"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


30. 30

“She Fine, she cannot wait until the little one comes home.  Oh Aye, before I forget, there was a couple of letters from the postman this morning’ one looked official but it was for Mr Thompson. It had a Scottish postmark on it.

“We don’t know anyone from Scotland, I wonder who it’s from?

There’s no address on it but no doubt all will be revealed when Mr Thompson returns. Have you heard when that might be?

“After the Kings Funeral I expect.’

The nurse came around with tea and Janet made sure Rose was given one too.

Some Jacob’s fig rolls were left on a plate on the trolley that fitted over the bed and the two of them helped themselves.

“Well I’m going into North Shields to get some flour. I will make some of those scones that you like and a steak and kidney pie for you coming home. There’s some cabbage and carrots there to go with it, along some mashed potatoes.

Sounds lovely Rose thank you.’

“Is there anything that you’ll be needing tonight when I come.

“No, just some clean underwear Rose. I brought you four pairs in just in case.

“Rose you’re an angel, you think of everything.’

After finishing her tea Rose put away Janet’s things in her locker then told her she’d see her later.

It was 2. p.m. when she left, walking down from the hospital Rose saw the bus coming and got on it into North Shields. Rose got off at Northumberland Square then walked back over to Bedford Street. There she did all of her shopping before heading back to pick Deborah Jane up from school at 3.30 p.m. Once home she made Deborah Jane spam fritters with an egg and some chips. Once they had cleaned up after the meal Rose took out the Moses basket that would bring the new baby home in. She asked Deborah to change into her playing out clothes and washed her uniform and hung it up to dry for the next morning where she would iron it for school. She brushed her long blonde coloured hair then tied another red ribbon in it.

Rose took little attention to herself, she wore very little in the way of make up her and hair was now starting to turn grey at the roots but she saw no need to colour it. When we come back from the hospital do you want to help me make some scones for your mammy?

Oh, can we Rose, I do love your scones.

“Well, if we leave the hospital about 7-30 p.m. from the hospital we might just have time to make some before bedtime.

“What time is it now.

“Now you tell me the clock is on the wall over there.’

“Well the big hand is on the twelve so it is something o’clock and the little hand is on the six so it’s six, o’clock right?

“That’s a clever girl, that’s right.’ Now if we leave in half an hour what time will it be?

Deborah Jane thought for a while then shouted “I know, it will be six thirty.’

“Correct, you are going to go top of the class. Now when we come back I want you to read a book I’ve brought you.

Have you got me a new one Rose?

“Yes, the church was having a sale and I picked up a few books for you.’

“What is the book called Rose, I liked Heidi?

“The story is called Charlotte’s web, it’s about a little piglet born very small so he was called the runt of the litter. Fern Arable convinces her father to let her keep the pig as a pet and she calls him Wilbre. After a while the piglet becomes too big to keep in the house so Fern sells the pig to her uncle who has a farm. The pig finds comfort in the warm manure heap. It is there that he makes friends with Charlotte a grey coloured spider. When Wilbre is two years old Fern’s uncle decides it time to make bacon and ham out of Wilbre. Charlotte hatches a plan to save the pig.

“That sounds like a really good story Rose I cannot wait to read it.

“Well, you shall when we get back so go and put your coat on and we’ll go see your mammy.


Standing at the corner of the bar in the Red Lion was Edward Thompson he’d been in the pub since opening he’d stayed all day then had gone home at closing time. He picked up the letter in his wife’s handwriting on the kitchen table. Quickly he read it and then crumpled it up and slung it across the room. The letter told him that his wife had left him.

“Good bloody riddance, you old cow, he muttered as he put on the kettle to make himself a cup of tea. He took out a block of cheese and sliced an onion from one of his cronies’ allotment garden.

Cutting the onion thickly he placed it onto the last two slices of a cut loaf then put the cheese on the top and placed it under the grill. He wondered where Elizabeth could have gone. the only place she could be was at her sister’s house he thought. “I give you a week, Alma will not put up wi you for long.’ He said out loud. He sat watching the cheese melt and bubble away under the grill until the kettle boiled and he poured it into the pot and stirred.

Shortly after George and Brian came in. They hung up their coats and removed their hats.

“Where’s Ma’

“Gone said George’s father as he cut his sandwich.’

“Gone where?

“Gone, didn’t you hear me you idiot.’

“What, has she left us? Asked Brian.

“Yes, said his father, you are going to have to fend for yourselves from now on.

Ma wouldn’t leave us said Brian.

“Well that’s where you’re wrong then ain’t it cos’ she’s gone and won’t be back according to that letter there.

George picked up the ball of paper from the kitchen floor and read it then handed it to Brian.

“What we going to do?

“What do you think stupid, we just get on wi it don’t we.’

“What’s for dinner?

“How the hell would I know, look like I did.’

“Going in the cupboard George announced “There’s no bread left.’

“Get yourself to Minnie’s shop then and get some.’

“Me, here Brian go and get a loaf and go to the chippy and get us some chips.

“Me, why me, go yourself you lazy sod.’

“Alright I’ll go, but I’m getting chips for myself, if you want anything to eat then go yourself.’

“Come on George, don’t be like that.’

“Stuff you. We’ll be taking care of ourselves by looks of it. George put his coat on then walked down the passage and out of the house. He walked down the street then crossed the road then turned the corner he came to “Peggy’s Chippy.’ And went inside.

“Fish and two parcels of chips Peggy.’

“We only have haddock left George, we are closing in five minutes. What brings you in here hasn’t your mother not made you anything to eat.’

“No, she’s buggered off and left us.’

“Look you can have what’s left here George. Tell your dad that Peggy sends her regards.’

Peggy wrapped up the huge parcel of fish and chips and didn’t take payment.

“Thanks Peggy, said George then walked back to the house.’

George placed the parcel of fish and chips on the table and shared them three ways then passed them around.

Better get used to eating this because that’s what you’ll be living on from now on.’

“I don’t mind said Brian.’

“Tell me that this time next Friday when you’ve been eating them for a week said George.’

“Who going to wash our clothes and clean this place?

“We’ll have to take our clothes to the Chinese laundry down the street won’t we.

“It’s going to cost us a fortune dad said Brian holding out both hands. can’t you get Ma to come back?

“We don’t know where she’s gone do we stupid, you can go to your gran’s but I don’t think she’d go there. She’s more than likely to have gone to your aunt Alma’s place in Croydon.

“What!  we’ve got to go to Croydon to see Ma?’

“Well maybe you can persuade her to come back Brian.

“Me, why me? Can’t you go.’

“Because you are the youngest and Ma might come back if you tell her we need her.’

“Well you can pay my fare because I’m not forking out for bus fares.’

“Here said Brian’s father, here’s a pound, that’ll get you there and back.’

Brian licked his fingers then took the pound note and put it into his pocket. He scrumpled up the chip paper and was about to leave the paper on the table when George looked at him. He picked 

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