"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


42. 42

on but after the death of both her sons slowly her health deteriorated and in 1922 she died in her sleep.

She was buried her alongside the monument to the crewmen of the Valliant.

Both of her brothers were killed in France during trench warfare in Flanders where thousands of young lives were lost to enemy machine gun fire as they ran across no man’s land without even firing a shot. She was the only survivor in her immediate family apart from her nephew Peter, it put her off having children she was 30 years old when she had her first child George-William Thompson was born in the spring of 1920 then Brian-Edward Thompson three years later. Both joined the RAF when WW2 broke out and they were responsible for loading the Lancaster and Wellington bombers. Luckily, they never saw any action other than when the Gerry’s tried to bomb the airfield in 1942. When they came home after the war, both of her sons could not find work. Edward was no longer needed down in the dock where he worked. Slowly but surely, they sank into the abyss of crime. When Edward got a start again down the dock after two years of living from hand to mouth he had lots of little scams going. He was thieving anything he could sell to make a living and to feed his gambling and drinking habit. By 1950 he was making more money from knocking off rent collectors than he was down the yards. Elizabeth was fed up with scrimping and trying to feed them all on next to nothing. Edward, even though he had money kept her short. Peter her nephew would come around and help her out when she was short. He would run errands for her with Edward her youngest son and they would give her the odd few pennies from their paper rounds. Truth was she loved Edward more than George and Brian because they were just like their father. Cold and heartless, Edward her youngest son was the only one who cared amongst them, All they ever did was take, they never gave.


Elizabeth placed another log on the fire and wrapped a tartan blanket around her legs in order to warm her body. It was -10C outside one of the coldest days in winter for nearly fifty years. Snow had already started falling in the Cairngorm mountains and it would be long before it fell here in Inverness.

Elizabeth was now 67 years old her movement became decidedly slower because of her arthritic joints. She took a cod liver oil tablet every day to try and ease the pain in her back caused by scrubbing floors and bending over a tin bath to wash clothes. There was a knock at the door and she struggled up to open it. It was Janice and George Dougal her friends.

“We just called in to see how you were as we’d not seen you in a wee while they said in their scots accent.’

“I think I’m coming down with a cold Janice. I’ve just taken a Beecham’s powder in some hot lemon. Would you care for a cup of tea?

“Aye wi a nice drop of whiskey in it to warm us through.’

“I’ve got a bottle there in the cupboard there George if you’d like a drop in your tea.’

“Leave it to me Lizzy, I’ll get it for you. We are going to Duncanston if you want to come along?

“I’d love to Janice if I was well enough but not like this.’

“A good drop of this in your tea said George and you’ll be as right as rain.’

Elizabeth made the tea and George poured a drop of whiskey into everyone’s cup.

“Slangevar said George as they raised their cups and clinked them.

“What does that mean anyway said Elizabeth?

“Oche don’t you ken what it means.’

“No,’ I’ve no idea.’

“It means good health Lizzy.’ 

After her second cup of whiskey flavoured tea Elizabeth felt decidedly better.

“You know I might just come with you if you don’t mind.’ I feel much better.’

“Told you Lizzy, a drop of malt does you the world of good. Mind you I would still wrap up well because it’s mighty cold out.’

“We can have our lunch out if you like said Elizabeth, my treat since you are driving, I don’t like driving in icy weather since my Nephew Peter was killed in his car on an icy stretch of road.’

“My Land Rover grips the road perfectly Lizzy don’t you worry about that.’

Elizabeth put on her thick woolen jumper, a knitted scarf and woolen hat and a heavy overcoat. She had a pair of fur lined boots that she wore over her trousers with elasticated strips that went under your feet to stop them from riding up your legs. George was wearing his tartan deerstalker and a waxed jacket and brown leather gloves they were a present from Lizzy last Christmas.

Lizzy took her hand- made walking stick with a ram’s horn handle with her and a shopping bag.

Are we ready then said George?

Yes,’ I think so said Janice.’

“All aboard the skylark then.’

George helped up the two women then slid into the driver’s side.

“Hold on to your hats.’ said George as he put the land Rover in gear and set off at a cracking pace along the country road.’






Peter Thompson boarded his ship on the Monday morning he saluted the captain then was dismissed to his quarters. After stowing away his kit he changed his shirt and one of his navy jumpers he wore in the winter months. he put on his tie and cap and went back on board. All the men lined up as the Endeavour slipped silently away from the harbor. Many wives with their children had come to see them off. Peter wasn’t one for goodbye’s he bid farewell to Janet at quarter to three in the morning after they had made love. He quickly showered and shaved. Peter got himself ready whilst Janet cooked him a good breakfast. He always packed his own case and had his check list of every item he needed. Once that was done he came to the dining table and ate his breakfast which were washed down with two cups of very strong coffee. He put on his Thick navy jumper. His uniform jacket and hat were placed on a hanger and hung on the hand rail hold above the back seat. His case was neatly placed in the boot.

There were no excuses if he forgot something, he would only have himself to blame.

He would find himself on a charge if he’d forgotten anything. This was why he double checked to make sure he had everything on the list.

The 9000-mile trip would take him into the English Channel through the Bay of Biscay and into the North Atlantic Ocean. From there they would sail to Gibraltar where they would stop to drop off men and supplies then carry on to the Alboran Sea and then onto the Mediterranean Sea.

Sailing through the Nile River to the Gulf of Suez through the canal and into the red sea. This would lead them to the Indian ocean and finally to Jurong Port in Singapore. There he would spent three months before taking on board supplies of food and men who were going home then sail back to Gibraltar to relieve men there and sail home.



  As Chief Petty Officer Peter was responsible for all the supplies either coming on board or leaving the ship. Every Item of food or clothing had to be accounted for. New stocks of ammunition were off loaded as the men still trained in case there was an outbreak of violence.

They were the link to the British High Command in case of a war.

John Surtees his second in command was in charge of requisition orders Peter checked and then rechecked everything. He trusted no one and if anything, remotely suspicious caught his eye then he was onto it. Drug smuggling in Singapore was rife and Peter had to make sure that none came on board his ship. The captain made spot checks of all cabins throughout the ship on any given day. The Chinese police patrolled the area and would often come on board where they would also check on board and even send a diver down to where they were anchored to check underneath the ship. On his days off Peter would visit the various museums and temples. The Sri Mariamman was a favourite of many of the locals. He visited Padang and China town where he met a contact called Willi Wong. One thing about Singapore was that prostitution was rife. They had every man’s sexual persuasion that you could think of. Homosexual – bisexual- straight, sadomasochism- fetish- ladyboys- bondage- young girls- young boys. Willi Wong knew what Peter wanted, he made sure that he got it. all for a price which was less than a packet of cigarettes. The young girls were specially selected for him. They were prepared to do anything for money. It gave Peter licence to do whatever he wished with these girls as young as thirteen. Nothing gave him more satisfaction as having sex with a young girl. He felt he wasn’t cheating on his wife because these were only children. He’d been grooming Deborah Jane his step daughter for some time now. He had got her to do things to him which he told her that all girls who loved their daddies did. He hadn’t penetrated her with his penis yet but had used his fingers on her. Afterwards he'd just go into the bathroom and clean himself.

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