"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


32. 32

“Well,’ I’d rather go to the pictures with you if that’s alright. There’s a film on at the Essoldo we can see if we hurry.’

Alright, I meet you there in twenty minutes. Brian put down the phone and hurried along to catch the bus to Albert Road.

He saw her standing on the corner near the cinema as he crossed the road.

Hi, are you ready. She looked completely different out of uniform. In fact, she looked stunning. Her fawn coloured coat complimented her blonde hair and she had made up her face and was wearing some ruby red lipstick.

“I see you made the effort to get dressed up said Lorraine looking at him. He was still wearing the same clothes as he was wearing that afternoon apart from a white tee shirt.

I’m sorry, I didn’t have a lot of time to change Lorraine. I didn’t get back from my Aunts until six and then…

“I was only kidding silly, come on let’s go in or we’ll miss the first feature. Lorraine took him by the arm and they walked up the steps then went inside the cinema. Brian paid for two tickets and they were shown to their seats. The Pathe News reels were on telling people that the rationing of certain goods had now been lifted and would be available to buy in the shops. The first feature was a comedy called” Always a Bride.’ A comical farce about a father and daughter who conned people on the French Riviera into thinking that they are husband and wife until the daughter falls in love with a tax inspector. Brian was thinking of ways during the feature of how he could make money from one big job. He was sick of doing the odd rent collector for just a few pounds. These days it was getting harder because the collectors went around in pairs.

He thought about a bank job but that was too complicated. He needed somewhere where he could get in and out without too much fuss and make a lot of money doing it. It was during the second feature that Brian came up with an idea. He would case the job first and see if it was possible. If George could help him it would be possible, but convincing his older brother might take some doing. The second feature film focused on a man wrongly accused for the murder of his wife. He’s an American pilot and he has only 36 hours in which to find the real killer. After the film was over Brian who had played the proper gent all evening and hadn’t made a move on Lorraine walked her along to the Town Centre where he told her why he’d gone to his Aunt’s house that afternoon.

“Where do you think your mother might be?

“God knows, it is unlike my Ma’ to just go off like that.’

Walking past the Shoe Rebuilders and the Dunlop Cycle Shop they came to a corner and on it was Emanuel’s Jewellry shop. Lorraine went to the window and looked inside. Brian joined her, he too was looking inside the shop but for an entirely different reason.


Edward Thompson was losing heavily to his associates and he didn’t like it. He was used to winning money from them. He’d already lost ten pounds which was more than two weeks wages to some. He figured he’d win it all back by the end of the evening but by last orders he was out of pocket again he bet everything on the three queens he was holding against Jack Scroat. Jack looked like he’d fold as he looked at his hand. Then he saw the beads of sweat running down

Edwards forehead and he knew Edward was bluffing. He had to have three aces to beat what he held in his hand so, he saw Edward and raised the bet. There was over £30 pounds in the pot. It was a massive gamble but if it paid off Jack would not have to worry about buying his kids some nice Christmas gifts. He could buy his wife that new coat she had her eye on which was 12 Guinea’s. There would be enough to buy a turkey and all the trimmings too.

Edward looked long and hard at Jack. George his son stood at the bar talking to two of his pals.

“You’re bloody bluffing mate said Edward as he raised the bet putting his last five pounds on the table. Right ante that he said confidently “let’s see if you’ve got the balls to see me.’

Now it was Jack’s turn to sweat he wiped his top lip with the back of his hand whilst holding tightly the hand he’d been dealt in the other.

The room fell silent as Jack looked at his cards again.

“Well said Edward, what’s it to be? Either back your bullshit or fold you cretin.’

Jack took umbridge at the comment he went to his inside pocket where he kept his spare money in case of an emergency.

 He pulled out a ten- pound note from that day’s takings from his shop on the corner of Coronation Street. Jack would certainly suffer if he lost, but Jack was sure that he had Edwards cards marked this time.

He put down the money and asked to see what Edward had.

Edward grinned at Jack then placed his three queens and an ace down neatly on the table and was about to gather up the money when Jack “shouted hold on a minute, you haven’t seen my hand yet.’

“I don’t have to, you can’t beat that hand said Edward, what you got three tens?

“No actually I’ve got three Kings and a Jack. Jack spread his cards on the table and the rest of the lads sitting around the table all gasped.

“My pot this time I think said Jack.’ 

All the colour had drained from Edward’s face as he looked on as Jack gathered all of his winnings and wondered how the hell he’d been beaten.

“Well I’m going to quit whilst I’m ahead said Jack and he quickly put his brown coat and bowler hat and said good evening to everyone.

“What! Edward exclaimed you’re not even going to give me the chance to win my money back?

“Not tonight Edward sorry,’ this money is for the kids at Christmas and my wife’s new coat I promised to buy.’

Jack left the bar pretty sharpish and made his way home. He held on tightly to his wallet all the way down Hotspur Terrace, Jack kept looking around to see if he was being followed until he reached his shop he opened the side door then slipped inside.

“Buy me a pint, I’m skint said Edward to his son at the bar.’

“Don’t you think that you’d had enough Da said George placing his arm around his father’s shoulder. “Come on I’ll take you home.’

Edward pushed his son away then tried to stand up straight. “I’ll tell you when I’ve had enough said Edward who was now slurring his words. He’d had more than enough ale for one day and the landlord asked George to take him home as he would not serve him anymore.

Edward began argue with Adrian Newton the landlord who was a large man himself he’d been a heavyweight boxer in his day and had fought Len Harvey the British Champion losing narrowly on points. There were pictures of all of his fights all over the bar.

“Go home Eddie, you’ve been on the sauce all day. Come back tomorrow when you’ve sobered up.’

George urged his father outside. He tried to walk on his own but his legs wouldn’t obey him.

He staggered and George took hold of his arm then the two of them staggered home.

“It was all your mother’s fault you know, he began to babble on, she was the one who walked out son, remember that.

Alright Da’ just keep walking.

The fifteen- stone man that George held onto felt more like a ton as they crossed the road then walked along the cobbled street. He had three hundred yards to walk with his father but it felt more like 3 miles. He held on even though both his thighs and right shoulder were aching.

“I want a piss said his father as they passed a back lane.’

“Da we’ve only got a few more yards to walk and you can go into the back yard.’

“I’ll never make it, take me over the road to that lane there and I’ll have one there.’

George led his father back across the road to the back lane of the houses in his street.

Once in the lane Edward undid the buttons on his fly and whipped out his swollen member and a hot jet of urine poured out like some fire hydrant there was a small stream forming nearby as the urine found its way through the cobbles and into the drain further down the lane.

“Hurry up Da said George who was now wanting to go himself now.’

“Oh, bugger it said George as he too undid the buttons on his pants and followed suit.

Edward laughed, that’s ma’ boy said Edward as he finished. He slipped his member back into his long johns but neglected to fasten the buttons on his pants.

 When George had finished he grabbed his father again and the two of them crossed the road past the lamp post and to their house. George took out his key and unlocked the door. He hoped that his mother would be back home but the house was in darkness and empty.

Once George had found his way to his father’s room he dumped him on the bed. He removed his father’s boots and coat then pulled off his pants and slackened the tie he had around his neck. His father lay back on the pillow and was asleep before George had covered him up with a blanket.

George wondered where his younger brother could be. He thought that Brian would not have stayed over in Croydon. He was hungry now having only eaten fish and chips that afternoon. 

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