"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


22. 22

ready to be harvested too. Charles and Jacques gave him a hand harvesting the wheat which was put through a threshing machine then the wheat separated from the husks before being milled into flour. He had a good supply of courgettes, marrows, peas, broad and green beans.

Edward had never felt so good eating freshly cooked meat and vegetables every day.

After nearly a year working on the farm, Edward and Elizabeth were now part of the community.

They had settled into farming life and were enjoying every minute of it. Elizabeth never spoke of home or her family. She missed her mother but kept that to herself.

Edward’s father wondered where his son had disappeared to. He didn’t know of his whereabouts, in fact no-one had seen him. The note he’d left for his friend down at the allotment about his pigeons just told him to look after his birds.

“Why would Edward just go off like that he would say to his other sons.’

“The only one with any sense I guess said his brother. I’d be gone as well if I had a job to go to.’

“It’s unusual though for him to just disappear like that said his mother.’ We’ve heard nothing in over a year now, not even a Christmas card.

George looked at his father and said “You don’t think he’s bumped a rent collector off and is on the run do you dad?



“No,’ Edward was too soft for anything violent and he didn’t have the brains to rob the council offices. So, my guess is he’s got a job down the smoke and doesn’t want us to know where he is living.’

“Well sod him, if he doesn’t want anything to do with us that’s his look out, I won’t lose any sleep over him said George.’

“He’ll be back you’ll see said his father throwing the butt end of his cigarette into the fire.

It was two months later when a letter arrived addressed to his mother. It had an Oxford postmark on the letter and was dated January 16th 1948. Elizabeth Thompson opened the letter and out popped a cheque for £500. She took a deep breath before reading the letter which was from Edward. She began to read the letter.

Dear mother,

Just a short letter to tell you that I’m alright, Elizabeth and I were married last year and we are now living comfortably in a house in Oxford. I have a good job with a good salary so don’t worry about the money. Please open a bank account and put the money into it and use it when needed. Please don’t tell my father or he will only squander it. The money should last you a few years until I can send you more.

Your ever-loving son Edward x.

Wiping the tears from her eyes Elizabeth folded the letter and the cheque then placed it in her bag. She put on her coat and hurried out of the house and took a bus into town. There she opened a bank account as her son had requested. She drew ten pounds to help her out and went shopping. She was careful not to over spend so that her husband would not suspect anything but she did pay two weeks rent on the house.

Then she went to the butchers and bought some cheap cuts of meat and bacon. which cost her seven and sixpence. She then bought flour, margarine and some butter and cheese and some eggs. She felt really good having spent nearly five pounds. Edward was right she thought, telling his father about the money and his whereabouts would only bring him trouble. Edward was better off with Elizabeth on his own without his father or brothers knowing where he lived. She would never tell a living soul.



 Charles Barnet came around to Edwards farm to ask him if he wouldn’t mind looking after his place for a few days.

“Where are you going asked Edward?

“I have to go home I’m afraid, there’s been a death in the family.’

“I’m sorry to hear that Charles.

“I will be taking Amaline and Alayna with me.’

I see, Edward thought for a moment than asked Charles if he would do him a favour whilst he was in Oxford.

“Of course, old chap what can I do for you?

“Post a letter for me.’

“Not a problem Edward.

“Look, come in for a moment said Edward, Elizabeth will make you tea and some of her nice jam and cream scones whilst I write a letter to my mother. I won’t be long. Edward disappeared and Elizabeth came out with a freshly made pot of tea.

“Sit down please Major.’

“How is Amaline and Alayna getting on.’

They’re fine Elizabeth, I was just telling Edward that I have to go to England tomorrow. My father passed away.

“I’m sorry Edward, were you close.’

“No not really, I went to boarding school you see and didn’t see a lot of my father. He was out in India a lot during my early years. I joined the army cadets and then went to Sandringham where I trained as an officer. I went to war and the rest you know about.

Your scones are delicious by the way.’

“I get plenty of practice to bake, now that Edward is in the fields all day.’

“How are you two getting on, I mean it’s been nearly a year now since you got married.

“We are fine Major.’ Looking down at the floor.

“Come on you can tell me Elizabeth, I mean, I feel almost like your father in some respects.’

“Well, Charles, she paused then said: “we’ve been trying for a baby but nothing has happened.’

Edward took her hand and smiled, don’t worry my dear it will happen soon. These things take time and you must let nature take its course.’

“I know how you feel, Amaline and I never had children of our own. The Germans did something to her stomach when they kicked her and hit her with the butt end of a rifle during the war when she was tortured. She has suffered from bad cramps ever since.’

“I should think myself lucky shouldn’t I said Elizabeth.’

“It’s alright Elizabeth, I resigned myself to the fact that we were never going to have children long ago.’

When Edward returned he gave Charles the letter and the money for postage.

“May I ask you why you are not posting the letter from here.’

“It’s a long story Edward, one day I will tell you, but not today eh.’

“If you wish Edward, I didn’t mean to pry old chap.’ Taking the letter he bid them good day and thanked Elizabeth for the tea and scones. He got into his car and drove away honking his horn as he left.

“Do you think he’s suspicious asked Elizabeth?

“A little yes, but I will make up a story about a family feud which will satisfy his curiosity I’m sure. I hope so Edward, I mean what if the police come and ask where you got all that money from.

“I will just tell them that I inherited the money.

Anyway, I’ve been clever. I’ve put the vast majority of it away in a trust fund for my cousin Peter if anything should happen to us. Don’t worry you will be well looked if I should die.’

“Oh, Edward please don’t talk like that.’

“I’m not planning on dying for a long time yet so don’t worry. You know I love it here, it’s just so peaceful, when I’m out in the fields I feel so free, there’s just me, the birds and wild animals.

I saw a weasel the other day as I was sitting eating the sandwich you had made me.’

“You will have to keep an eye out for foxes though Edward or they will have all of our poultry.’

Yes, as much as I don’t like killing animals unless I’m going to eat them. Foxes cause a lot of problems for the farmer and have to be dealt with quickly.

This is why I go out early each morning, then just after dusk. I have to scan the fields so if I do see a fox I can shoot it.’

Elizabeth made him supper as he recorded his working day. It was nice to be able to write that he’d bought five pigs. The weather was now changing rapidly and the first frosts of winter were beginning to leave their silvery trail upon the land. The crops under the cloches were all doing well. Edward had turned a good profit for all of his crops. He had enough to buy new seed and pesticides. There was also the money that he’d made from the rape seed that was used to make oil. He calculated how much that he would need for fuel and set aside some money in case of 

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