"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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she could help but Amaline told her that she was a guest. After eating some Croissants and coffee Elizabeth was ready to go to the church with Charles and his family. They called in at the market and bought flowers to place on the monument. They walked down the Church yard where they were met by Father Andre who had married Elizabeth and Edward. He led them to the place where the monument was. He spoke in English so that Elizabeth could understand as he said a prayer. Charles laid the flowers he had brought along side of Elizabeth’s.  Father Andrea told Elizabeth how her son and his fiancée had come to him to ask if he would marry them. “They were so in love, it was beautiful, “I could not refuse them.’ It is such a shame that they had only a short time together. But I’m sure they are together now.’

“I am going to show them the farm Father, where Edward and Elizabeth lived said Charles.’

“That is good my son, I hope that you will bring Mrs Thompson to our special service tomorrow where we will be remembering Edward and Elizabeth in our prayers.’

“Yes, father we will be there, thank you. With that they left and drove the mile or so to the farm that her son once owned. Charles gave her the history of the farm and the plans that Edward had for it. Your son was a born farmer Elizabeth, he was so passionate about the farm and its livestock.

 Bernard Blanchard met them as they came through the main gates and showed them around. They ate lunch in the open air as it was such a lovely day. Elizabeth could see why her son had fallen in love with the farm and the country. The people were so warm and welcoming. Everywhere she went she was greeted. Each had a particular story to tell her about her son and his wife. She met Isaac Messner the jeweller who had made their gold rings for their wedding. Elizabeth wore her sons ring on a chain around her neck. It was given to her when she had gone the chapel of rest. Elizabeth’s ring was given to Aggie Oliver. On the Saturday evening she was invited by the villagers to the main square where they held a celebration of Edward and Elizabeth’s life.

Elizabeth felt so proud of her son. He was well respected by all the villagers who came and shook her hand and kissed both cheeks.

That evening she danced and joined in with the celebrations. It was a night she would never forget. Elizabeth went to the church service the next morning and Charles translated for her as Father Andrea spoke. She shed a few tears as father Andrea spoke of the kindness both the English farmers who had come to settle in Normandy. Edward had helped to rebuild part of the annex of the church that was badly in need of repair. He organised a work party and the job had been done over two weekends. Elizabeth thought about how her other two sons George and Brian wouldn’t have had a clue about how to go about building anything. They were bone idle just like their father.

When the time came for Elizabeth to leave for her ferry back to Scotland she thanked Charles and Amaline for allowing her to stay and told them that they must to come and stay with her at the cottage.

Charles said that he could only come for a weekend because he would have to ask Jacques to look after his animals whilst he was away and that he couldn’t leave the farm any longer than that. Driving through the village Elizabeth waved as people she had met the previous evening came out to say goodbye. She would certainly return again one day. Elizabeth filled the tank up with petrol as it was cheaper here than in Scotland. She drove to the ferry terminal. Once the car was safely on board. She stood on the deck in the morning sunshine as the ferry sailed for Scotland. The ferry would stop at Stranraer and she would drive back to Inverness from there.

It took five hours to sail to Stranraer and it would take another hour and a half to get home to Dingwall from there. In fact, it was Just after two that afternoon when she eventually got home.

Later that evening Janice Dougal knocked, Elizabeth had made a tin of soup to eat and had sat on the sofa after drinking a cup of tea and had fallen asleep. She woke with a start and was disorientated for a few seconds until she remembered where she was and rubbed her eyes as she went to answer the door.

“Hello Lizzy, said Janice, I saw the car and knew you were back. Did you have a good time?’

“Come in Janice and I’ll tell you all about it over a cup of tea.

“Good, because I’ve made us a nice piece of cake.


light from the sky sneaked in as the dawn broke through the kitchen window as Peter made breakfast for his wife and daughter. Peter was never one to lie in as the routine in the Navy got him used to getting up. The smell of toast woke Janet and she slid out of bed and put on her slippers that were on her side of the bed. They stood to attention like soldiers on parade. She slid her feet into them then went to the bathroom. After her ablutions were done she wondered into the kitchen.

Morning love, sorry but somebody kept me awake last night.’

Janet kissed her husband as he poured her a cup of tea out.

“You sit down and eat breakfast I’ll get Deborah Jane up.

“Will you love, thanks. Rose will be here soon.’

Peter walked to the child’s bedroom and looked in Deborah Jane was still sleeping.

His hands wandered under the blankets and up the front of her pyjamas then he touched her little orbs. Then his hand slid down and he touched her between her legs.

His breathing became heavy and his erection filled his trousers. When Deborah Jane began to stir he quickly removed his hand.

“Are you awake Princess? It’s time to get up.’

Hello, daddy, I was dreaming about my bike.’

“Were you well get up and tell me all about it. I’ve made you some toast and there’s some Rice Crispies for breakfast. Go into the bathroom and get a wash.’

The child rose from the bedroom and then walked sleepily to the bathroom.

Peter returned to the kitchen and sat down.

“Is she up?

“Yes, she’s in the bathroom, she looks just like you when she’s sleeping.

At seven o’clock the paperboy delivered the morning paper and Peter went to get it.

He returned and looked at the front page.

“My God said Peter as he stood to attention and saluted.

“What is it darling?

“King George V1 is dead.’


“He died in his sleep apparently, he was only 56 years old.’

“Who will become our monarch now?

“Elizabeth the second I expect.’ She is in Kenya at the moment on duty for the King.

“Will you be recalled?

“I expect so, I better call the base and find out.

Peter set down the newspaper then went to the telephone where he made a call.

When he returned he told his wife that all military personnel were being recalled and he had to leave immediately.

Peter went to his room and packed, he changed into his uniform as Rose knocked on the front door.

Janet went to the front door and let Rose in. “Have you heard the news?

“Yes, it has been on the radio all morning.’

“Peter has been recalled to base he is leaving as soon as he has packed.

“Help yourself to some tea and toast Rose whilst I get Deborah Jane ready.’

“Are you sure Mrs Thompson, I can do that for you if you if you want to get yourself ready for work.’

“Would you Rose, I don’t know where I am at the moment.’

Rose had taken off her coat and then went to get Deborah Jane ready for school.

“I think I had better ring the school first Mrs Thompson they may close schools today as a mark of respect.’

“Could you do that for me Rose, I have to be at work in twenty minutes and there won’t be anyone at the school until at least eight thirty.’

“Yes, I can do that.’

Rose went to get Deborah Jane ready then made sure she ate her breakfast.

Peter checked his case as he always did then came out and kissed his wife and daughter before leaving. He said he’d ring as soon as he had news.

Janet stood at the door as he drove off. She understood this was the life of a Royal Navy officer.

It was the same with her, she had a duty to the patients. Even though she was due any day now.

Her coat wouldn’t fasten at the front so she just left it open. 

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