"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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Elizabeth started to became a rebel, she refused to do anything her mother or Rose asked her to do.

Her mother would ask her husband to discipline her but Peter would not have a thing said about her. He was in total denial of what he was doing to his own daughter. Just as he had been with Deborah Jane and her cousin before her. The reports from school weren’t favourable at all and most of them told the same story. Elizabeth was withdrawn and did not engage in lessons like the other children. He mother took her out of the school in an effort to correct Elizabeth’s behavior.

She started Marden Bridge in Cullercoats. It took a while for Elizabeth Rose to settle in but she liked the Headmaster Alan Shell, the tall thin looking man with a modern hairstyle and a beard. He looked more like a long- distance runner in his tracksuit as he took the football team on the school playing fields. Alan was a likeable man who treated people fairly. Mrs. Webster was her form teacher and they got off to a good start when they were introduced but it was different when she met her PE teacher Mrs. Marr. Mrs. Marr took an instant dislike to Elizabeth when she brought in a note from her mother excusing her from participating in games.

Mrs. Marr disregarded the note that Elizabeth had brought in. she ordered her to go into the changing room and change, she had do PE in her polo shirt and her knickers and bare feet.

Elizabeth Rose began to cry because all the other girls could see her disfigured legs.

Elizabeth came home and told Rose. Rose told her not to worry and that she would see the headmaster in the morning. She ate her dinner then went out to play. The warm summer nights were when Elizabeth Rose liked to play out. She was allowed to play until after nine o’clock or later depending on whether it was school night. Friday nights was best because she didn’t have to go to school the next day and could stay out longer.

She and Alan got to stay out at the youth club in the church until ten thirty. Rose would come looking for them at the church youth club. Where there held a dance every Friday evening.

At first Elizabeth just sat with Helen Johnson, Jackie Law and Susan Bean. Later the boys would come over and they would ask them to play table tennis in the canteen or Chess and Ludo.

Sometimes they would use straws from the canteen to play “Blow Football” that Billy Churnside had brought in. Elizabeth loved playing this with the boys it was whilst she was playing this game that she met Bobby Parkin. Bobby was like her in many ways. He was not the best-looking boy around. He had fair hair and prominent front teeth. Elizabeth asked Bobby to join in with the football game because Stephen Cooke had dropped out because it was his turn to play table tennis. Bobby and her went on to win the game and that was it. They became inseparable, Bobby would come to the house for her to play out and at weekends they would visit the local quarry where Bobby liked to fish for carp. He also liked sea fishing and talked about how he’d caught some big fish off the fish quay at North Shields.

“Do you think my mam will let me come to the fish quay with you?’

“I don’t know, I’ll ask her, I mean you can’t fall in or anything as long as you don’t try and climb onto the beams of the pier.

“Oh, but I like to climb, I won’t tell mam if you don’t.’

“It’s dangerous Elizabeth, if you fell in the currant would drag you under and you would drown.’

Bobby never used her full name he preferred to just call her by her first name.

Bobby’s mother would make him a picnic basket whenever he went fishing because he would go for the whole day. Bobby shared his food with Elizabeth whenever he went fishing.

Elizabeth would ask her mother for a big bottle of pop so they could share that.

Elizabeth always wanted a dog, she had loved dogs since watching “Lassie come home’ with Elizabeth Taylor on the television when she was about seven years old. She pleaded with her father to buy her one. However, no matter how hard she tried her father and mother refused. She swore that when she was older and had a place of her very own that she would buy a dog. Bobby liked birds, he wanted a McCaw. His mother had a budgie she called Bertie, she would let it out of the cage during the day and it would fly around the living room. It would land on Bobby’s shoulder when he came in from school because he would feed him. There was always water and a piece of cuttlefish in the bars of the cage he was kept in. Bobby would take a box of Trill and fill it with seed and place it inside of the cage and Bertie would hop onto the cage and wait until Bobby had removed his hand then it would fly inside and begin pecking at the seed. He chirped but didn’t talk even though Bobby and his mother tried over and over.

When Bobby called at 7.30 in the morning, Elizabeth Rose was already up. she’d eaten breakfast and went out to the car where Elizabeth Rose placed all the gear in her mother’s car and then got in the back with Bobby. Rose drove them to the quarry and told them to be careful and that she’d pick them up at five o’clock.

Sitting on the grass bank they watched the Canada geese ducking and diving for the maggots and ground bait that he had put out in order to catch one of the prized carp specimens in the lake.

The sun cast its reflection on the lake and only sounds from the chirping birds could be heard from the surrounding sycamore trees. The dragonflies hovered near the reeds where Bobby’s line was strategically placed. He never took his eye off the rod even when talking in whispers to Elizabeth. All of a sudden, the line would peel off the reel and the carp would go tearing up the lake. Both Bobby and Elizabeth would jump to their feet and Bobby would take hold of his rod and strike to set the hook.

For twenty minutes a game was being played out between man and fish. The eight- pound line strained against the force of the carp who was trying everything in its power to shake the hook from its top lip.


Whilst Bobby kept just enough pressure on the rod to stop the fish from breaking the line as well as going into the reeds and snagging him. After the third run, the carp it leapt out of the water briefly. The big slab of green and gold hit the surface of the lake making a huge splash and the geese were frightened they formed a huddle on the right of the lake. Bobby asked Elizabeth to hold the net whilst he reeled the carp towards the waiting net. Not giving up the fish thrashed the water with its tail until it was exhausted and it came to the surface.

“Don’t lose him Elizabeth said Bobby as each turn of the reel brought the carp ever closer to the net. He steered the fish to the net and Elizabeth scooped it up. Dropping the rod Bobby took hold of the net, he walked slowly backwards until the huge lump that was the carp was resting on his change mat.

Opening the net Bobby looked at it.

“Isn’t she a beauty proclaimed Bobby triumphantly.

Elizabeth knelt down towards where the fish was for a closer look.

“How do you know the fish is a she, it might be a he?

“You can tell by the anal fin at the back look. The males don’t have them.’

“Oh, I see, do the males have big choppers then?

“No,’ silly the females lay eggs and the male uses sperm to fertilize them.

“So, they don’t get to have a shag then?

“Not as such no.’ what do you know about shagging anyway?’

“Well we had a biology lesson last week and they told us how babies are made.’

“Did they?

“Yes, the man puts his willy inside the woman’s fanny.’

“Then what?’

Well they kiss and wriggle about a bit said Mrs. Harlowe. The mans seed is then planted in the egg that a woman produces each month. I think she said it was called ovulation. Then the baby grows in the woman’s belly until it’s so big it comes out of her fanny. The woman was screaming on the film when she was having it. I’m not having kids if you have to go through that.’

“Me either said Bobby.’

“What you on about, boys don’t have babies stupid.’

“I know that, what I meant was that I don’t want kids ever.’

“Come on help me get her back into the water or she will die.’

Can’t fish breathe air like us?’

No,’ they get oxygen from the water which passes through their gills.’

“Is that why we can’t breathe under water?

Yes, without an aqualung we would die as the water would fill our lungs and kill us.

“You’re a bit of a clever bugger aren’t you Bobby Parkin.’

“Not really, I read a lot of stuff.’

“I don’t like reading much, I like watching stuff on the telly though. You know like the world about us and that other nature programmes.’

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