"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


25. 25

“I will be here for the funeral once I have made all the arrangements.’

Charles left the house and got back in his car as Elizabeth waved him off. Then she went through his belongings and found the deeds to the farm. She took out another wedding photo then pushed the case under her bed.  Putting on her coat she hurried over to Elizabeth’s mothers house. “When Aggie Oliver opened the door, she saw Elizabeth Thompson standing there she knew something was wrong.

“Can I come in Aggie I’ve got something to tell you?

When Elizabeth told her, she let out an almighty scream. Elizabeth came over and they hugged each other. When Aggie had calmed down Elizabeth explained everything.

She gave her one of the photos that Major Charles Barnet had brought with him of her daughter and her son at their wedding in a silver frame. She hugged it to her breast.

I will leave you now Aggie, I will let you know when the funeral arrangements have been made.

Walking down the passage she heard Aggie Oliver sobbing, it took all her powers of restraint to keep her own tears from flooding. She had always been the strong one in the relationship in her household now she had the inexorable job of telling her husband

Elizabeth then went to the bank first and placed the deeds to the farm in safe keeping away from her husband. She walked into the snug of the Three Bells and asked the barmaid to get her husband to come to the door. Elizabeth stood waiting outside. Edward was furious when he came outside. It wasn’t very nice to be summoned by your wife in the middle of a card game especially when there was a lot of money at stake.

“What the hell do you call this, I’ve told you never to…

“Edward’s dead.

It took a few moments for the reality of what he wife had said to sink into her husband’s feeble little brain then his voice broke, he swallowed hard and fought back the tears as he asked “How did it happen?

The car he was driving hit a tree after he lost control on an icy road.

“I’ll be back in a minute hold on. Edward went back into the bar and told his cronies that something urgent had come up he gave Bob Mortimer his cards and a five- pound note. “Listen you take them all the way do you hear me. I’ve a good hand, you shouldn’t lose and if I do, your head will be on the chopping block if I lose. Bring my winnings around to my house later.

Edward gave him the cards then left the bar. He walked along the street with his wife then asked “Does our George and Brian know?

“No, they weren’t in.

“I’ll tell them if you like said Elizabeth.’

“No, I’ll do it.

Elizabeth told him about his daughter in law and his unborn grandson on the way home.

“I’ll make all the arrangements with Hill’s funeral parlour said Elizabeth.’

“Yes, you do that, good job you took a policy out on Edward’s life, isn’t it?

“I have you all covered by the Pearl Insurance Company. There will be more than enough to bury him and hold a wake.’ Someone who knew Edward is making sure that Edward, Elizabeth and the baby are brought over to England on the Ferry. Hills Funeral Directors Ltd will meet the ferry in Portsmouth and take care of things after that.

“What the hell was he doing in France of all places?

“Who knows, like you said he wasn’t a good thief, maybe he was on the run. I’ve been over and told Aggie said Elizabeth; trying to divert the conversation away from her son. Elizabeth didn’t want her husband or her sons to know about the farm. So later that evening she rang the Hamilton Hotel and explained to the Major that he was not to mention the farm at all, only that Edward and Elizabeth they were staying in his guest house. He was to say that her son was working on his farm if her husband started asking questions.

Major Barnet promised not to tell her husband or her son’s anything. She did ask him to put the farm up for sale though and she him gave details of her bank account so the money could be transferred straight into her account once the farm was sold. Charles had told her how much the farm was worth and how much she would expect to get from it. Elizabeth told him to take out any expenses due to him.

Then Elizabeth sat with the manager of the bank and made out a will. She left five hundred pounds each for her sons and one thousand pounds for her husband. She figured that would be more than enough money for him to drink himself into oblivion once she was gone.

The rest of the money was to go to Peter Thompson her only nephew; the only one who really cared for her apart from son Edward . He always’ liked his Aunt Lizzy as he called her. He would send her a few pounds to help her out and wrote to her when he was away with the Royal Navy. Elizabeth always wanted a son like Peter, unlike the two sons she had who were selfish rogues just like their father.


The HMS Endeavor was now heading back from Norway. Peter Thompson was responsible for all of the information on the ship. He was a Jack of all trades really. There was talk of him being promoted to a quartermaster. His leadership qualities and long service endeared him to the men. Peter missed his wife and couldn’t wait to be back home where he would spend two months holiday. Janet had told him that he was to be a father and he was very excited. He hoped to be back in time for the birth of his first child. Janet was still going into work but was on very light duties. She ran the wards from her office mostly doing the admin work. Sharon Middleton followed the instructions that Janet gave her and kept her up to speed on what was going on in the wards. Because she was pregnant she wasn’t allowed on the wards.

When Peter turned up at the hospital he was carrying a big bunch of red roses.

Janet was in her office as he stood in the doorway.

“Hello darling, she said, trying to raise herself from the seat. When did you get in?

“Early this morning so I drove back straight away.’

“Come on I’ll drive you home.’

“I can walk, it’s just over the road.’

“Why walk when I have the car.’

“These flowers are for you.’

“Oh, they’re lovely Peter thank you. She kissed her husband and took the flowers and smelled them. I hope you are not put off by my big belly. It has to be a boy because I wasn’t this big with Deborah Jane.

“I love your big belly.’

 Janet laughed then said “I got us a lovely nanny to look after Deborah Jane, she’s Irish and you will love her. I would like to keep her on after the baby is born if that’s alright Peter.’

“Well during the day certainly, but I can take care of Deborah Jane at night.’

“What about when the baby comes. I want to go back to work Peter soon as I can.’

“Well we will meet that problem when the time comes. Meanwhile I will take care of things.’

Peter opened the front door to the house and went inside.

“Where’s my most favourite girl in all the world.’

“Daddy! screamed Deborah Jane and ran to him. He picked her up and swung her around and around. “My you’ve grown so much since I’ve been away.’

“Have you brought me a present daddy?’

“Yes, it’s in the car.’

“Can I see it?

“Yes, princess after dinner.’

“Oh, daddy can’t I have it now please?’

“Excuse me Rose, said Peter I won’t be long.

Janet looked on as Deborah Jane followed her father down the passage.

Once outside Peter opened the boot Deborah Janes eyes widened with excitement as she saw a bicycle. 

Oh, daddy its lovely thank you. Will you teach me how to ride it?

“Yes princess, but not tonight because it’s dark and you need some lights.

“Tomorrow then after school?

“Alright then, Peter lifted the bike out of the car it was folded and he straightened the handle bars and front wheel with a spanner and then adjusted the seat so that Deborah Jane could sit on it comfortably. He held onto the bike as Deborah rode it into the path. She got off the bike once they’d reached the door and Peter lifted it into the passage.

“Mummy come and look what daddy got me.’

 Janet waddled slowly down the passage. “Wow there will be no stopping you now will there.’

“Daddy is going to teach me how to ride it tomorrow.’

“Great, come in now and we’ll have our dinner.’

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