?

We are going to keep him in overnight to do some tests just in case he’s swallowed some water as there is a risk of Typhoid infection.

“Thank you, Doctor, said the lads father, can we see him?

“Yes, you can go in.’

They were about to follow the doctor when a girl came running in crying her eyes out.

She ran to the parents of Ray Surtees and asked if he was alright.’

“Yes, he’s alive Jenifer.’

“Thank God, I was worried sick, can I see him? He asked me to marry him tonight and I was caught completely by surprise Helen.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to say, I’m only just nineteen. I said that I didn’t know. The next thing he threw the ring at me, climbed up on the wall and jumped in the river. I had to run for help to save him. They wouldn’t let me in the ambulance so I got a taxi here.’ I do love him Helen, I Just want to wait a while before we get married. Look I’m wearing his ring.’

Helen hugged Jenifer, “You had better go in and see him first, go on everything is going to be alright. Tell him we will be in to see him in a minute.

“Young love eh said Doctor Jaffah to the rest of the team.

They walked back into the department where a man was brought in with a severe foot infection.

“Diagnosis please said the doctor.’

“It looks like a skin infection, possibly athletes foot said Deborah Jane?


Antibiotics and cream for the irritation.’


The doctor was making some notes then his buzzer went. “Crash team come with me quickly.’

They followed the doctor down several corridors not knowing where the hell they were going until they stopped at the emergency accident unit. It was a RTA involving two vehicles one person was being resuscitated with CPR.  The other two casualties had lacerations to the face, neck and spinal injuries. There was a lot of blood and the nurses were wiping it up off the flood.

“Right, no time to waste here get them two down to x-ray immediately.

You two give me a hand here. Doctor Jaffah took the electro- paddles and asked Chloe and Deborah Jane to stand clear as he shocked the man’s heart. Check for a pulse doctor, said the senior doctor to Chloe.


“Right let’s give him some adrenalin.

Deborah did as she was asked injecting the syringe into the canular.

“Okay step back please.’

Doctor Jaffah zapped him again, then asked Chloe if there was a pulse, it had been over two minutes since they had zapped him the first time.

“Nothing doctor.

Jaffah zapped him again then looked for signs of life.’

“Okay I think we should stop.’

No,’ shouted Deborah lets zap him again.’

“Doctor Denny, I’m sorry we are done here; there’s nothing we can do. ’he hasn’t taken a breath in over three minutes he is brain dead.’

 Doctor Jaffah pulled the white sheet over the patients head then pulled the screens around him.

Time of death 12.25 p.m.

Deborah broke down in tears. She had lost her first patient. Doctor Jaffah gave her a tissue then said “We would like to save them all if we could but we can’t.’ Go and have yourselves a strong cup of coffee and I’ll see you back on the ward at one- thirty.’

Levi Moses returned to where they were all sitting with a tray of drinks and a sandwich for everyone.

“I’m not hungry said Deborah Jane,

Eat it said Philip, I’ve been told we could be here until midnight tonight.’

“What,’ we’ve been here since eight this morning.’

“Better get used to it, I was told by one of the senior nurses that this is a regular occurrence.’

So, this is a regular thing then?

“It’s a hospital Chloe, if you want a nine to five job get a job as a Local GP.’

I don’t I was just saying that it is rather long hours and we have to write up our case notes before we can go to bed tonight.

“Two weeks of this and we will be on our knees.’

“Think of that lie in on Saturday morning though said Raphael with a wry grin. Just four more days to go.’

“Shut up Raphael. You’ll be counting the hours, minutes, and bloody seconds next.’

“Well I’ve worked that out…

Picking up serviettes they rolled them up and they threw them at Raphael.



Rose walked Bobby and Elizabeth Rose down Tanners Bank and onto the fish quay passing the Prince of Wales with the statue of “The Wooden Doll” standing proudly outside. Rose told them about the original Statue and how it was whittled away by sailors for good luck until all that remained was a stump in the ground. The pungent aroma of fish hit Elisabeth Rose’s nose. Bobby had changed into his old clothes in the vestry of the church he was carrying the fishing rods and his tackle box where Rose carried the food and Elizabeth a bottle of pop. They walked around the gut to the top end where the boats came in and went. It was a safe spot where Bobby could cast out into the middle of the river. Using some discarded fish boxes, they made a camp to shelter them from the breeze that swept up the river from the piers at Tynemouth. Bobby watched as the Leada and the Jupiter were being pulled out to sea by the Northsider and Southsider tug boats. The thick ropes strained as they guided the ships past the bar at Tynemouth. The ropes from tug boat were then hauled on board. They turned smartly and returned up the river. Bobby fitted his Shakespeare three- piece beach casting rod together then 

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