"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


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For him the war was over or so she thought. In November 1918 a letter arrived telling her that he was now back on board his ship and working in the engine room.

He had been fitted with a new leg and he asked if he could meet her one evening the next time she was on leave. Janet was reluctant to go at first but then wrote back saying that she would meet him under the clock at the station in Stockport at 7 p.m. On a cold Saturday in February 1918 they met up. She didn’t tell her parents about Brian, just saying that she was going out with a friend. She wore her best dress and a pair of high heeled shoes. Her auburn wavy hair had been brushed and she wore a shade of lipstick given to her as a gift from an American nurse called Betty Bowen who got parcels regularly from home. They kept in touch after the war was over, where she wrote to her once a week. She had met and married a Marine called John Morrison and was living in Philadelphia.

Betty promised to come over to England again after the war so they could meet up. After the evening out where Brian even got her up to dance, he told her how he’d learned to walk with his false leg. He said that thinking of her during his time at the physiotherapists had helped him. He said that he was determined to show that he could walk again without the aid of a walking stick.  Sure enough, six weeks later he left St Mary’s Hospital on his own and without an aid. Looking at him now you would never know that he had a false leg. He applied to Captain James Mallory for his job back on- board HMS Norton. After being put through some stringent tests. Captain Mallory agreed that he was fit enough to carry out his job. A month later he was back on active duty.  Brian Denny and Janet had been going steady for six months after they first met when he proposed in a little café where they had gone for a cup of tea and a fruit scone with cream and strawberry jam.

Then on May 27th 1919 they were married in St Michaels Church Many of his former shipmates during the war turned up but the biggest surprise was the sight of Captain James Mallory who had come when the crew members all wrote and told him of Brian’s forthcoming wedding.

They moved to Portsmouth after getting a house on Bale Terrace. Brian was good at fixing things and decorated the house out for them to live in. After the war Brian joined the merchant navy and Janet got a job working in the Royal Victoria hospital.

Everything seemed to be going well for them even though they never saw much of each other. With experience that Janet had she soon rose through the ranks and was promoted to assist on the main ward. The job was demanding and called for more hours. Brian wasn’t happy about the fact she as now working over 72 hours per week. When Brian came home he found a note telling him that his wife was working an extra shift and would not be home until either the early hours or later that morning. When she came home she was too tired even to talk. Brian thought that a young pretty girl should be spending more time at home not working god knows how many hours. He joked that she was flirting with other male staff and young doctors in particular. Janet told her husband that she didn’t have time to fraternise with the staff but Brian reminded her how they first met. Brian became more and more possessive and even aggressive because she refused to listen to him. He began to drink heavily spending more time in the Royal Oak when she was at work. They began to row even more, some of it became heated. One night, Brian came in drunk, Janet had asked for an early finish so that she could spend more time with her husband. They had a terrible fight and Brian backhanded her across the face she was sent sprawling on the floor he forced himself on top of her and tore the buttons on her uniform. She was wearing her black bra and panties that had started to become popular and hold up stockings with a suspender belt. He tore those off until she was naked.

Even though she pleaded with him to stop he carried on raping her. He was like a rutting stag as he moaned and thrust himself into her. When it was over he rolled onto his back panting for breath. Janet was sobbing she picked up her clothing and covered herself. She went to the bedroom and shut the door. She placed a chair behind the door under the handle so it could not be opened from the outside. Lying on the bed she sobbed wishing she had listened to the advice her mother had given about marrying Brian.

The next day she booked an appointment with Stewart Baxter solicitors and filed for a divorce.

Brian refused to move out after she told him that she had filed for divorce and that if he laid a hand on her she would go to the police and tell them that he’d raped her. Later that afternoon she packed a small case and then rang her sister Mildred in Cullercoats, she asked if she could come and stay for a while until she found somewhere to live. Janet told Mildred what Brian had done to her. She travelled to Newcastle by coach because it was cheaper than the train. Packing a few items of food to take for her sister. Janet waited until Brian left to go to the pub before leaving the keys and walked to the bus station which was over two miles away. She paid five shillings for her ticket, she boarded the two o’ clock coach the journey would take over eight hours. Alan young her brother in law said he would meet her at the station at ten p.m. That evening.

She placed the small brown case in the rack above her head then sat down. There was no one else on the bus as it headed off towards Newcastle. She would have to wait until the coach got to Leeds where it would pull in at a service station and she could quickly use the toilet. The driver said that he’d only be stopping for fifteen minutes so if she wanted a drink or food then she would have to be quick. Janet informed the driver that she had a sandwich and a flask of coffee.

She made sure that she had used the toilet before the coach left.

The driver was happy to chat away to her as she sat at the front as they drove through Southampton and Reading; before taking the exit for London. Janet was glad that he was a talkative driver because it broke the monotony of the journey. She found out that his name was Paul Talbot and that he’s been driving for over twenty- five years. He had five kids who drove him to distraction and he was pleased to be driving which kept him away from home a lot. Janet told him she was a ward sister and was now relocating and looking for another job.

“It’s a big undertaking going all the way to Newcastle for a job isn’t it?

“I was on the HMS Valiant troop ship in France during the war. We helped evacuate wounded men from Dunkirk.

“Your one brave lady I must say. I couldn’t get in the forces, I’ve got flat feet and asthma.’

“So, are you married?

Yes, I actually met my husband on the Valiant.’

“Will he be joining you in Newcastle?

No, we are getting divorced, Janet did not elaborate and left it at that.’

There was an uneasy silence between them for a few minutes as the coach drove past London then headed to Gloucester. There still was no pick up until they reached Birmingham when an Indian woman got on the coach with her husband and two children. Both were wearing the Indian garb but the children dressed in ordinary clothes. The woman looked in her early thirties with beautiful olive coloured skin she wore a bright red coloured sari and the red dot on her forehead that marked her as a married woman. There was a gold chain across her brow and she had three gold bangles on her wrist and a large ruby ring on one hand and another on the left.

Her husband was bedecked with gold too and Janet thought that they must be quite wealthy.

Paul Talbot carried on his journey to Leicester. The traffic in London was hectic and he was glad to have a bit of room to manoeuvre. The only heavy traffic was from Lorries delivering food to various supermarkets around the country.

Janet put her small cushion she’d brought against the window and closed her eyes she had now been on the coach for four hours and twenty- six minutes. She was used to taking a nap in the hospital when the wards were quiet throughout the night. People said she could sleep on a clothesline.


five minutes later, she was asleep. In her dream she saw Brian standing at the door pleading for her to come back. She ran further and further away from him until he was but a dot. Then she saw a bright light as the gates to a hospital opened and there were patients in wheelchairs and some with crutches all welcoming her inside. A foreign doctor shook her hand and said “welcome to your new life Ms Denney. Everything seemed so nice as she floated along each ward checking on all the patients until she came to the intensive care unit and went in. There lying in one of the beds was Brian his arms beckoned and as she neared his bed he grabbed her and started ripping her clothes off. No, No, she called out, you will never do that to me again.’ She saw the scalpel on the table and picked it up and struck Brian in the chest with it. Blood started pouring from the wound. She tried to stop the bleeding but as fast as she put a towel over the wound it was soaked in a matter of minutes. Brian’s life was ebbing away as the police came into the ward and then took her away as she protested her innocence. Janet woke with a start.’

“Are you alright Mrs said Paul Talbot, you seemed to be having a nightmare, you were calling out.’

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