"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


23. 23

break down. Edward was fairly adept at fixing things, unlike his brothers who relied totally on their father telling them what to do. Edward could think for himself.

After eating his supper, Edward turned in, it had been an eventful day. He lay in his bed and was soon fast asleep. Elizabeth cuddled into him to keep warm. She looked at the full moon through the window and hoped that she would be a mother soon.

Elizabeth’s prayers were answered a few months later when she discovered she was indeed pregnant with her first child. Both Edward and Elizabeth were both excited. The local doctor Françoise’s Dulac came over and checked her over. She was three months pregnant said the doctor and ordered that she take it easy because her blood pressure was quite high. Elizabeth dismissed what the doctor had told her and carried on working on the farm. She went about her daily chores as normal, feeding the chickens, ducks, and geese and the pigs. Then she started to become ill. She had a fever and was sweating a lot. Elizabeth thought she had just contracted influenza. After another month passed her weight began to drop. Edward was concerned and he called for Doctor Dulac to come over and look at her.

The doctor arrived around seven o’clock that evening and he told Edward that she must stay in bed and not to get up. She needed complete rest.

For the next month Edward took over the jobs that she had been doing.  Amaline and Alayna came over to look after Elizabeth. Slowly her health got steadily worse and the doctor advised that she go to the hospital. Edward drove her to the hospital in Normandy where she was admitted.

“Please Doctor, whatever it costs, please help my wife and unborn child said Edward frantically as she was taken to an isolation ward.

Edward waited in the corridor until the doctor returned some two hours later.

The doctor came to Edward and spoke to him in French where he informed him that his wife had contracted Brucella- Suis; it is a very serious virus the doctor told him.

“It is curable, isn’t it asked Edward?

“Your wife is very ill Mr Thompson, we are treating her with antibiotics. The next forty-eight hours will be crucial.

“Do you keep pigs on your farm?

“Yes, we got some Bayeux pigs about six months ago.’

“Well I would suggest that you get a vet to look at them because my guess is this is where the disease has come from. You will have to be put on a course of antibiotics too because the disease can be passed on to humans through contact. Has your wife been in contact with anyone else?

“Yes, two friends from a neighbouring farm.

They will need to be checked over too.

“Will I be able to see my wife?

“Yes, but only for a few minutes, you will also need to be covered because of the spread of infection and you cannot have any contact physically I’m afraid. When you come out you must wash your hands thoroughly in a solution to stop the spread of the infection.

 Edward went into the little room where his wife was his hair and face were covered in with mask he had a gown on and even surgical gloves.

Elizabeth looked at him her eyes seemed to have sunken into her head and her skin was ashen in colour.

“What did the doctor tell you Edward, is the baby going to be alright?

“You and the baby are going to be fine Elizabeth, you just need to rest.’

“I’m so tired Edward.’

“You’ll be well soon, you’ll see.

“Who is looking after the farm?

“Charles and Jacques are taking care of things.

The nurse came in and asked Edward to leave.

I have to go darling, but I will be back tomorrow. I love you.’

“I love you too.’

Edward left his wife then went out to wash before they would let him leave the ward. They gave him a course of anti-biotics to take immediately. He took two tablets before leaving the hospital.

Driving back Edward’s mind was all over the place. He had to call the vet out straight away to see to those pigs. He was cursing himself for buying them. It was snowing heavily and he turned on the wind screen wiper so that he could see properly. He was driving far too fast but he wanted to get back as soon as he could. It was now just after ten o’clock. he drove to Phillipe Albert’s house and picked him up. Phillipe was the only vet in the village and on the way, he told him about his wife and the pigs.

Charles and Jacques met them as they arrived and Edward told them that because they had been in contact with the farm animals that they would all have to see their doctor.

“What about Elizabeth and the baby, how are they?

“She’s very ill, her immune system has broken down and the next forty- eight hours are crucial he told them. The vet got into his overalls then placed a mask over his mouth and went to inspect the pigs. He took blood samples from all of the pigs, then checked the temperature of each animal.

“They look healthy enough said Edward.’

They can carry the virus for many months and not show any symptoms. Have they aborted any offspring?

Yes, a few which is unusual for this breed.

I will have to check the cattle as well as this virus can be spread. We will have to quarantine the animals until the infection is clear everything must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. All the hay and anything that those pigs have been in contact with burnt. Phillipe inoculated all the animals. Then he washed and disinfected himself.

Edward washed and changed all the bedding in his house then hung them out to dry.

He was shattered, Charles drove Jacques and Phillipe home and Edward drank a large Cognac before going to bed.


The phone rang just after breakfast and Edward took the call. It was from the hospital asking him to come immediately. He put down the phone and rushed out to the car. He drove to Charles house on the way and told him the news. Charles told him not to worry and to drive safely because there was ice on the roads.

Edward paid little attention to Charles’ advice and put his foot to the floor trying to get to Normandy as quick as he could. The car was skidding and sliding about on the road as he took the corners.

Edward reached the hospital and ran as fast as he could down the long corridor.

He saw a nurse who told him to wait and the doctor would be with him.

“When the doctor approached Edward knew that it was bad news his face gave it away.

My wife, how is she?

“You had better come quickly she hasn’t long left I’m afraid.’

Edward followed the doctor into the isolation ward he put on the gown and mask and went in.

Elizabeth’s breathing was laboured as Edward ignored the doctor and held her hand, she was unconscious, tears began streaming down his face as he begged Elizabeth to fight, to stay alive. Then her eyes opened just briefly, she turned towards Edward her hand squeezed his and then her eyes glazed over and she was gone. Because she was so weak from the fever, the hospital could not save the life of the child she was carrying. Even though they took her straight down to theatre to perform a caesarean section it was too late. The child’s heart had arrested.

The doctor apologised, and told him that he would have had a son. Because of the risk of infection Edward was not even allowed to kiss his wife or his son.  He left the hospital in total shock, everything he had done had been for Elizabeth. The robbery, the moving to France, the farm everything. He drove the car back crying, again he was driving too fast but nothing mattered anymore.

He wiped the tears from his eyes with the sleeve of his coat as he turned the car onto the country road that would take him to the village. He got two hundred yards up the road when the car hit a patch of ice, the car spun around and Edward fought to keep control skidding around and around until the car slammed into a tree and then there was blackness.


Two hours later the police rang Charles Barnet to tell him that Edward Thompson had been killed when the vehicle that he was driving had lost control and he’d hit a tree on the driver’s side. Charles rang the hospital shortly after speaking with the police where they told him that Elizabeth had died earlier that day too.

Charles told his wife and daughter the news. They were crying because they’d lost two good friends.

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