"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


47. 47

Is that so bad said Lorraine, we could afford to live in a luxurious apartment on the salary he is going to pay you.’

“We will see said Brian, come on let’s go to bed, I want to ravage your body.’

“Brian Thompson, you are a randy goat.’

“No Kidding.’

Brian couldn’t wait to get back to England to start working legitimately again. His last employers were the Royal Airforce, it would shock his father who he’d been working with since his demob.  They spent the remainder of their holiday visiting Calpe, Villajoyosa, and Albir. taking in all the sights and on the last evening of their holiday they spent it on the complex. The in- house entertainment consisted of an Elvis impersonator and some Spanish flamenco dancing.

They didn’t have a lot to drink knowing that they would have to leave at five in the morning where the coach driver would take their luggage and store it away with everyone else’s then take them to the airport.

They had already packed most of their clothes that afternoon, it had all been washed and ironed by the hotel laundry service. They set out their warmer clothes for the return journey knowing that it would be a lot colder in England. There was always a sadness about leaving a place on holiday Malcolm had told them and he was right. It was their first holiday abroad but it certainly wouldn’t be their last.

As the evening came to a close Brian walked hand in hand with Lorraine back to the apartment.

“Have you enjoyed yourself then said Brian.’

It’s been fabulous darling, we will have to come back again.’

“I fancy Tenerife next year.’

“Look at you, talking like a rich man already.’

“By this time next year, we could be rolling in it.’

“Let’s hope so Brian, I’d like to keep my suntan up abroad rather than our back garden.

“Come on let’s get our cases down we can still have a couple of drinks at the bar before we leave.


“Your date is here, are you ready asked Chloe as she opened the door to Philip Ellis. He was wearing a brown coloured corduroy jacket and a pair of faded Levi jeans. He wore a wide collared shirt and brown suede boots worn by a lot of the students in the sixties. He’d washed his hair and it looked longer than it had been that afternoon. Deborah Jane was wearing a flower patterned long dress and a waistcoat that flattered her curvaceous figure. She also wore a pair of Roman sandals that tied up her slender calves. Her blonde hair was hanging loosely in curls and her blue eyes sparkled like sapphires.

“Hi Philip said Chloe, come in Debbie won’t be long she’s just getting her coat.’

When Deborah Jane came out she was wearing her hippy hat that she’d bought earlier that summer.

“Wow, you look beautiful said Philip, which made Deborah Jane blush red.’

Philip held the door for Deborah Jane as she told Chloe not to wait up for her.

“So where are you taking me asked Deborah Jane as she got into his Vauxhall Camper van which was lime green with white painted door surrounds it was hand painted with chain of white daisies. On one side was written the word LOVE and on the other side the word PEACE.  The car was a weird looking shape and the engine sputtered bit when he started it but it got them to where they were going.

Philip drove them to Goldhawk Road. Parking up he then got out and opened the door for her because it could only be opened from the outside.

“What is this place asked Deborah Jane as they went inside the door.’

It was dark going inside until you got out of the purple and black corridor then into the restaurant which was quaintly illuminated by Chianti wine bottles wrapped in raffia and turned into table lamps with purple coloured lamp shades. On the lilac coloured walls there were black trees and blackbirds painted all around.

The waitress, who only looked about eighteen showed them to their seats.

Thank you.’

“Welcome to “The Raven’ said the girl who told them she was also a medical student called Melody Leka.’

“What an unusual name said Deborah Jane.’

My father is in a band, he chose it.’

“What’s the name of your fathers group?

“The Lemon Pipers” They’re a psychedelic group.’

Yes, I remember them didn’t they have a hit called “Green Tambourine.”

“Yes,’ my father is Paul Leka, he bought this restaurant. My mother and I run it.’

I’ll go and get you some food, would you like some wine?’

“Yes please.’

I’ll bring you the wine all the student’s like to drink it’s cheaper than what you’d pay in Soho.’

“Thanks’ said Philip as she disappeared into the back of the restaurant.

“Fancy that, her father being famous and all, I’ll have to write and tell my mother.’

“There are many talented students here trying to make it big in the pop world.

“Do you play?’

“I have a guitar and like to mess about with it you know, me and a couple of the guys get together and have jam sessions where we play stuff from Bob Dylan and this kid called Donavan. 

“Yes, I’ve heard of him.’

Some students were playing folk music in the corner of the room and the smell of marijuana was in the air as people openly smoked it. The food was served in these metal and wooden bowls there were oriental influences as well as Moroccan going on as various rice dishes with pork, chicken, and beef were served with courgettes, and aubergines, onions, and red and green bell peppers and chilli. Potatoes were done in a spicy sauce which Deborah Jane liked a lot. She began to relax after her third glass of wine. Later that evening the tables and chairs were taken away and large cushions placed on the floor everyone sat around as the music intensified. Some began to dance and Philip got to his feet and helped Deborah Jane up. He took her into his arms and she could feel the solid muscles of his biceps. She moved to the rhythm of the music and after a while she felt totally relaxed in Philips arms. She could smell the aftershave he was wearing and her arms moved inside of his jacket and around the back of his shirt. She kissed his neck. He made no attempt to try and kiss her for the fear of rejection that was still on his mind from that afternoon.

He thought that this time he would let her make all the moves. If she didn’t want to kiss him that was fine by him. He had been her friend long enough to read her signals. They danced until nearly one o’clock in the morning. People began to leave and Philip paid Melody the bill and they too made their way back.

“You know that is the best night out that I’ve ever had.’

“I’m glad that you liked it Deborah Jane, I was worried that you might have been a vegan. They do serve vegetarian meals as well but I was playing it by ear really.’

Philip drove her back to her student flat. He would normally have asked her to come in but that was when they were just friends. He did want to spoil what had been a lovely evening by suggesting that she stay the night.

He got out of the camper van and opened the door for her.

“Thanks again for a wonderful evening Philip.’

 “You are welcome, maybe we can do it again sometime.’

“I’m sure we will, good night.’

Philip made to go and she grabbed his hand to stop him then moved towards him and kissed his lips he responded but only softly until she broke away from him. Then she turned and walked up the short flight of steps to her apartment and went inside.

Philip waited until the light went on upstairs and she went to the window and waved as he sat in the van. He pulled away thinking he had made some progress. She was no longer afraid of something which Philip couldn’t figure out yet. He was in no hurry, he thought that his patience would be rewarded sooner or later and she would give herself to him completely. He couldn’t wait to see her tomorrow at their next seminar.

The next morning Deborah Jane was bombarded with questions from Chloe who wanted to know every detail.

Have you kissed him she asked?

“Yes, we kissed.’

“Well is he a good kisser?

“Is there a bad one?’

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