"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


21. 21

How long has that catch been broken on the window on the fourth floor?

I didn’t know there was a broken catch to be honest. Mr James Atkinson usually checks all the windows and doors before we leave. And were they all secure when you left that evening.

“As far as I can ascertain, yes they were.’

“Did you or anyone else come back after that asked the Mayor?

“No sir, the office was closed until today.’

“The catch on that window looks like it has been broken for a while, did you know about it?

“No sir I did not, all the windows were secure according to Mr Atkinson.’

I would not have left the building if it was unsecure sir.’

“Thank you Jobson said the chief inspector, I’m sorry to have to put you through all of this but we have to be sure that there was no breach of security for insurance purposes. You understand that I’m sure.’

“Yes, I do chief inspector.’

One more question Mr Jobson, did anyone have access to the plans of this building?

“No, they are kept in the town hall.

“Thank you, that is all for now, we may need to speak with you again.’

“You told me that there was twenty- five thousand pounds in the safe is that correct asked Alan Amin after the chief inspector had gone. Atkinson tells me there was over fifty thousand pounds in that safe.’

“I really couldn’t say Mayor Amin, it was the holiday, you know how it is. I left the banking to Atkinson that night, I had paperwork to complete before the holiday.

“It was your responsibility to ensure that this place was secure Arthur, if the insurance company won’t pay up because of your negligence, then you’ll be looking for another job I can tell you that. Get that window fixed immediately and I want the security in this building updated.’

The Mayor left the bank soon after. Arthur Jobson was straight onto the phone to the council to replace the catch on the window and to make sure every window was double locked. He had new sensors installed that afternoon and laser beams in every exit point in the building; as well as where the safe was kept.

“Bolting the door after the horse has already bolted said the deputy Mayor. ’After Arthur rang the council to inform them.’

“Who would have dreamt of robbing a council rent office, I certainly didn’t think it could happen.

“Someone did Arthur, that’s the point.’

Arthur went home shattered that evening, he told his wife what had happened.

“The way they grilled me Susan you would think I’d stolen the money.’ He told his wife earnestly.

Over the following month they interviewed over sixty staff members and former council workers. Billy Hogg was one of them. He of course answered all of their questions. He told them that he knew nothing about the robbery or about any blueprints of the building.

When the news broke in the newspapers Edward Thompson Senior was seething, not only because he thought someone from out of the area had done the job but because he’d missed out on an opportunity that would have made him rich.



His other two sons were blaming the Richardson gang from London’s East End for pulling the job.

“Don’t you go opening your big traps said their father sternly or we might end up getting shot.’ We don’t know who pulled this job. I’m just sorry that it wasn’t us. Fifty- seven thousand pounds, we could have retired. instead we got fifty quid from knocking off the rent collector.’

“I want you all to keep your ears to the ground and see if we can find out who did the job. There might be a substantial reward for any information.’



Waking up at 4.30 a.m. was something Edward Thompson Junior was going to have to get used to. There were cows to milk then put out in the field and then farm birds to feed before going out to plough the fields or do other jobs around the farm. Edward planned to grow an array of summer and winter vegetables that he could sell in the village and further afield. He soon picked up how to drive the tractors and use the seed drills after Jacques Duval came over and showed him how to use them. Like his friend Charles had pointed out it was hard work to begin with but he soon got the hang of it. First job in the morning after milking and putting the cows in the fields was to check the weather forecast for that day. The weather governed what he could do in a day. And everything he did on the farm had to be recorded. The barns and animal pens had to be meticulously cleaned each time the cows were milked that was usually twice per day. Using a pressure hose Edward cleaned everything down. Jacques and Charles kept him up to speed on what fertilisers and insecticides to use.

They showed him how much he had to use and when to use it. Edward grew rape seed to make oil and he also grew wheat. The fields were meticulously checked for sign of pest damage and treated where necessary.

Elizabeth baked, she also made cheeses and churned her own butter. Alayna came over to show her how it was done. Soon they were bringing food to market to sell just like Charles. Once a week they all got together where they shared wine and danced the night away. Edward and Elizabeth had settled in nicely into the French way of life and were loving it.  Edward said that he wanted to go to the cattle market to buy some pigs. Elizabeth said that she would go with him. They took the wagon where they could put the animals once that they had bought them. Jacque Duval had told him that the cattle he had were a Normandy breed Brindled cattle that were slightly brown unlike the pure white breed. Edward’s cattle were of a docile nature. They were easily handled they were muscular and carried more meat on the bone. They also showed a high feed conversion and outstanding grazing quality and they showed diversity when coming to genetics. Milk production could be achieved without sacrificing the breeding quality. Around 15.000 pounds of milk could be produced during the lactation period. This was also good for the cheese manufacture.

Jacque advised him to buy Bayeux pigs because they too were docile animals. A cross breed of animal with the black Berkshire pig. They produce milk but very few piglets.  Not a prolific breeder but a perfect breed for a small farm. The Sanglier wild boar was still hunted by the villagers for its meat. The beasts weighed around 160 kilos and was shared out among everyone.

They usually roasted one on July 14th Bastille day. A French national holiday celebrating the French Revolution after the French stormed the bastille in 1789. King Louis the XV1 and Mary Antoinette were sent to the guillotine amongst many other aristocrats.

Edward and Elizabeth took the cattle truck and drove to Normandy to the Place Du Halles where there was an auction every Monday from 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. walking around the market Edward looked at all the livestock. His plan was to buy one boar and three sows. He picked out the breed that Jacques has told him and he waited for the bidding to start. Once it commenced the bidding was slow to begin with. There was only two men bidding against one another. He waited until the two men had put in their final bid before coming in with his. The two men looked at Edward wondering why he’d waited but Jacques had instructed him well. The two men could not go any higher in price and the gavel came down and the pigs were his. They loaded the animals onto the truck then drove back to the farm. Edward was well pleased with himself having got a good price for not only a boar but four sows instead of three. Once back at the farm Edward backed the truck near to the place where the pigs would be kept. The animals were coaxed into their new homes with a bucket of swill. Some fresh hay was put down near each kennel type home. The pigs could roam free most of the day and just do what pigs do. The boar soon got to work after a few days and it wouldn’t be long before there would be little piglets running around.

His chickens, ducks, and geese were all laying well. He was taking and selling over sixty dozen eggs at the market each day. He kept some to raise into chicks to that the stock was replenished. Older birds that had stopped laying were dispatched and sold or used in the kitchen. Edward was proficient at shooting game and bagged himself a few rabbits and pheasants each day. Which were hung up in the barn for a day or so then skinned. He also joined in the hunt for the wild boars that roamed the forest.

Edward sowed his first crop of turnips and winter cabbage, He planted out his leeks into poly tunnels to help keep the soil warm enough to bring them on. He grew tomatoes that were ready for harvesting along with other salad crops. His carrots that he’d planted out in march were now 

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