"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


20. 20

Over the passing of time Rose became very fond of Patrick Connor, in fact she was hopelessly in love with him. She had fallen for him that first day in the library when he told her that she could read his books.

It was a hopeless romantic folly, a gentleman like Mr Patrick Connors could not have any romantic inclinations towards her. She was just a maid after all. Each night she tortured herself thinking about him. Until one day when some guests arrived. Sir Geoffrey Willoughby accompanied by his wife Lady Sarah Jane and their daughter Emmaline.

They stayed to dinner that evening and Rose had the pleasure of serving them all. Patrick never looked at her all that evening and whilst his parents chatted with Sir Geoffrey and Lady Sarah Jane, Emmaline and Patrick were getting more acquainted. Emmaline treated Rose like some discarded dish cloth. It was then that she realised that nothing was ever going to happen between them and that she would always just be his maid. Six months later They announced their engagement. Rose could take the insults from Emmaline no more. Each time she came to visit Emmaline had a go at her for something. It was either her tea was cold, or the bread limp on the sandwiches that she had brought from the kitchen. Emmaline was jealous of her she knew by the way she looked at her. Maybe Patrick had mentioned her in comment. One thing was certain and that was she could not remain in that house a moment longer.

Rose had managed to save a few pounds in her seven years at Glenburn Manor. The Saturday before the proposed marriage of Mr Patrick Connors and Emmaline Willoughby, Rose handed in her resignation to Mr and Mrs Connors saying that one of her Aunts had taken ill and she was needed to look after her.

Rose got on a ferry to Liverpool docks and then made her way to Newcastle by bus where she stayed with her Aunt Florrie until she got a job with the agency.

She would only find out what happened to Mr Patrick Connors when she returned to Ireland briefly some time later for her mother’s funeral after she died from liver failure.

Rose never married, but she wore her mother’s wedding ring after it was passed down to her.

Everyone assumed she was married, she actually told people that her husband had been killed during the war to stop people gossiping.

Rose had spent nearly all her life looking after children it was sad to think that she never got over her love for a man she couldn’t have.


On Wednesday morning Mr Arthur Jobson opened the Portsmouth council offices. He was the manager the staff waited outside until Arthur switched off the alarm systems and they were allowed to enter. The staff all went to their positions and awaited the manager bringing them their float as a stream of women began to accumulate outside.

Arthur went upstairs and opened the door to which led to the safe.

He looked at the door of the safe then caught his breath. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph we’ve been robbed. He ran down stairs and called the police. “Lock all the doors he screamed at his staff, do not let anyone in until the police arrive. Mr James Atkins went to the main door and locked it.

A police vehicle arrived with several police officers about three minutes later. James let them in and then locked the door again. There was shouting going one from people waiting to pay their rent and rates. Can you show us where the robbery took place sir, said a burly sergeant?

Arthur led the officers to the floor where the safe was kept.

“You haven’t touched anything sir, have you?

No sergeant, I rang you as soon as I discovered it had been broken into.

“Right Jenkins ordered the sergeant, get a team of forensics down here sharpish to check for fingerprints. Pooley, you and Harrison start interviewing all the staff. I want to know everything that they’ve done over the last few days. Arthur rang the Mayor Alan Amin to tell him that they’d been robbed.

Do you have a record of how much was in the safe sir?

Yes, we keep it in the safe.’

The sergeant laughed, that’s handy then isn’t it.

How much approximately was in the safe do you think sir?

“Well because of the Christmas holidays we never got to Lloyds bank to cash up what we had taken so I would say somewhere in the region of twenty- five thousand pounds.

“As much as that?

“Possibly more, I cannot tell you the exact figure until I check the ledger.

“You two, go and check for signs of forced entry said the sergeant to his men.’

“Yes, sir said two officers and hurried off up to the next flight of stairs to the top floor.

When the forensics team got there, they set to work looking for fingerprints.

“This was a professional job sir, we’ve got nothing.

“Is there a ledger in the safe?

“No sergeant.’

“Clever, very clever.’ “Whoever broke in must have taken it with them when they left.

What do you think Morris?

“I think that this was done by a team from London sir.’

“Right give me a minute I’ve got to make a few calls and see if we can get our snouts to come up with some names. Someone has to know who pulled this bloody job.’

The two police officers came back to report. “There’s no signs of forced entry sir, all the doors are secure.

What about the windows.

“Nothing smashed sir.’

“Well they bloody well got in somehow, so check again.’

How did they break into that safe said Arthur Jobson, its four inches of thick steel for Christ Sake?

“Apparently they drilled through it sir.’

 It would have taken them hours and the noise would have alerted someone surely. Why didn’t the alarms go off?

My guess is they had inside information sir, we are interviewing all of your staff now. Do you have a list of staff who have recently left?

 “So, you think that one of my staff gave out the information?

“Looks likely sir.’

The two officers checking the windows came back. “we found the point of entry sergeant.’

“You said there were no broken windows.’

“There isn’t, but there’s a broken catch on the fourth floor they got in that way.’

“Right get up there and see if we can get some dabs off the window.’

“You two go outside and clear that crowd outside.’

The officers ran down the stairs where James Atkins let them out.

“What the hell’s going on shouted the women waiting outside, why can’t we pay our rent shouted one women who was becoming impatient?

“We are dealing with an incident madam, please move along now.’

“Listen you, I’ve never been in arrears with my rent in thirty years and I’m not starting now.’

Madam you will have to come back tomorrow when normal services will be resumed, please move along now.’

“It’s a bloody diabolical liberty that’s what it is.’

“So, what’s going on in there come on tell us shouted another woman?

“Yeah, tell us what’s going on in there asked the crowd of women.’

“Nothing to be concerned about, now if you please just move along now or I will have to arrest you for obstruction.’

Chief inspector Glyn Morgan arrived followed by the Mayor Alan Amin.

Arthur Jobson was being bombarded with questions and his head was pounding. The feeling of impending doom was closing in on him.

Glyn Morgan asked him when the safe was last locked.

“Last Friday night sir.’

“At what time did you leave the building?

“Well, we close at five o’clock and me and my staff leave around five thirty.’

“Was that the time you left the building on that Friday was it five o’clock?

“No sir, we all stayed back for a Christmas drink.’

“So what time was it when you locked up?

“It was about 6.45 p.m. sir.’

“Did you drive home?’

“No sir, I have a bicycle, ’but I pushed it home that night because I’d had a couple of whiskey’s.’

“I see, so as far as you are aware no other person was left inside the building when you left?

“Yes, sir that is correct.’

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