"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


33. 33

Even though the thought of eating fish and chips again made him angry it was better than eating nothing, beer always gave him an appetite. He walked out of the house and along the road to Peggy’s Chippy.

The smell of frying chips had his stomach rumbling.as he crossed the road to the Chippy.

“You back again, is your mother not back yet?

“No,’ have you got any pies left Peg, I don’t think I could eat fish again.’

“Yes, there’s a pie and a battered sausage and some mushy peas, do you want them?

“Aye go on I’ll have them.’

“Do you want chips with them?

“Go on you might as well, there’ll be nowt for breakfast in the morning.’

“I had better give you plenty then aye.’

Peggy scooped up a pile of chips that would have choked a horse then passed them to George. “Do you want some salt on them.

“Aye go on then.’

Left open or wrapped?

Just leave them open Peg, and thanks.’

George paid her and she rang the money in the till. “Now tomorrow, if you are stuck for anything to eat just come over, I’ll always knock you a meal up for you.’ Peggy was forty years old but had kept herself in good nick. Her husband had been killed in WW2 and the money she received from the MOD paid for the shop. She made a tidy profit from the shop which she kept open six days a week.

She’d always had an eye for George who was only 27-years-old. George saw the way she looked at him and knew that she fancied him. He’d never slept with an older woman before but remembered his father’s words that many a good tune was played on an old fiddle.

“I might take you up on that Peg. Thanks’ and Goodnight.’ he winked as he walked out of the shop and bit into his sausage as he walked home. It was hot and he juggled it around his mouth until he could chew it. It certainly beat the fish he’d eaten earlier. By the time he’d reached the door of his house he’d devoured the sausage and half of the mince pie. He wrapped up the chips for Brian placing them on a plate and sliding them into the oven part of the range. The heat from the fire would keep them hot for his little brother.

Actually, Brian was bigger and taller than he was, Brian stood six feet five inches tall. He was thirteen stone but it was all muscle.

Brian liked to work out at the boxing gym owned by Michael Garrity. Michael tried to get Brian to box for him and said he’d make a good heavyweight having knocked out George Kid Carson from Repton who had a string of knock outs to his credit but Brian refused, he just liked to come and work out whenever the mood took him. It was twelve thirty when Brian returned home.

“Where you been?

“Since when have you been my keeper?

“I’m just asking.’

“Not that it’s any business of yours but I’ve met this bird, we’ve been out tonight.

“Oh yeah, where did you meet this bird then eh Neverland?

“She’s a clippie on the number 68.’

“A real classy bird then.’

“Funny, at least I’ve got one. Where’s me Da?

He’s in bed, mortal drunk he is. He’s lost all his money tonight, so we’ll have to knock off a couple of rent collectors on Monday.’

“Listen I’ve come up with an idea.

“You have, what is it robbing’ the milk float.’ At least Ralph Mason won’t be able to catch you.

“No stupid, listen do you want to know or not?

“Go on then spit it out.’

“I went to the Essoldo with Lorraine.’

Oh, Lorraine is it.’

“Shut it and listen.’

“We were watching this comedy about a couple of conmen and it got me thinking.

Bugger me all that fish you had today has gone to your brain.’ Here, there’s some chips in there if you want them.

Brian took out the chips from the range and began to eat them as he was telling George about Emanuel’s Jeweller’s on the corner of Festing Road.

“It would be simple George, we could be in and out in less than five minutes. I reckon there’s at least twenty grands worth of Jewellry in there.’

“How do we get in without been seen and what about the alarms?

There’s only one that I can see as I was looking in the window. All we have to do is cut the wires that are linked to the telephone pole. I can shimmy up the pole cut the wires whilst you keep a look out then we climb in through the window at the back There’s hardly a sole knocking about George, they are all in the bloody picture house. After we do the job we just walk out as if we have been in to see the film. All we need is a metal coat hanger to do the sash window and we’ll be in. We then smash the class cases with a hammer and take all the Jewellry rings and watches. I’m sure Da knows a fence that we can sell the gear to.’

What about the noise it’ll wake the whole street up?

“By the time people hear it we’ll be in and out and long gone.’

“I don’t know kid it sounds very risky to me.’

“Think of the reward if we can pull it off though.’

“When would we do it?

“Tomorrow night is Sunday; Manny the Jew goes to the synagogue around eight o’clock and doesn’t get back until after ten.’

“How do you know?

“I saw him going out tonight then when I was getting off the bus to meet Lorraine and when we came out of the pictures I saw him coming back again. ’He lives alone, Lorraine told me. She knows him and he told her that he goes to the synagogue every night at the same time. All we have to do is wait of him going out then do the job.’

“We’ll go down for thirty years if we are caught; you know that don’t you Brian?

“Are you in or not because if you aren’t I’m going to do the shop myself.’

“Alright, alright, I’m in.’

Right then tomorrow night it is. You’ll need an alibi in case the police come sniffing about and ask where we were.’

I can say I was with Lorraine, what about you?

“Leave that to me.’ Now, where are we going to stash the gear?

“I know where there’s a lock up we can use.’

“Good, right then, roll on tomorrow night.’

The two men went to bed shortly after. Brian sat with his hands clasped behind his head. This job would set him up for life he thought. There’d be no knocking off rent collectors after this. Brian closed his eyes and slept like a baby.



The staff of Preston Hospital came out to see Janet off as Rose carried the Moses basket with Alan fast asleep inside. Rose placed the basket on the back seat along with all the other goodies she’d been given free. There was a good supply of toweling nappies, baby food, creams and talc’s as well as shampoo and baby soap. Rose brought along romper suits of various sizes for the baby.

Janet drove them the short distance back home. Rose had done everything, she’d cooked and cleaned, done all of Peter’s shirts and trousers’ she’d even ironed them as well.

“Now you sit down Mrs. Thompson and I’ll make you a nice cup of tea.’

“I’ve done nothing but sit down for nearly three days Rose, please let me make you a drink you look done in. Remind me the next time I go to Crowds Hairdressing Salon that you must come along. You need an overhaul for sure.’

“Don’t worry yourself about me I’ll be fine.’

“You will stay over until Peter comes home won’t you Rose?

“I wouldn’t leave you to look after the little one and Deborah Jane on your own now would I.’

Thank you Rose, what ever would I do without you.’

Now if young Alan is going to sleep in the spare room that will be fine because if I hear him I will feed and change him so that you get your rest.

That’s wonderful Rose. Has Peter rang?

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