"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


4. 4

Susan is eighteen, she has a boyfriend and they’ve been seeing each other for over a year now. I thought she would have been courting that young boy who came to stay during the war what was his name?

“Oh, you mean Peter Thompson, no they were just good friends.’

“They were inseparable them two.’

“Susan looked upon him like an older brother.’

“Have you heard from him?

“Not for a few years, he’s in the Navy you know, he still writes to us and Susan though.’

Later that morning Mildred took the car and drove her sister to the main building of the hospital. Sitting in the car she smoked a cigarette whilst Janet went inside for her interview.

Janet was met by Jonathan Davies who asked her to come to his office. Janet explained where she had previously worked and showed Mr Davies the references she had brought with her.

“They are very impressive Mrs Denny, we have a position for a ward sister, it is mainly on ward twelve. It’s a ward where there are a lot of terminally ill patients. Do you think you could handle that?

“Yes, I believe I could.’

“Alright then Mrs Denny when would you be available?

“Soon as possible.’

“Tomorrow morning at eight o’clock be alright?’

“Yes, and thank you.’

Jonathan Davies shook her hand and she picked up her references and her hand bag and made her way outside.


“I have a job she told her sister excitingly.’

“Well done when do you start?

“Tomorrow at eight in the morning.’

“What’s the wage?’

“Seven pounds a week.’

“Hey, that’s a good wage.’

“Yes, and with that I can get myself a place to live, can we go to the council Mildred I want to put my name down for a house.’

Mildred started the car and drove to Howard Street where she went in with her sister.’

“Hello said a little balding man with Arthur Askey spectacles on his face “can I help you?

“Yes, said Mildred my sister is new to the area and is looking for a house preferably near her employ.

“And where would that be?

“Preston hospital, she is a sister on the ward there.’

“Can I take your name please, I mean there is a waiting list for houses but I will see what I can do for you.’

“Thank you.’

The man who Janet found out was called William Ellis asked them to wait whilst he made some discrete enquiries.

“Ten minutes later he returned and explained that if a house became available then she would be top of the list as priority was given to nursing staff.

“Well thank you Mr Ellis for all of your help.’

Mildred got into the car and they drove to Rudyard Street and parked up they walked around the shops looking in the occasional clothing shop and trying things on before visiting the vegetable market in the bullring.

Mildred knew where all the cheaper shops were and after two hours of walking around they were footsore and wary. When they got back to Cullercoats having walked the full length and breadth of the busy little town of North Shields, Mildred asked Alan to make a pot of tea.

Mildred told Alan that Janet had landed a job at Preston hospital and that her name was top of the list for a council house as well.

“That’s great news Janet, when do you start?

“Tomorrow, I asked to start as soon as possible.’

“Well, you don’t hang around do you.’

“No time like the present is there.’

“I made you a sandwich and there’s a piece of cake for lunch too if you’d like some.’

“I am going to have to watch what I eat or I will be a stone overweight by the time I leave here.’

“You eat like a bird Janet you could do with a bit of weight on said Mildred.’

“I haven’t got time to put weight on either I never stop, with the cooking cleaning and the laundry to do every day. Speaking of which have you brought the dirty towels down from upstairs Alan?

“Yes love, they are all ready for the washing machine.’

“Washing machine?



“You must see this Janet, Alan bought me this new automatic washing mashing from America.’ “No more back breaking possing for me, I just put a load into the washer add some soap flakes and away you go. You can just leave it and get on with something else. It even rinses and spins the washing some. I still put them through the mangle but it saves one hell of a lot of work I can tell you.’

“I must save up the money and get one of those. Mind I know I’m not supposed to but all the nurses did it they used the industrial washing machines in the hospital to do their laundry and no one said anything.’


“Well you will be in charge so there’s no worries Janet.’

“Yes, I guess so.’

“It will save me a lot of money I must admit. We all have to have some perks. Food is not a problem either because there are always meals left to eat. The patients were well fed at my last hospital so I doubt it will be any different here.

“Right then is there anything I can help you with Mildred, you might as well use me because from tomorrow I’m going to be working a twelve- hour shift.’

 “You can help me change the sheets and make up the beds if you like.’

I’ll crack on with dinner then shall I said Alan.

“What’s on the menu tonight?

“There’s Liver and onions with mashed potato and spring cabbage or there is Steak and kidney pie with carrots, peas, and mash. For desert there is plum pudding and custard or home- made rice pudding.’

“Sounds lovely.’

It will taste even better said Alan laughing as he went into the kitchen and washed his hands.

Janet spent the afternoon helping her sister with the laundry until Susan came in.

“Hi Janet mum told me that you had come to stay, sorry I didn’t see you last night I was out with Graeme Smith my boyfriend.’

Boyfriend aye, so is it serious between you two?

“Well we’ve been seeing each other for over a year now, so yes pretty much.’

“What is he like?’

“Well he’s tall, good looking of course and has these gorgeous deep blue coloured eyes.’

“I think your daughter is in love Mildred.’

“Does this mean I will have to buy a new hat?

Janet helped her sister all that day as they did the laundry and then hung it out on the line out in the yard.


The next morning Janet met her staff at the hospital she introduced herself then told the nurses what would be expected of them. There were six nurses on the ward and Janet made sure that everyone knew their jobs and what was required of them. She got all the girls together in her office that was situated around the corner from the ward. She didn’t realise that the post she held was head of all four wards and she was only responsible to the Matron Valerie Wilkinson and of course any of the doctors on the wards. Her role was to deal with anything that the registered nurses couldn’t deal with like difficult or aggressive patients who treated her staff in a manner that was inappropriate. She also had to deal with complaints from not only the patients but from the visiting relatives and also general enquiries. She had a clerk called Sharon Barton who dealt with appointments and administration. Janet was a stickler for cleanliness on all of her wards. 

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