"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


52. 52

“Rose, my dear Rose, what would I do without you.’ She creamed her face and sat in her arm chair with a towel around her head.’ The curtains had been drawn and the wall lights above the fire switched on.

“Do you think I look old Rose.’ She suddenly asked.

“There’s none of us getting any younger Janet but you are still a beautiful young lady.’

“I feel older Rose, especially tonight.’

“Don’t be silly said Rose do you think Peter will love you any less. I think not.’

He used to call me from where ever he was in the world, now he doesn’t Rose.’

“I think someone is feeling lonely.’

“I guess you’re right, I wish he was home more. It never bothered me at first you know, him working away six months of the year. Now though I feel as if six months is a life time.’

“Why don’t you tell him, he could always get a job in the Merchant Navy.’

He can retire once he’s fifty- five and you could both live off his pension.’

“I couldn’t ask him to give up his career Rose, he would never forgive me.’

“So, what are you going to do about it?

“I guess there’s nothing I can do.’

Yes, there is, why don’t you take Alan and Elizabeth Rose on a holiday somewhere. There’s always that property in Inverness that belonged to his aunt.’

“Yes,’ there is isn’t there. Would you come with us?

“Only if you want me to.’

 “Of course, I want you to come, right it’s settled, I have two weeks holiday coming up soon so we’ll pack up and spend a couple of weeks in bonny Scotland. You know you always make me feel better Rose.’

“Well that’s what I’m here for, now go and ring Mildred and tell her your coming for dinner tomorrow.’

Janet got up and touched Rose on the shoulder tenderly and then went into the bedroom and sat on the bed and lifted the receiver off the phone and dialed her sister’s number.




It was after one in the morning when Philip left Deborah Jane’s apartment Chloe Johnston had come back at just after twelve fifteen from her night out with friends. She took great interest in telling Deborah Jane about her night and how they’d met Raphael Gilberto and his Jamaican friend called Levi Moses a tall muscular man with dreadlocks. “Oh, by the way said Chloe do you know we are all going to St Michaels hospital for the next two weeks as part of our training?

“No,’ when did you find that out?

“Just tonight, apparently Simon’s father knows one of the lecturers called Doctor Edward Turner he told him that he was sending a group of six to St Michaels. Our names were posted on the board this afternoon.

When do we go asked Deborah Jane enthusiastically?

“On Monday, we have to be there at eight for the briefing then we will be meeting Doctor Neil Proctor from cardiology who will show us around the wards.

“Better swat up on our respiratory, circulatory, and vascular notes then over the weekend said Philip sarcastically.’

“We could all just come here and crash on the floor, I have my sleeping bag said Philip.

“I don’t think you will be doing much sleeping said Chloe suggestively.’

Deborah Jane interrupted the conversation, “Look don’t get any funny ideas Philip, I’m not going to sleep with you.’

I never suggested that we sleep together, that’s why I said that I have a sleeping bag. We can take turns cooking and cleaning.’

Good idea Philip said Chloe, it makes sense Deborah. I will speak with Levi and Raphael tomorrow.

Right then I better be heading back said Philip, I will see you tomorrow evening Deborah Jane.

 Philip packed his books back into his cloth bag and Deborah saw him to the door where they kissed briefly and then he ran along the road. Deborah watched until he disappeared around the corner of the road. When Deborah Jane returned Chloe was in the bathroom cleaning her teeth she had undressed whilst Deborah was at the door and put on her nightdress. The two single beds in the bedroom were separated by a small bedside table with a little lamp that could be switched off once under the covers. She came out of the bathroom as Deborah got a face pad and removed her make up and creamed her face. Then like Chloe she cleaned her teeth and the two women got into bed.

“I can’t believe that you’d turn down a night of passion with Philip.’

“I don’t just hop in an out of bed with any man you know Chloe.’

“I never said you do but come on Philip is a dish, I wouldn’t have refused if he asked me.’

” Well I’m not you.’ Deborah Jane turned her back on her friend who was left to turn out the light.

Deborah closed her eyes but in her head the wheels were still going around she couldn’t get what Chloe had said out of her mind.

She was in a quandary, torn between what was right and what wasn’t. Deborah Jane wondered if she did sleep with Philip what would he think of her. Would he think she was just a slut for jumping into bed with him? Then there was the other thing, the thing she’d tried to forget about. She tried so hard to forget about what her stepfather had done. Had he ruined her life could she ever have a normal relationship with a man. Even though she was now twenty years of age the abuse had changed the way that she now viewed men. Deborah felt like a freak because she was still a virgin. She knew what a naked man looked like having seen her father who would take off his dressing gown after bathing and get under the blankets with her and begin touching her. Then she felt guilt for feeling the things that he did to her.

She wondered if she had sex with Philip would it be different, would she feel different. Or would it leave her feeling the way she did after her stepfather had left her bedroom. The feeling of nausea, she always felt like vomiting after he had touched her inappropriately. She began to realise what her stepfather was doing to her was wrong. She remembered the last time he’d tried to actually enter her when he came to her room. Her mother was doing a night shift at the hospital and Rose had gone to mass. Her father came into her room as he always did after bathing he got into bed and began to caress her breasts. He whispered in her ear that he loved her and asked if she loved him. He then lifted up her night dress over her head and pulled down her knickers she lay shaking in her nakedness. He began probing with his fingers between her legs.  Then he raised himself up on top of her. His swollen member stuck out from his body and he used his leg to push her legs apart. His breathing was heavy as he sucked on her breast she knew what he was about to do, she felt the tip of his engorged penis trying to force his way inside her. She cried out and told him to stop. tears were rolling down her face. “Stop Daddy, Daddy Stop, this is wrong she cried.’ Deborah Jane was only fourteen, she had fully developed firm breasts with soft red nipples and a triangle of soft hair between her legs. He looked down at her nakedness then heard her crying. He rolled off her then kept saying that he was sorry over and over. He picked up his robe and put it on then left the room. That was the last time he ever tried to touch her. Deborah Jane wanted to tell her mother and Rose too but she felt dirty and degraded. Her stepfather warned her that if she ever told anyone that she’d be taken away and would have to live in a home and not allowed to see her mother or her sister and brother again.

Deborah Jane threw herself into her school work in order to try and forget what her stepfather had done. Now she was faced with a similar situation, it would only be a matter of time before Philip would try and touch her.

 “Would she tell him to stop the way she had done with her stepfather?

She tossed and turned all night until eventually she got up. Deborah Jane made herself a cup of tea then sat looking out of the front window as the dawn sky changed from an orange red to grey then blue.

She looked down as young and old men alike made their way to work carrying bait bags and wearing caps on their heads. A lot of the men were either lorry drivers or worked in the meat and fish markets. Trade would start at 5 a.m. and would carry on throughout the day until everything was sold at auction and the lorry drivers would then stack the pallets of meat and fish by fork lift truck into the lorries then head off to France or Germany.

Looking over at the clock it was now twenty minutes to six. Deborah Jane decided to just get washed and get herself ready. Chloe never stirred as Deborah Jane got her clean clothes from her drawer then headed for the bathroom.

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