"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


50. 50

They carried the fish to the edge of the water and then let the water rush through its gills for several minutes. The fish began to feel refreshed and with a quick flick of its tail it was gone into the murky depths. Bobby used the water to wash his hands and Elizabeth did the same.

They walked back up the bank together and Bobby shared his towel he had brought with him so they could dry their hands.


“Do you want a sandwich asked Bobby?

“What kind have you got, I don’t want sardines like last time.’

“My mam made us some Cheese ones this time with tomato I think.’

He opened the picnic basket then opened the packet they were in carefully. The wrapped sandwiches had been placed in a tin to keep them dry.

Nice said Elizabeth as she took a bite of hers.

Mam has made a cake too. Do you like fruit loaf?

“Yes, Rose and I make it.’

“Are you a good cook?

“Yes, Rose says so. ’Why?

“Well I’m not marrying anyone who cannot cook.’

“Are you proposing Bobby Parkin she laughed.’

“Don’t be daft, I’m only twelve years old.’ Can I have a swig of your lemonade.’

Yes, here. Elizabeth went into the bag her mother had given her and took out the bottle of Villa Lemonade. Bobby flicked the clip off the bottle and put it to his lips he tried to drink it without spilling it down his chin. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand then put the top back on.

Bobby Belched loudly.’


Elizabeth threw the crusts into the water for the geese who quickly flew over to where they were floating on the top of the water and scooped them up and swallowed them.

“What time is it.’

“Two hairs past a freckle replied Bobby.’

“Come on tell me she said as she wrestled in the grass with Bobby. He rolled her over on her back and began to tickle her which made her laugh hysterically.

“All right I give in she screamed.’

Bobby propped himself up on one elbow and placed the end of a piece of grass in the corner of his mouth and chewed on it. He looked up at Elizabeth and smiled.

Are you not casting out again asked Elizabeth inquisitively?

No, I thought we’d just lie here for a bit and enjoy the sunshine. It’s so peaceful here isn’t it?

“Yes, it is.’

They lay side by side and just closed their eyes. And it wasn’t long before they fell asleep. they had both been up and out of the house by seven thirty. Rose got her up and made her breakfast before Bobby came for her. She helped him carry his tackle box whilst he carried the rods and the picnic hamper that was strapped over his left shoulder. Rose Drove them to the quarry and told them that she’d pick them up again later. Elizabeth’s mother had gone into work and her father was away at sea. They slept right through the afternoon and when Bobby awoke Elizabeth’s head was on his shoulder he raised his right arm and looked at his Timex watch.

It was four thirty he eased himself up and began to pack away his fishing tackle. It was only when Bobby moved the picnic hamper and the sound of the plates and the tin made a noise which woke Elizabeth up.

 “Time to go sleepy head said Bobby.’

 “I must have dozed off, sorry.’

It’s okay, put your coat on, Rose will be here shortly. You know how punctual she is.’

 They walked slowly down the gravel path leading to the entrance where they came in. Bobby locked the gate as they came out then they made their way onto the street.

I told you she’d be waiting didn’t I.’

Bobby helped Elizabeth with the tackle boxes and the hamper and his rods which poked out of the passenger side window and rested on the back seat in the middle of them.’

Did you catch anything then asked Rose curiously?

“Yes,’ I caught a nice mirror carp.’ Good size too well over twenty pounds she was.’

I used to go fishing for pike with my brother in Ireland. We would go off in a boat and row into the middle of Loch Erne in Enniskillen. My brothers used to scare me half to death with those pike because with one snap of those sharp teeth they could bite off your hand.

They used to bring them home and my father would fillet them and we would eat them.

Did you not put them back?

No not in those days, during the war it was hard to get meat so fish became the most popular staple. Of course, we got a lot of herring from my Uncle George, he used to have his own boat.

“What was it called Rose?

 “It was called “The Sandpiper.’ After the seabird. It was a beautiful looking boat too.’

“Did you go out to sea with him?

“No,’ I was too young then and my mother God rest her soul wouldn’t let me.’

“I’ve always wanted to go out in a boat said Elizabeth.’

“Well you won’t be doing that until you are old enough.’

“But I’m going on thirteen Rose.’

“You’re still a child.’

“Elizabeth sulked as Rose stopped to allow a woman to cross the road.

 “I’ll drop you off first Bobby if you tell me where you live.’

“Thanks, I live on Camden Street do you know it?

“If you can direct me we’ll find it.’

“Just carry on until you reach the end of this road then turn right.’

“Oh yes, I think I know where it is now. What number are you 89.

Rose turned right then headed in the direction that she knew. “Are you upstairs or down?

“Downstairs thank God said Bobby. I would hate to have to carry all this gear upstairs.’

Rose pulled up outside Bobby’s house and Elizabeth got out to help him with the hamper and tackle box. Rose passed bobby the two fishing rods in their cloth bags out the window and he waited until his father came to the door to help him.

Elizabeth said that she’d see him tomorrow and jumped back into the car.

Rose swung the car around then drove away.

“He seems like a nice young boy said Rose as she looked at Elizabeth who was now sitting in the passenger seat in the front.

“He is, He’s very clever too Rose, he reads a lot he tells me.’

Really, what kind of books?  

“History and nature mostly.’

“Nothing wrong with that.’

“He’s fishing mad though, he likes to go most days when he’s off.’

“He’ll be out again tomorrow then I expect.’

“Does he not go to church?

“Yes, after church he goes. He takes his old clothes and the vicar lets him change in the vestry and his mother takes them home so he can just go straight down on the fish quay.’

“Do you think mam would let me go down there?

“I don’t see why not, Bobby seems like a responsible boy.’

I’ll ask her then.’

Rose pulled up outside their house and went inside. On the table was a letter from Deborah Jane to her mother. Elizabeth couldn’t wait to hear what her sister had to say. It seemed like ages since she had gone off to London. Her brother Allan was not interested in playing out with her much now. He had his own circle of friends.

“What’s for dinner tonight Rose.’

“I see the fresh air has given you an appetite.’

I’ve made toad in the hole with carrots and peas and for pudding there’s Jam sponge and custard.

“Oh goody, I love jam sponge and custard.’

Rose made a pot of tea ready for Janet coming home as she heated the oven and whisked the batter mix for the Yorkshire puddings.

“You will have to teach me to cook Elizabeth proclaimed as she sat at the table watching Rose mixing the ingredients together.

“What’s the sudden interest in cooking?

“Nothing I just think that everyone should learn to cook.’

“So,’ this has nothing to do with Bobby Parkin then Rose laughed.’

“Well he says that he will never marry someone who can’t cook.’

Well we had better teach you then hadn’t we.’

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