"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


38. 38

“Come in I’ll rustle something up for you if you give me a minute.’ I’ve just been in the bath; all that grease gets in your hair and skin you know.’

Peggy walked into the living room, it was tastefully decorated which surprised George.

“I’ll just go and put something on just have a seat if you like said Peggy as she walked sexily to her room and left the door open.

George walked to the doorway as she dropped her dressing gown and stood naked before him.

“My Da was right said George as he gazed upon her nakedness then went to her and took her into his arms.

“What did your Da’ say then?

“I’ll tell you later’ said George as he pushed her back onto the bed and then began to remove his clothes.


“You’re in a good mood’ said Lorraine as she let Brian in.

“Where’s your mother?

She’s gone to Church, it’s her choir practice tonight she won’t be home until after ten.’

“That gives us an hour then doesn’t it.’

“Brian Thompson what kind of girl do you take me for?’

“The right kind, let’s go upstairs to your room.

“I hope you’ve brought some protection with you. My mother would kill me if I got pregnant.’

Brian held up a box of condoms as Lorraine looked at him. She giggled then ran up the staircase to her room.



 Manny Schechter walked out of the synagogue after saying goodnight to the rabbi Solomon Weinberg who along with Manny and 198 others escaped from Treblinka in 1943. He witnessed thousands of Jews being killed during that time in the gas chambers. An estimated 900.000 Jews and at least 2.000 Romanian people were murdered in the camp. A fake railway station dropped the Jews off where they were sent for delousing and showers. They were ordered to strip naked where all of their belongings were removed and categorized. Spectacles, Shoes, coats, and all valuables like watches, rings and Jewellry were removed. Every suitcase was scrutinized and clothing felt for hidden pockets sewn into children’s clothing to hide diamonds and Jewellry

Hair was shaven then they were marched to the area where they were told that they would shower and then be fed. They were all gassed.

 Many were selected to work in the gravel pits used to conceal the dead bodies whilst others worked in the forest cutting down trees for the furnaces used to burn others after they’d been gassed. It was back breaking work and to stay alive you had to work very hard. If you showed any sign of weakness you were shot on the spot. Manny and the rabbi lost both their families. Mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers all murdered by Blockfuhrer Willi Mentz who they nicknamed (Frankenstein) he and his accomplice Auguste Miete were personally responsible for thousands of deaths at Treblinka. It was Genocide on a massive scale. After the prisoners escaped some100 survived. The camp was dismantled and turned into a farm ahead of the Soviet advance. The ground was then ploughed over to conceal the bodies of all the dead. After the war Kurt Franz, Willi Mentz, Auguste Miete and several others stood trial for war crimes. Every year in July a special mass is said in remembrance of those who died.


Manny crossed the road to his house he never looked in his shop window he just let himself in the back door then locked it after him. However, he did notice pieces of glass scattered around the yard. Alarm bells began to ring in his head as he opened the door and went inside.

He began to cry as he found the door to his workshop broken and his strongbox forced open. Then he walked into the shop and saw that every item of Jewellry was gone. He rang the police s who said that they would come around right away.

He was told not to touch anything but to make an inventory of every item missing.

Luckily Manny kept a logbook and listed everything. Every necklace, bracelet, ring, or wristwatch was all logged. He wrote down the total value of his stock and it came to over £30.000 pounds. When the police arrived, Manny explained how he had only gone to the synagogue for an hour.

“What time was that Mr. Schechter

“It was about eight o’clock.

What kind of security have you got here sir?

The shop is alarmed I don’t know how it didn’t go off. I’ve worked in this shop ten years and I’ve never been broken into.

Detective Robert Black approached sergeant Desmond Barlow and told him that the wires had been cut from the telephone pole.

Your burglar is pretty agile, he managed to climb twenty feet up cut the wires from the pole and then scale a wall full of glass and get into the shop. This was definitely no amateur. Get onto it Black round up the usual suspects.

“Yes sir.’


“Well the forensic team will be here shortly Mr. Schechter there’s nothing else we can do here. We will keep you informed of any developments.’ You have insurance I take it?

“Yes sir, I do.’

“Good I will need a reference number off you.’

Manny went to get the documents from upstairs in his house where he lived, Detective Sergeant Barlow went with him.

“You have no valuables missing up here sir?

“To be honest I never looked but everything seems in order.’

“Well if you do come across anything please add it to the list.’

“Thank you, Sergeant.’

 When they went back down the forensic team had arrived and were doing their job.

“We’ll need a set of your fingerprints Mr. Schechter just so we can see if any dabs are around other than yours. They will be destroyed of course after our investigation.’

“Anything asked Sergeant Barlow to Alan Matuszewski as he dusted the cabinets, doors, and anything else that might have left a fingerprint.

Alan shook his head; my guess is they were wearing gloves.

Okay let’s go and let Mr. Schechter clean up here.

The team left the shop and the sergeant folded the insurance papers and placed it into his notebook. He now had to go and type up a crime report. It was going to be another late one before he could get home.

The press was soon on the scene asking questions and taking photos. The robbery would cover the front pages of the Daily Mirror the next morning.


Lifting his head off the pillow Edward Thompson couldn’t remember coming home last night. He still had his vest on and was just wearing his white underpants and socks. He stood up and still felt uneasy under foot. He let out a yawn then farted before scratching his bald pate. He headed out to the yard to use the toilet. opening the back door after putting on his slippers the cold wind blew inside the house he went outside walking carefully down the set of stone steps. It was bitterly cold as he lifted the latch on the toilet door and went inside closing the door behind him. The chain had snapped and the handle that flushed the toilet was tied with some strong string. He pulled the string several times before it finally flushed. It was always like this in cold weather. It was worse when it snowed because the cistern would freeze and he would have to pour boiling water inside to melt the ice. He walked back into the house and filled the kettle then he lit the gas under it. He emptied the pot in the bin by the side of the back door rinsed it out before spooning more tea into it. He cursed his wife under his breath as he took hold of the poker and jabbed it at the ashes in the grate hoping that it was still alight. It wasn’t so he had to shovel out the ash into a bucket and relight the fire from scratch. Taking hold of the bucket, he filled it then rolled up some old newspaper and some wooden sticks to use as kindling. He lit the paper in several places until the wood began to burn and then placed a few lumps of coal strategically on the top. He blazed the fire using a shovel and a piece of newspaper. When he was satisfied that it was alight he then went to make the tea. Looking in the larder there was no bread or bacon left so he went into George and Brian’s room and shouted for them both to get up.

There was moaning and groaning from both of them but eventually they got up. George was first outside to use the toilet as his bladder was full again from last night. Brian did up his pants then wandered into the kitchen.

Any tea in the pot Da’ 

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