"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


36. 36

her in case she got pregnant again. She was told by the hospital to wait for at least six weeks before relations could resume to allow her uterus to return to normal.

This was frustrating Peter and his mood changed towards her. However, he didn’t change at all towards Deborah Jane in fact he was more attentive to her than he was to Janet. Each night he would go into her room and read her stories and they’d laugh as he tickled her. Little did Janet know where he was touching her. When Rose returned a week later, Janet hugged her. “Are you alright Rose, I was sorry to hear about your mother. Rose could see right off that she’d been missed. The house wasn’t as tidy as it was when she had been around. Deborah Jane leapt into her arms when she saw her at the school gates. “Here I brought you some Irish toffees now don’t be eating them all now mind you.’ Deborah Jane went on to tell her all about Fanny Tickell and how she was such a bossy boots. “I’m pleased daddy is home though.’

Hello Rose, nice to see you again said Peter at the door when she arrived.

Hello Mr. Thompson, and how have you been?

“Mustn’t grumble you know, when duty calls and all that.’

“Yes, I know what you mean.’

“Will you stay and have dinner with us this evening I’m sure Janet and Deborah Jane would like it if you stayed.’

“I don’t like to impose.’

“You are not imposing come on in and take off your coat. Would you like a glass of wine?

“Do you have any sherry Mr. Thompson?

“Yes of course.’

“Thank you I’ll have a small one.’

“Janet, Rose is staying for dinner tonight.’

“Oh, that’s wonderful dear, I’ll be out in a moment I’m just changing Alan.

“I’ll set the table said Rose.’

“You’ll do no such thing, you are a guest tonight please sit.’

Rose sat on the sofa and Deborah Jane sat next to her. 

“Rose I have a proposition for you? Said Peter as he handed her a glass of sherry.’

He had a glass of Navy rum in his hand.

“Yes, Mr. Thompson?

“How would you like to come and live here with us, I mean it makes perfect sense to me. You have to travel back and forth every day. If you lived here there would be no need for that. I mean you would have no rent to pay and no food to buy as I would pay for it. Plus, the electric and gas would be paid also. What do you think?

“Thank you, it is a kind offer indeed.’

 “Look think it over tonight and let us know, I’m sure Janet would love your company especially when I’m away. We will give you your own room, in fact I tell you what, there’s enough room to build an extension on the back of this house, I will talk to a few of my pals in the building trade and see if we can make you a room with your own bathroom that you can use.’

“You don’t need to go to all that expense.’

“We were thinking about doing it anyway so what do you say?

You might want to discuss this with Mrs. Thompson first. What will happen to my furniture in my home?

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll have it put into storage, if you ever want to leave then it will be there for you.’

“Alright then, I will if you don’t mind.’

“Fabulous, Janet, Rose has agreed to come and live here with us.’

Janet came out of the room carrying Alan, she smiled then said I’m glad, we’ll get along just fine. After dinner Rose washed the dishes and put them away with help from Deborah Jane whilst Peter spoke on the telephone to his friends in the building trade.

“Peter doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet does he said Rose.’

“That’s his Navy training, they don’t wait, they just do it.’

“When Peter had finished he told Janet and Rose that the team of builders would commence the job in the morning. They would dig the foundations then start the build.

Now I will run you home Rose and you can gather all of your clothes.

“What,’ I’m moving here tonight.’

“Why not?


 Rose put on her coat then Peter put on his and his hat then opened the door for Rose She walked to his car as he opened the door for her.

“Thank you, Mr. Thompson,’

“Right, now that you are going to live with us you have to dispense with the formalities please.

Rose looked over at the man opposite and smiled then said alright Peter.’

“That’s better Rose, I hate having to address people with yes sir, no sir, all day long at work.

Peter started the engine and then asked Rose for directions to her house.

I will have to inform the rent office that I’m vacating the house.

I will have your furniture picked up tomorrow Bob Hall who’s a good friend of mine will come about eleven and he’ll have it gone by one o’clock. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

When Peter got to her house she went into the house whilst he sat in the car. She was in an out again in less than ten minutes. She put the case on the back seat then sat up front in the car trying to regain her breath.

“There was no need to hurry I was just having a cigarette. You don’t mind do you. It’s one of my little vices.’

“Not at all, my father smokes like a chimney.’

Peter nipped the cigarette then drove back to his house. It was just after eight o’clock when they returned. Peter went on the phone again speaking to Bob Hall.

Hi Bob, I need a favour, can you store some furniture for me?

“You can great, Peter gave him Rose’s address and the time she would be available.

Thanks mate, yeah see you at the weekend, bye.’

“There you are Rose it’s done. Right its story time for my little princess I think.’

“I can do that if you like Mr. I mean Peter.

 No Rose, this is Deborah Jane and I’s special time together. Peter walked quietly into Deborah’s room. “Is there a little mouse in here hiding somewhere, I wonder where she could be?

Deborah Jane hiding in the cupboard was trying to suppress a giggle. Peter pretended to look under the bed then inside her bedclothes. “I wonder if she’s hiding in the… Peter opened the cupboard and began moving the clothing slowly. Again, there was more giggling finally he moved a coat and there she was in the corner.

Ah ha.’ There you are come here until I eat you little mouse. Deborah screamed and tried to get away but Peter caught her and began to tickle her as he always did. She laughed hysterically as his hands explored her most intimate places. Then he took her pyjamas and asked her to put them on. Unashamedly she stripped off all of her clothes and stood naked she put on the top first and then slipped on the bottoms. Peter lay on the bed with her and began to read a book by Dr Seuss called Scrambled Eggs. It was about a boy who got tired of eating hen’s eggs he travelled the world with his friend Ali to find exotic birds eggs to make omelettes with. When he cooked them, he would whisper the magic words Scrambled eggs, Super Dee Dooper- Dee Booper -a la special deluxe Peter T Hooper. When Peter had finished reading he tucked Deborah Jane in and kissed her before turning on the orange light and closing the door.

“You’re a good story teller Peter said Rose.

“Years of practice Rose.’

“Would you like a drink of tea?

“No, I think I’ll have a glass of rum. Would you like anything darling?

“No thanks I’m fine.’


“No thanks.’

“Would you both mind if I had an early night said Rose?’

“No Rose, you do as you please we don’t expect you to work all day you know said Janet.’

“I’ll say goodnight to you both then and thank you for allowing me in your lovely home.’

With that Rose went into the spare room. Peter had removed the cot and it was now in his room.

Rose lay on the bed after going to the bathroom and changing into her night gown. She picked up her book of poetry by William Wordsworth and began to read.


I wondered lonely as a cloud

That floats on high o’er vales and hills

When all at once I saw a crowd

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