"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


37. 37

A host of golden daffodils

Beside the lake, beneath the trees

Fluttering and dancing in the breeze


Rose sighed, it had been an eventful week with the death of her mother and then the funeral.

What surprised her the most was the arrival of a dark car at the church of St Mary’s. A man stepped out and walked towards the crowds of people as they entered the church. She paid little attention to the man at first but thought he looked familiar as he stood at the back of the church.

Father Michael Shaunesy gave the service. There was very little that the priest could say about her mother given that she had never set foot in the church for over thirty years. No matter how many times the priest came around to see Rose’s mother it made no difference. She was lost to the drink and no amount of praying or threats of hell and damnation by Father Shaunesy was going to stop her mother from imbibing. The priest took her mother’s final confession two days before she died in which she begged for forgiveness. “The Lord is merciful said the priest.

When the curtains closed around the coffin the family stood in silence for a short time then filed out to the door. Many came and thanked the family and hugged them on their way to continue the wake.

Rose wearing black looked up as a man took her hand. He spoke in a quiet voice in her ear as he leaned forward.





“You never said I’m leaving

You never said goodbye

You were gone before I knew it

And only God knew why

There are no words to tell you

Just what I feel inside

The shock, the hurt the anger

Might gradually subside


The man kissed her tenderly on the cheek then left the church. She wanted to run after him but someone else had come to give their condolences. Her mind was in a whirl as she realised it was Patrick Connor. He looked just like his father now as the greying at the sides of his facial hair gave him a look of Stewart Grainger the actor. Her heart still skipped a beat as he kissed her and her hand went to her cheek. By the time she got to the church door the car had gone. She wondered why he had come alone. Maybe it was because his wife didn’t like her which she suspected all along. She also wondered why his father and mother were not present. After all they both knew her and she had been in their employ for many years.

 Father Shaunesy mentioned later that day that Sir Patrick Connor now lived alone he had acquired a knighthood for his work in politics in Ireland. His father and mother had passed about seven years ago and then his wife during childbirth a year after they had married. Poor Patrick she thought, all alone in that big house. She wanted to go to him and confess the love for him that she still held dear. She had fought the same battle in her mind over and over. The fear of rejection had won again as it had all those years ago when she was young.


She would be forty in a few months’ time, although she never looked her age. People always remarked how young she looked. Rose was a lot wiser now than she was twenty years ago. she knew that attitudes were changing in some respects. As for Patrick Connors, would he still see her still as a common housemaid?


As the darkness crept in over the city, Brian and George Thompson made their way to Emanuel’s jeweler shop. They took all the side streets so that they would not be seen. They hid across the street in a shop doorway until they saw Manny Shechter leave the house. He was wearing the stereotypical black overcoat and black hat that marked him out as a Jew. He carrying a black briefcase as he walked very quickly along the road. They watched as he made his way up the street to the synagogue. Brian looked at his watch it was spot on 8 o’clock.

“Right George, we have an hour until he returns, Brian ran across the road then into the back lane. He climbed up the telegraph pole and took out a pair of wire cutters from his back pocket. Carefully he cut all the wires leading from the shop to the pole then climbed down.

Going into the bag they’d brought, Brian took a narrow strip of carpet then threw it up and over  the wall that was covered in broken glass to deter burglars. Once he’d scaled the wall he took the hammer from the bag and smashed the pointed glass under the carpet. The noise was deadened by the carpet it sounded just like a dull thud. once that was done George climbed up and then over into the yard at the back of the shop. Brian used the coat hanger which slid down between the sash window then turned the catch. They were both wearing leather gloves and Brian lifted the window open and the both climbed inside. Quickly they made their way to the door leading into the shop. They forced the door open with a jemmy and went in.

Taking the hammers out they spread tape over each display unit and locked cabinets and then smashed the glass. Again, there was only the sound of dull thuds as the glass broke but did not make a shattering sound. They worked together dropping all the jewels, rings, necklaces into a velvet bag. In the back of the shop they found Manny’s workshop.  forcing open a strongbox they took a quantity of gold and diamonds which Manny used to make his own Jewellry. They were in the shop for less than five minutes and then let themselves out of the front entrance and calmly walked to the bus stop a half a mile away. They looked like they’d just finished a shift at work. Both men were wearing bib and brace overalls and work boots. Nobody took any notice of them as they got off the bus and walked to the lock up. Once inside they spread what they had stolen out onto a table. Brian picked up a diamond ring and put it into his pocket. They hid the jewels the pit where they worked on the cars that came in and made them a few quid when their father had no work for them. they took off their overalls and work boots and changed into their shoes and smart jackets then locked up the garage.

“There you go, I told you it was a piece of cake, didn’t I? said Brian with a triumphant look on his face.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, I have to see someone to get rid of it

“Right then George, I’m going to meet Lorraine, where you going?

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that I have an alibi.’

Brian ran down the street and jumped on another bus to his girlfriend’s house. He was satisfied with his nights work. In a month or so he’d have enough money to do what he liked.

George went to visit Bob Colquhoun he knew that he was a fence for stolen property. He had done bits and bobs for his father over the years but not on this scale.

George rang his house first to tell him he was coming over had some business for him and that he’d be at his house in five minutes.’

Bob let him in when he arrived where George told him about the Jewellry raid.

“How much gear we talking about?

“A lot, possibly twenty grands worth or more.’

Wow! This is way out of my league George.’

“Can you get it shifted?

Bob thought for a few seconds rubbing his lantern Jaw. I know someone who will take it off your hands for you but his rate is higher than mine.’

How much higher?

“Five grand.’ Said Bob coolly.

“Five bloody grand that’s a bleedin’ liberty isn’t it.’

“He’s taking the risks; the goods are hotter than burning coal.’

Alright, but that’s all he’s getting, if the stones and gold are worth more than that which I guess they are whatever they are worth comes back to us is that understood?

“Crystal, he knows the score George, he won’t rip your father off.’ When can he see the merchandise?

How about Friday at 7.30 p.m. here at your place?

“Fine, leave it with me George.’ I’ll sort it out for you don’t worry.’ 

  George saw himself out then walked along to Peggy’s Chippy. The shop was closed on Sunday so he knocked on the door to her house. The light went on in the passage and Peggy answered the door in her dressing gown.

“Have you got anything else to eat other than fish and chips.’

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