"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


5. 5

There were two cleaners for all the wards as well as two porters. She had two male nurses called Robert Nelson and William Kerr. A staff nurse called Helen Jackson who ensured that all the wards and staff were spotless.

“Starting from today said Janet no visitors will be allowed on the wards unless they wash their hands first. I have noticed that some of you do not wash your hands after dealing with one patient then going on to deal with another. This will stop from today. Everyone must wash their hands before seeing to another patient; the worst risk of infection is cross contamination it can carried by you and from patient to patient.

“Wont this slow down the time to deal with each patient on the ward Sister;’ asked a young nurse just out of her training.’

“Yes, expect it will, but it must be done.’

“What if a visitor refuses to wash their hands or says that they have already washed them at home before coming to the hospital?

“I don’t care if they have just been to the toilet and washed their hands they must not enter the ward until they wash first. Is that understood?

“Yes, Sister they all voiced.

“What about the doctors Sister, does this apply to them too?

“Everyone. There are wash basins at both ends of the ward they can use them. I will have notices posted on every ward in this hospital to ensure we are germ free.’

“Alright don’t just stand there, get on with it.’



The nurses all walked away and were whispering to one another. Janet had heard it all before, she had been called a battle axe when she stopped an elderly doctor entering the ward at her last post. At first, he tore her off a strip then saw the error of his ways and apologised and commended her for standing up to him.

“Sharon can you make sure that we have some notices printed and placed on all ward doors and in the entrances. To inform them that in the interest of hygiene and the spread of infections that they must wash their hands before entering the wards.

 Please make the print large enough so that they can see it.

“Right away Sister Denny.’

When the notices went up that afternoon there was hell on when relatives protested about having to wash their hands. The nurses stood outside and would not let those in who did not wash their hands into the wards.

Janet was expecting this and she came out to ask what all the fuss was about.

“Why are we being treated like this asked one woman, this is an outrage, I will be speaking to the doctor about this.’

Several other visitors protested but Janet simply turned to them and asked. “Would you have your father or mother die from an infection brought into the ward?

“No, they replied.’

“Now do you see my point.’

After that they went and washed. Janet made sure that there was a good supply of paper towels and a pedal bin to dispose of them outside of every ward.

Dr Needham asked who was in charge and responsible for the notices when he came to do his rounds.

 Staff nurse Helen Jackson informed Dr Needham that is was Sister Denny.

“Please nurse would you ask the sister to come to my office immediately.’

“Yes, Dr Needham.’

Janet was informed and then went along the corridor to Dr Needham’s office she went into the toilet and scrubbed her hands then dried them and used another clean towel to open the door and disposed of it in the bin. She knocked on the door and went inside.

“Ah sister Denny I presume.’ You’re new here aren’t you

“Yes Doctor, what can I do for you?

“I believe it was you who was responsible for posting notices all over this hospital.’

Yes Doctor, she said looking him in the eye.’

“Well done, brilliant idea, I will write to the medical board and have it implemented in all hospitals.’

“How did you come up with the idea?’

“Well, doctor I saw how the spread of infection killed a lot of patients on board HMS Valiant during the war.’

“So, you were a nurse then?

“Yes, I was just eighteen.’

“I must say I thought you very young to be a sister and in such a high place of authority within this hospital but now that I’ve seen what you have done, I am in no doubt that you were the right candidate for the job.’ I look forward to working with you Sister Denny.



 Doctor Needham put out his hand. Janet shook hands with the young doctor who was only in his early thirties she guessed. He was very handsome and spoke with a touch of an Irish accent she thought. He wore no wedding ring so she guessed that he was unmarried. Walking back to the ward Janet smiled. When she got there she immediately washed her hands again before going into the ward to check on her staff and ask each patient how they were getting on and if they required anything. Some would never leave the hospital alive and she ensured that their last days were made as peaceful and as comfortable as possible. They deserved to die with some dignity she thought.



Over the next three months everything was running smoothly only one thing was troubling Janet and that was she’d missed three of her periods. She knew instinctively that she was indeed pregnant. She could only assume that it had happened during the time when her husband had raped her. She had taken a bath shortly after but it had made no difference she was having his child. She didn’t want to tell Brian about the child because she no long wanted contact with him.

She longed for the day when her final divorce papers would come through the door.

Later that evening she told her sister.

“What are you going to do Janet?

“I have no choice Mildred, I’m going to keep it and I will bring it up myself.’

“Well I can look after it once it is born Janet, you can return to work after that.

You are not even showing you skinny thing and even when you are seven months gone you will hardly be showing.’


“That’s good because I want to work as long as I can.’

Her sister Mildred was right, Janet kept on working right up to her delivery date. She had spoken with the hospital manager about it and he’d placed her on light duties on what they called the graveyard shift. It was because that through the night that patients passed away. Janet was lucky because she was at work that evening when her waters broke. She was taken down to the maternity ward where four hours later she gave birth to a daughter weighing just five pounds twelve ounces. Three days later Janet was allowed home with the new born and the following week she was back on the ward doing her job. Mildred had agreed to look after Deborah Jane, That, was the name she had chosen for her daughter whilst she was at work. Brian was not informed of the birth. Brian was now living with Aggie Brownlee the barmaid from the Royal Oaks and they planned to marry once his divorce to Janet came through. It took almost eighteen months before her decree absolute came through. She could now move on with her life. Almost three years later an unexpected guest arrived at Acorn house. Peter Thompson showed up looking for a place to stay whilst he was on leave.

Mildred and Alan welcomed Peter. He was still in uniform and Mildred couldn’t wait to tell Susan who was now engaged to be married to Graeme Smith who was an electrician by trade. When Peter met Janet, there was an instant spark between them and he adored Deborah Jane. Peter asked her to come out dancing with him one evening and she accepted. He took her to a dancehall near the Park Hotel that had a roller rink down in the basement. Peter was a very good dancer which surprised Janet. He could jitterbug, and knew all the ballroom dancing steps. She had a wonderful evening.

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