"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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Lying on the El Postiquet beach not far from the Helios Hotel both Brian and Lorraine Thompson had never known heat like it. Brian kept going for a dip into the sea that was so clear that he could see the rocks below. Shoals of black bream were swimming around further out. The water was so still. There was no waves or cold winds here. He swam about fifty yards out then treaded water looking back onto the beach he saw someone was being pulled into the sky on a parachute. He held onto a line and the parachute was behind him. The line was attached to the end of a speedboat. It picked up speed and the man ran to the water’s edge. The air filled the parachute and slowly he rose into the air. The faster the boat went the man in the parachute went up higher in the air. Thirty feet above him in a matter of seconds the man soared.  There were other holiday makers were on surfboards and lilo’s paddling out on them in the shallows. Children were playing in the sand with spades and buckets or kicking a multi-coloured beach ball around. He thought that this was something that he could get used to. If only he had enough money. He had twelve thousand pounds but that wouldn’t last forever. He had to find something that he could invest his money in and make money from it.

He kept his promise to buy Lorraine a nice house which he’d done. He bought himself a car, it was second hand but hadn’t been used much. A pensioner only used it once or twice a week to do her shopping. He didn’t want to go splashing his money about because he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. He told Lorraine that he’d inherited the money which was not telling lies, he had been left some money from his mother when she died but not twelve thousand pounds. Lorraine didn’t know about the robbery of the jewelry shop. If she known that she would not have married him.


He looked at her lying on the lounger looking beautiful. Her skin was shining with the sun cream as she lay with one leg slightly bent. Her toe nails were varnished red which made her feet look more attractive. She bought a white bikini which was a copy of the one that Marylyn Monroe was wearing that he’d seen in a magazine. Brian said that she had a body just like the actress.  

Once she had a tan she would look even better. Brian swam back to the shore then walked up the beach then dried himself off with a towel on his sun lounger. “Will you do my back darling’ I think I’m burning. Lorraine lay on her front then undid the strap on the halter necked bikini Brian poured the sun cream into his hands then gently massaged the cream in all the way down to the cleft of her buttocks. He could feel a stirring in his loins and if there hadn’t been for the other people on the beach he would have pulled off the bikini she was wearing and made love to her on the sand. She moaned softly as he rubbed her neck and shoulders. When he was finished he rubbed oil on himself then dried his hands and put on his sunglasses and laid back on his lounger then closed his eyes. The parasol gave them some shade from the heat of the sun and Brian nodded off to sleep for an hour. When he awoke Lorraine was talking to another couple further down. They were from Stepney in London’s Mile End Road in the West End.

Malcolm and Lilly Moore were older than Brian and Lorraine they had been coming to this holiday resort every year since they first got married.

Malcolm and Lilly were staying at the same hotel as them said Lorraine as Brian walked over.

After a bit of small talk, Brian discovered that Malcolm worked as a stock broker.

“If you’ve got a few grand to invest I could triple your investment in five years said Malcolm confidently.’

“How much are we talking about asked Brian?

“Five or ten grand.’

Brian was already doing the math, he looked at Malcolm raising his eyebrows “That’s something I might be interested in.’

For over two hours Malcolm was telling him how he’d made over twenty grand that year from some simple investments.

“If you know how to work the stock market like I do, you get the tip off on certain goods like wheat, and sugar beet and other produce that farmers place on the market. It’s knowing when to buy and when to sell. I have customers who invest hundreds of thousands and they pay me a premium for making them money.’

“Prices can go up and down so you have to be on your toes.’

“Could you get me a heads up on the stock market, I’m looking to change my job? I work for my father at the moment but I want to branch out on my own.’

“I’ll see what I can do for you. One thing about my job is you don’t have to get your hands dirty to make money. You can come to work in a made to measure suit, hand- made shoes and the finest silk ties. You’re making money while others sleep. Its long hours but the benefits are great. If you have ambition to make money, which I can sense by just talking to you then you can get rich quick.’

“Really,’ I really want to work with you Malcolm, I want Lorraine to have the best. I want to give her the life style that she could otherwise only dream about.’

“Look,’ let’s have dinner tonight, I’ll make a few calls and see what I can do for you.’

“Thanks Malcolm, I appreciate your help.’

“I was young once, we all need a bunk up sometimes.’

Brian gave Malcolm a firm handshake before he and Lorraine walked back to the hotel where they showered.

Brian made love to his wife before seeking out his white slacks and a light blue short sleeved shirt. He wore his best shoes after polishing them to a high shine. Something he’d learned in the air force.

Walking down to the bar in the hotel they sat at a table until 7.15pm when they saw Malcom and Lilly coming towards them.

“Drink Malcolm said Brian.’

“Let me said Malcolm, I’m all-inclusive here, the drinks are free.’

 Malcolm went to the bar and brought back large whiskeys for both he and Brian and two Pina colada cocktails made with strained pineapple, rum, coconut cream which was shaken and served with crushed ice. The decorative fruit and umbrella made the drink look pretty special.

“Cheers said Malcolm as they clinked their glasses.

“Well before we go any further I have some good news for you Brian. I made a few calls when I got back to my room and I can get you a start. The wage won’t be much to start with, possibly five hundred.

Brian thought five hundred pounds a year was still a lot of money.

“It could be more per week depending how much you make for the investors.’

“Wow! That’s amazing.’

“Like I said the benefits can be great if you are prepared to work hard.’

“I can’t wait to start.’

Here’s my card Brian, when you get back look me up and I’ll arrange for you to come in the office for a trial. Bring me ten grand and I’ll put it to work for you.’

“Thanks Malcolm.’

“No problem son, I just wish my own son was as enthusiastic as you.’

 “Does he work for you?’

“No,’ my son is a bit of a playboy I’m afraid, he likes fast cars and loose women.

He overspends on his allowance we give him which he gambles on the roulette tables. his mother is usually the one he turns to after that for money.’

“That’s kids for you said Brian Jokingly.’

Malcolm took them to Amigo’s a five- star restaurant where they were wined and dined. Then Lilly suggested that they all go to Molino’s night club afterwards where they danced the night away to the Latin music. Both Malcolm and Lilly were accomplished dancers. Brian and Lorraine had thoroughly enjoyed the evening as they all came home in the early hours in a limo that Malcolm had hired.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening said Lorraine.’

“It has been a pleasure said Lilly.’

“I look forward to you being on the team said Malcolm to Brian.’

“I can’t wait to start working for you.’

“Don’t be too ambitious Brian, go slowly to begin with or you will be burnt out in two years.’

Okay boss said Brian.

Good night said Lilly we’ll see you tomorrow.’

Lorraine took Brian’s arm and they walked back to their apartment at the far end of the hotel.

Malcolm and Lilly were staying in the penthouse suite.

“It must be marvelous to live the way they do said Brian. That bill must have come to at least 1000 pesetas in the restaurant with lobster, the champagne, and the whiskey we drank.

“If you go to work for Malcolm we can certainly have a better lifestyle can’t we.’

“It might mean moving to London Lorraine.’

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