"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


39. 39

“I’ve just made some, pour me and your brother a pot out then refill it with hot water from the kettle. One of you will have to go to Minnie’s shop were out of bacon and eggs and there’s no bread either. You’ll have to get some sugar as well.’

“Me,’ Why can’t our George go?

“Cos’ I’m asking you.’ Hurry up and get a bloody wash in the sink then you can go over the road to the shop. Brian was cursing under his breath as George came back from the toilet and Brian dashed outside.

“Christ, you’d think someone had died in here it bloody stinks said Brian holding his nose.

“You had a canny drink last night Da’ said George.’

“Where did you get to any road?’ I won my money back off those other mugs in the pub last night. Jack Sprout was nowhere to be seen though. Ill bide my time with that bastard. He’ll want a game and I’ll be ready for him.’

George and I went out and done a bit of business.

“Oh yeah, well where’s the money, go on hand it over.’

“Well the job we pulled last night was big so this is going to take a day or so to get some ready cash.’

Big job my arse, you couldn’t pull in a deep breath between the two of you.’

Brian returned from the toilet, “You told him then?

“Yeah but he doesn’t believe us.’

Just then there was a plop on the floor in the passage and Brian went and brought the morning paper. On the front page was the story of the robbery. There you are Da’ front page news.’

You two haven’t the brains you were born with to pull a job like that. It’ll be the same mob who done the council offices.

“Really said Brian, well me and George did the job last night whilst you were in the boozer trying to win back the money you lost off Jack Scroat.

“It says here that over fifty grands worth of jewels went missing.’

More than we thought then isn’t there George it took us less than fifteen minutes to get in and out.

“They always say that for insurance purposes said Edward.’

“Da’ it was just so easy, I wasn’t convinced about it until Brian showed me.’ 

“Who’s fencing the gear?

“Bob Colquhoun, you know him Da.’

“How much is it costing you?

“Five grand.’

“Five bloody grand, the robbing bastard.’

“He’s had to pass it on to someone else as it’s too hot for him to handle himself.’

“We still come out with thirty grand Da’ that’s more money than we’ve ever had. We can live like kings.’ I want to move away from this shit hole and go and live down the smoke said George.

“Me as well said Brian.’

“If you two mugs go splashing money around the busies are going to be onto you like flies around horse shit. You have to lay low for a while as they will be watching us like bloody hawks.’

“When you meeting this fence? You know nothing about him and you’re going to hand over fifty grands worth of loot.’ “I’m coming with you when you go.’

“We’re meeting on Friday at Bob’s house.’

Right I want you both tooled up just in case. I’ve got a couple of hand guns from the first world war. They are Webley Mk V1 service revolvers. They weigh 2.4lbs they are 11.25 inches long and they have a 4.17-inch barrel. They can fire six 4.55 bullets effectively from 50 yards.

“I don’t like guns Da’ said Brian.’

“We don’t have to use them, they are there just in case this guy Bob knows tries to pull a fast one.’

“Do you really think we’ll need them? Asked George suspiciously.

“Better to have them than not, just in case it turns nasty.’

All three men were capable of shooting accurately having shot rats down by the wood yard.

Edward gave his son money and off he went to the shop to get breakfast. Whilst he was away his father discussed the robbery with George and which way they would handle the exchange on Friday night. Can you get a loan of a car?

“Yes, leave that with me’ said George to his father.

“Once this blows over we can buy a car of our own, then you two can do whatever you like.’

  Ten grand each is going to go along way.’

“Hold on Da,’ Ten grand, you want ten grand for lying in bed pissed.’

“Why not that’s fair.’

“No way is it, Brian should get the most, it was his idea, then me because I helped him pull the job.’

“Yes,’ and I will be making should that you get paid.’ How much were you thinking of giving me like?

“Four maybe five grand, you’ll only gamble and piss it away Da’ Brian and I have got to make a life for ourselves.’

“What and ten grand each won’t do that? You could buy a small house a car and still have plenty money to live on.’

“It wouldn’t last forty years, with the two and a half grand extra each we could buy somewhere decent not some pokey hole like here Da. Brian has got himself a steady girl, he won’t be long before he gets himself married.’

“Alright, I’ll take five but if you come back here saying your both broke don’t be looking at me for handouts.’



The removal van came as promised to Roses house and the two men moved all of her furniture onto the vehicle in no time. They were careful not to damage anything and covered it with sheets one it was all on board. “Now Mrs. Sullivan we can drop you off near the Church in North Shields. Norman here will ride in the back; that is why we put you chair in last of all so he could sit in it.’ Rose left the keys and her fully paid up rent book to Alice Rowley her neighbour.

“I hope you’ll be happy in your new home.’

“I’m sure I will, I won’t miss having to go outside to use the lavvy. Mr. Thompson is building me my own private bathroom.’

“You are very lucky Rose.’ Good luck.’

Rose climbed up into the van when the driver started the van up and away they went.

It was then that rose remembered the last time she left home, that was to go and work in the big house at Glenburn Manor in Dunmurry. The money that she would save in rent and other bills would help her to save up for a place of her own when she retired.

It didn’t take long for the van to reach the church. Rose stepped out with her cases with her clothes inside she thanked the driver then walked slowly but purposely towards the house that would be her new home. As promised Peter was outside instructing the men who had come to do the new building work. They dug down to create the new foundations and the leader of the team Sandy Porterfield drew up the plans for the new bedroom and joint bathroom and toilet area. Rose asked Sid Smith if they would like a pot of tea which pleased them immensely.

She put out a plate with some home- made biscuits that she had made herself and let the lads help themselves. By the end of the day the foundations were in they were filled with concrete and levelled off. There was nothing more to be done now until the concrete had set. Peter thanked them. Tomorrow morning when the concrete had set they would start the frame work. With six of them on site it wouldn’t take them long. The next two days saw the lads building the framework for the walls and roof.  There was a lot of hammering going on but Rose didn’t mind she was happy to see that the lads were wasting no time. A plumber and electrician came to put in the first fixings for her bathroom Rose said that she was happy with a shower cubical going in because that would create a lot more space in the room. Once the pipe work was in, they then nailed the floorboards down. They insulated the walls and ceiling with fiberglass then the plasterboard went on the top. Light switched and sockets we added then the walls plastered.

Rose couldn’t believe how fast these lads worked. As three men were working on the inside of the house the other three worked on the roof laying bitumen and guttering lead flashing was added to stop water coming inside of the house and the roof had a slope so that the water ran into the guttering and then into the drain. The shower was then fitted and the walls tiled. There was an electric extractor fitted to take away the steam from the hot shower. Two oak doors opened out onto wooden porch where Rose could sit during the summer months.

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