"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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She was smaller than the other girls in her class.

When she told her mother about the bullying Janet went to see Mrs. Rowbottom. Who told her that she would not tolerate bullying in her school. When the culprits were punished. It only made matters worse. One afternoon during break Maureen Eccleston began to taunt Elizabeth Rose, she was being egged on by her friends.” Elizabeth Rose, Elizabeth Rose, she’s got bandy legs and a parrot’s nose”. Maureen pushed Elizabeth Rose and she stumbled and fell into a puddle that had collected on the playground from the rainfall the night before. She sat in the puddle whilst all the girls gathered around and laughed. She couldn’t remember what happened after that because it was all a blur to her.

Apparently, a boy told Alan her brother that she just stood up and walked towards Maureen Eccleston not saying a word but punching her right on the nose. Maureen’s nasal bone cracked with the force of the blow and she fell to the ground in another puddle. There was blood everywhere, it poured onto her school uniform and onto the yard.  Now it was Maureen who looked grotesque with a flattened nose and all the girls began to laugh at her. Mrs. Eccleston, the girl’s mother came up to see the headmistress to complain but Mrs. Rowbottom informed her that it was her daughter who had been the instigator. “Elizabeth Rose was merely defending herself. Now, you can take your daughter out of this establishment if you so wish, that is entirely up to you. I won’t be taking any further action into the matter.’

“Well I’m disgusted, I… and I will be taking Maureen out of this school.’

“That is your purgative Mrs. Eccleston good day, please close the door on your way out.’

After that incident Elizabeth Rose was not picked on again. Even the boys were afraid to speak out against her.

By the time Elizabeth Rose was eleven, she was a regular in Michael Caithness’s gang. She helped then collect wood for bonfire night, she even dressed up as a guy. They borrowed an old hat. a jacket and some boots.

They filled Elizabeth Rose’s arms and legs with straw and then cut holes in the front of a pillowcase and drew a face and painted it. She looked so convincing as they pushed her around in a wooden barrow. The money they made went to buy fireworks and sweets.

Standing around the huge fire Alan and Elizabeth Rose placed Potatoes wrapped in foil into the fire and left them to cook as the boys set off jumping Jacks, Rockets, and bangers. She held onto a sparkler whirling it around in the air until it had fizzled out. Deborah Jane, now eighteen was at Tynemouth College doing a biology diploma. She wanted to be a doctor. He father had stopped abusing her now and all of his attention went on her sister. She wanted to tell her mother and Rose what horrible things her stepfather had made her do. She was so scared that she would be taken away from her mother and Rose. Her stepfather had warned her not to tell anyone and that it would be their little secret.

She realised how perverse her stepfather was, it repulsed her. She hated him, she wanted to learn how to drive so she could get away from him and it was her mother who paid for the lessons. Deborah Jane gained a place at Kings Medical College in London. She told Elizabeth Rose and Alan that she would write to them every week. Over the years she had corresponded more with her real father Brian Denny. She sent Brian money given to her from her stepfather and told him that she would meet him in London once she had a place of her own. Brian was now in his late forties, still worked in the shipyard in Portsmouth. Deborah Jane had grown into a very beautiful young woman by then.

She’d never had a real boyfriend and was afraid to have a relationship with anyone because of what her father had done to her. At Kings College in the Strand She met Philip Ellis, a tall athletic looking man who was on the same degree course as her. He was charming and very good looking with a mop of curly blond hair and piercing blue eyes. His parents were both well to do people who lived in Hampshire. At first their friendship grew out of their homework where he helped her with assignments. They would spend hours swatting up. reading medical books and journals for their seminars. Chloe Johnston her roommate fancied Philip and it was Deborah who tried to fix him up on a date with her. But he told her that he was not interested in Chloe.

“You’re not one of them, are you Philip?

“One of what exactly?’

“You know, someone who bats for the other side?

“Me,’ oh my God no I’m not.’

“What’s wrong with Chloe then asked Deborah Jane with a curious look.

“Nothing, but she just isn’t my type I’m afraid.’

“So, who is your type?

“Someone who is on my wave length, beautiful, intelligent.’

“Do you have your eye on this beautiful intelligent girl then.’

Yes, I do as a matter of fact.’

“Oh, please tell me who she is?

“Well, she’s on my course and she sits there looking very studious most of the time, as if her mind is somewhere else.’

“Have you asked her out yet?

“No,’ I’m trying to fathom her out you see.’

“Well don’t be hanging around too long or someone else might come along and snap her up.’

“So,’ you think that I should ask her out then?

“Yes, she can either say yes, or no can’t she. I mean if she got to know you like I have then how could she refuse.’

“I see, alright then I’ll ask her. Philip cleared his throat then said Deborah Jane what are you doing tonight, would you like to come out with me for dinner, nothing posh mind you.’

“Me, you want me to go out with you, but we are friends.’

“So, what difference does that make?

“We’ve been out though.’

“Yes, with others in a group but not just the two of us.’

“Look Philip I like you, I really do, I don’t think it would work. There are things that you don’t know about me.’

“You’re not one of them, are you?

“No, I’ve just never had a boyfriend ever?’

“What, you are kidding me?

“I don’t know why, I scare boys off.’

“Hardly surprising, they must have feel as if they are out of your league.’

“But why?

“Because you are so beautiful.’

Deborah Jane looked down embarrassingly.

Philip lifted her chin up with his hand so they were now looking at each other and then their lips met. His brushed against hers ever so gently.

She had never felt like this before with anyone. Her heart was beating so fast as Philip took her in his arms and kissed her again this time she held onto him as her mind was swimming. Finally, she stopped.

“What’s wrong?

“I have to go.’

Even though Philip had awoken her from what had seemed like an endless sleep, she felt dirty.

Philip looked at her then smiled, “Okay so, will you still have dinner with me tonight Deborah Jane?

“Yes, I will Philip, the sound of his voice was husky she thought, she also loved the way that he spoke her name.’

All that day Deborah Jane could not concentrate on anything. she had to tell her roommate Chloe Johnston that the man she fancied had asked her out. They sat together in the seminar that afternoon which was about the workings of the heart and how it was made up of four chambers. It had a left and right ventricle and the main artery was the aorta. She wondered where the place where love was located. She wrote that down in her notes then asked to speak with Chloe.’

“What’s up, you seem different today?

“Look Chloe, I value our friendship very much and I hope that we can still be friends forever.’

“What are you trying to say Deborah?

“Philip has asked me to dinner this evening.’

“He did? There was a look of disappointment on Chloe’s face.’

“Yes,’ I was totally shocked that he wanted to go out with me not you.’

Chloe smiled then said “come on I had better help you get ready for this date then.

Chloe took her arm and they walked back to the dorm.

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