"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


54. 54

Forest hung up then stood up and came out of his office.’

“Sam can I have a word please.’

Sam had a look of resignation on his face as he walked into the office and closed the door.’

“What’s going on Sam asked Forest.’

“I don’t know Mr. Witherspoon, I, I just don’t seem to be able to come up with anything today.’

Look after the finish of trading today go home and get some sleep okay.’


“Tomorrow is another day and everything could change. But I must tell you that you’re on very thin ice at the moment.’

“I’ll do better tomorrow I promise Mr. Witherspoon said Sam almost relieved that he’d been given another chance.’

He came out of the office and retook his seat. He never said another word that day.

Brian noticed that there was very little conversation amongst the group. No one copied any one’s hunches in case they lost money as well. Better to lose money on your own deal then you could only blame yourself if it went tits up. It was like a double- edged sword really; because if someone on the other hand made money from a deal they had done then you’d be left kicking yourself for not trusting his judgement. By the close of trading Brian had made Big City over £11.000 pounds, the most money that day and it was his first deal. “Mr. Thompson, said Witherspoon with a wry smile on his face; seems like Mr. Moore’s confidence in you to succeed was right. Well done, keep it up.’

“Okay guys wrap it up for today, see you all bright and early in the morning.’

Brian looked at the time, it was twenty- five minutes past six. It was going to be nearly eight o’clock by the time he got home. Walking to a telephone box he rang his house and Lorraine answered.

“Where are you Brian I’ve kept dinner hot in the oven. I thought you’d have been home by now.’

“I’ll explain when I get in love, Sorry. I’m heading for the train now okay. I’ll be home as soon as I can okay?

“Okay,’ please hurry.’


Coming out of the phone booth Brian walked through the maze of people again to get to the station trying to beat the rush. This was no good he thought he was going to have to use the car to get to work. There was another delay at the station so Brian sat in the station chewing on a mars bar that he’d bought. When the train came some thirty- two minutes later they were crammed in like sardines. Brian was standing up now and was relieved when it was his stop and he could get off and breathe properly. When he eventually got home. He flopped down the chair and spent over an hour telling his wife about his day.

“Are you really going to be able to cope with all of this stress Brian, you look worn out already.’

“Nothing a good shower can’t put right.’

“You go and put the dinner out whilst I hop in the shower, I won’t be long.’

Brian took off his suit and hung it up his shoes were all scuffed with people who had stood on his toes on the train. He walked to the bathroom carrying a clean set of clothes then turned on the shower. The warm water made him relax as he quickly showered and then dried himself.

He could smell the food as he dried his hair and hurried out to the table and sat down.

He picked up his mug of tea and took a long slurp. Oh, that’s heaven Lori’ I’ve never even had time for a drink of tea today. I’m going to take a flask in tomorrow no wonder I feel all fagged out. Turning on the television he put on the news and immediately was drawn to an oil tanker disaster. That will force the price of oil up tomorrow, I’ll bet on it.’

“What does that mean?’

“Well investors will want to sell shares and I will wait until they at rock bottom and buy them.’

“What buy,’ whatever for?

Because when they come back up in the market which they will, I will make a lot of money from them. ’That money I have saved Lori is going to make us rich.’

“But what if the shares don’t come up Brian, what if they go bust. All of our money will be lost.

“Have faith darling, I have a hunch that these shares will rocket. There will be such a panic when the market opens tomorrow. I can just see it. All I have to do is stay calm.’ Brian cut into his chicken and mushroom pie with gusto.

After dinner Lori washed up the dishes as Brian scanned the evening papers until after midnight.

Right I’m going to bed Brian, I have an early shift tomorrow.’

“I won’t be long, I promise you this time next year you won’t have to work and we can eat out every night.’ Now it’s going to be hard work Lori but bear with me and we can start to enjoy life.


The next morning Brian was out of bed at quarter to five Lori started at six so he could drop her off at the depot on the way. Whilst Brian was shaving Lorraine made him a flask of tea and a ham sandwich to take in with him. They were out of the house at ten past five this time Brian wore his slacks and a pair or brown suede shoes and a tee shirt. He made sure he had the cheque for ten grand with him that he was going to use to buy stock with. Driving to the depot Brian kissed his wife before she got out then headed into the city. It was now five thirty and he had plenty of time to get to the office. He knew a back lane near a restaurant called Cicchetti’s where he could park his car. He walked to the elevator and then got to the office. It was quarter to six.

Forest Witherspoon was impressed he saw Brian was first in. The rest strolled in at five minutes to six looking somewhat jaded.

The briefing lasted seven minutes and then it was all hands to the pumps. Sam Craig looked decidedly on edge because he knew that today was the day of reckoning for him. If he didn’t do a good deal by the end of trading today he would certainly be fired.

Everyone apart from Brian was scanning the papers and trying to predict how the market was going to go before the opening of trade at nine o’clock. Brian poured himself a hot cup of tea then sat back. As soon as the market opened Brian saw the drop in the price of oil and by mid-morning they were eighty cents on the dollar. Brian heard Desmond Thomas and Robert Thornton starting to panic this spread around the team and soon they were all biting their nails and scratching their heads.

By 2 p.m. the price of OPEC Oil had dropped to just forty cents a barrel. When the American market opened the prices dropped again to just twenty- five cents. By then just about everyone had sold at forty cents. Brian got up and slipped Sam Craig a note. It read: Brian loves Shell Oil, buy, buy, or say bye, bye. You owe me one.’

Brian picked up the telephone at ten minutes to five. “Hello Brian here from Big City, I’m looking at Shell Oil. Can you buy me 20.000 shares long and I’m selling Wolseley Crude 500 short.’ Thanks. Brian replaced the receiver.

Everyone turned and looked at Brian who was now chomping on a ham sandwich.

Sam Craig picked up the phone and bought big too then sold short. He had nothing to lose, if they didn’t come in then he was out of a job anyway.

 By six o’clock that evening OPEC Oil shares were climbing rapidly and were now worth one dollar fifty a barrel. Brian had done it; his hunch had paid off and he’d made himself a lot of money as well as Malcolm. Malcolm asked to speak to Brian on the phone.

“Well done lad, you made me a lot of money. I can see you and me going places. Did you invest yourself?

Yes,’ I put in ten grand just like you.’

You were that confident eh.’

“Just a hunch Mal.’

“Look I’m going to release £50.000 grand for you to play with, do you think you can do anything with it?

“I’m sure that I can make money for you.’

“Great stuff Brian, that’s what I like to hear, of course there will be a bonus in your pay cheque at the end of the month. Keep up the good work and I’ll speak to you soon.’

Malcolm Moore hung up.

Congratulations Brian, that is the biggest amount of money made here in my fourteen years in this office. How did you do it?’

“Just a hunch.’

“It was a big risk but it paid off this time. Let’s hope that your luck holds out.’

“Good evening Mr. Witherspoon.’

“Ask Sam Craig to come in would you.’

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