"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


43. 43

No one knew about his sexual persuasion because he told no one, a lot of the men went off with prostitutes as well so he thought that they were no better than he was.

He liked the street food and he would head down to China town to try out the various things that they had on offer all cooked fresh while you waited. The sights and the smells of food cooking appeased him. If the locals ate there then you know it had to be good.

He returned to the ship with gifts for his wife and Deborah Jane that were all cheaper to buy here than in England. He bought gold necklaces and rings with sapphires and rubies at knock down prices for Janet. He bought a pearl necklace and some matching drop earrings for Rose. Deborah Jane and his son Alan got a host of toys and other gifts because he’d missed Christmas with having to sail. He spent Christmas in Gibraltar where he rang home to wish them all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Mildred and Susan were there with their husbands.

A present had arrived for Deborah Jane wrapped crudely with sellotape from her real father there was a letter attached; again the spelling and writing wasn’t very good. He’d spelt her name Debra Jane. There was a Christmas card inside the box of games. Which she liked, since Rose had told her the parable of the boy and the donkey she understood how some people could only afford little gifts but it didn’t mean that they loved them any less.

She had asked Rose to help her choose a nice card she wrote in it herself in beautiful hand writing which put her father’s writing and spelling to shame. Inside she placed a crisp ten- pound note saved from her pocket money.

Deborah Jane explained that she wanted to give him more and she would as soon as she was able. Deborah Jane thanked him for her gift and wished him a merry Christmas.


When Brian Denny opened the card, and saw the ten pounds note and the letter from his daughter he cried. He wished that he could have bought her some expensive gifts like her step father was buying for her. But he couldn’t afford them. He cursed himself for getting drunk and raping his former wife.  He felt as if God was punishing him now for his sin.


December in the Thompson household was a great cause for celebration. Brian had asked Lorraine Lennox to be his wife and she had accepted. George was thinking of moving in with Peggy, even though she was several years older, George got on surprisingly well with her. He had no plans to marry her yet but she had asked him to come and live with her and help her run the Chippy. She knew nothing about the money he had from the robbery of Emanuel’s’ jeweler shop. He figured if they were to get wed then the Chippy would be his if anything was to happen to Peggy. It was a win, win, situation. The posh wedding that Brian had in August 1954 had all the neighbours talking. George was his best man and Edward his father got drunk at the reception.  George drove them to the airport. they went to Spain for a week on their honeymoon.

“Go easy on the money Brian, you know what Da’ said.’

“Don’t worry I will said Brian.’ as he and Lorraine ran to the terminal building then turned and waved goodbye to George. It was the first time either of them had been abroad before and they were so excited. They showed their passports then sat in the departure lounge eating a sandwich that Lorraine had made.

“Just think, in a few hours from now we will be lying on a beach in the sun drinking cocktails.

“Yes,’ and all the food and drinks are free on this all- inclusive deal.

“Oh, Brian I’m so happy. I’m going to be the best wife a man could ever want.’

“I hope so this holiday cost me a fortune.’

“Don’t go spoiling it Brian by mentioning money all the time.’ Can we go have a look in the duty- free shops

“What for we have everything we need don’t we I mean the sun’s the same all over the world isn’t it?

“I think we ought to buy more sun cream, I’m not coming home without a tan. I want to show all of my friends on the buses.’

“Oh,’ aye and who would they be like?

“Not men if that’s what you’re thinking, it’s Elsie and Veronica in the canteen.’

“Alright there’s a fiver go and get yourself some but bring me my change.’ Lorraine went off along the shopping area and was lost in a sea of other people trying to grab a bargain.

Brian had changed fifty pounds of his money into Spanish currency. He figured that they wouldn’t need that much money as they’d been told that gifts were cheap as chips in Spain.

Waiting around wasn’t Brains idea of fun so he found a place to buy himself a beer.

He stood at the bar next to another man who had obviously had the same idea as him.

First time said the man next to him?

Aye, you?

Yes, I thought I’d have a few before we board just to help me relax.’

“I’m Bill said the smart looking man beside him.’

“Brian, Brian Thompson.’

“Where are you flying to? 

“Benidorm, Costa Blanca.

“Same as my wife and I. where are you staying?

“The Hotel Helios,

“We are at the Poseidon Hotel Resort.’

“What do you do for a living?

“I work for my father said Brian.

“Family business then?

“Yes, sort of and you?

“I’m a copper, but don’t tell everyone.’

“Brian nearly spat out his beer, then gave Bill a tight- lipped smile.’ Are you from Portsmouth?

“No, I’m with the London Metropolitan Police.’

“Brian breathed easier after that.’

Maybe we might bump into one another again on our holiday.

“You never know said Brian nervously,’ he finished his pint quickly

then shook hands with the copper before making excuses that his wife may be lost and looking for him.

“Enjoy your holiday.’

Yeah, you too.’

Brian left the bar and wondered around looking for Lorraine. It took him a good ten minutes before he spotted her buying two sun hats and some sun glasses for them both.

“Come on said Brian I think they are calling for our flight.’

She popped the trilby on his head and he took the sun glasses and put them on.

“Now I look like a tourist, don’t you think.’

“Once you get your shorts on and a pair of sandals.’

 “Well we can buy those cheap enough in Spain.’


Brian walked on the inside of his wife as they passed the bar where Bill was still standing.

They walked down to the departure lounge where they sat looking out the window at the aircraft taking off and landing. Brian’s stomach turned over as an announcement was given for them to board the plane.

“Come on then let’s get to the front said Lorraine or we will have to wait until everybody else stores their hand luggage away.’

Thoughts of impending doom crossed Brian’s mind as they showed their boarding passes and passports and were allowed to walk down the tunnel to the plane. Lorraine held his hand as they made their way down the air traffic controllers radioed the plane to tell them that the passengers were on their way.

“Good morning said the air steward welcome on board the Boeing 737 flying to Costa Blanca.’

Morning said Lorraine cheerfully. The walked down to the back of the aircraft and found their seats Lorraine stored away her little bag that she’d brought before taking the window seat because Brian had no intentions of looking out the window. When everyone was seated, the air hostesses asked them to fasten their seatbelts.  they felt a jerk as the plane began to move slowly then I the plane came to a halt. The propellers were still going around and the noise in the cabin rose. Then the captain spoke.

“Good morning and welcome on-board fight 92342 to Costa Blanca, we will be taking off in a moment so please make sure that your seatbelts are securely fastened. Please listen carefully to the air hostesses as they take you through the safety procedures.’

The air hostesses went through a familiar drill and this made Brian feel worse.

Are you alight darling, you look as if you’ve gone a bit pale?’

“I’ll be fine,’ said Brian trying to sound brave. 

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