"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


18. 18

This is Deborah Jane Mrs Sullivan.

Hello, Deborah Jane, is so nice to meet you, I’m sure we are going to get along so well.’

Janet showed her around the house then left a phone number for Rose in case of an emergency.

“Just help yourself to food and there’s tea and coffee there for you if you need a drink. I must go I hope to be home around five but you know how it is in the hospital.’

“Don’t worry Mrs Thompson, me and Deborah Jane here will be just fine. I’ll have dinner made when you come home.’

Janet put on her nurse’s cloak then headed out the door.

“See you later mummy.’

“Be good now, bye darling.’

Rolling up her sleeves Mrs Sullivan asked if Deborah Jane liked to make cakes.

“Are we going to make a cake Mrs Sullivan?

“Yes, Deborah Jane and you can call me Rose.’

After washing their hands Rose took out all the ingredients that she would need then lit the oven.

“What kind of a cake are we going to make?

“How about a nice sponge cake with jam and cream in the middle with some icing on the top?

 Now then can you get me a whisk because we have to beat some eggs.

Deborah Jane showed Rose where all the bowls were then began sieving flour and adding butter then mixing it together with some sugar.

She added the beaten eggs that Deborah Jane had done then whisked the mixture until it was ready to be placed into two grease proofed cake tins. She poured the mixture into both and then using a spatula cleaned it all out of the bowl.

“Can I lick the spoon Rose mummy always lets me?

“Go on then but don’t get any on your clothes mind or mummy will not be happy with me.’

Using her finger Deborah Jane ran it inside of the spoon then placed the mixture into her mouth.

“That’s yummy she exclaimed.

“Wait until I do the cream said Rose.’

Both tins were placed into the oven and whilst they waited Rose told her the story of the leipreachan (Irish) and the pot of gold.

“What happened Rose.’

“Well let’s sit down on the sofa whilst those cakes are cooking and I’ll tell you said Rose in her Irish brogue.

“Once upon a time there was this farmer and his wife they had a son who was lazy and didn’t like to work. He wished that he was rich so that he could just laze about all day. He was sitting in the tractor one day supposed to be harvesting a field for his father. Instead he was lying in the cornfield soaking up the sun. He had been asleep for about an hour when he heard a little voice. He awoke thinking it was his father. He pushed the corn away to see a leipreachan. He had a beard of red a black top hat and a green coat on with a black belt and a buckle. The lad didn’t believe in leprechaun’s but he’d heard that they hid their gold at the end of a rainbow. The lad picked up the leipreachan and demanded that he tell him where the gold was hidden. After the 3rd time of asking the little man told him if he put him down he would tell him.

The lad set the little man down and he looked up at the lad and said to him. “My pot of gold is under that big oak tree.’

The lad went to get his spade and when he returned the little man had turned the whole of his Wheatfield into a forest. The lad had to chop down every tree and dig out every stump.

But he never found the pot of gold.

“Where was the gold hidden Rose?

“It was at the end of the rainbow of course. It taught the lad a valuable lesson and that was; you have to work hard if you want anything in this world.

“Is there really gold hidden at the end of the rainbow Rose.’

“Well you never know, I’ve never been at the end of one.’

“Can you tell me another story Rose.’

“Not today, we have a cake to make let’s have a little look to see if it’s ready.’

Rose opened the oven door a peek then looked in. “A few more minutes I think.’

“I’ll make us a cup of tea then it will be done.’

When the cake did come out of the oven it had risen to three inches She tipped them out onto a cooling tray and spread strawberry jam thickly on one piece then whisked up some double cream she washed the spatula then dried it before spreading the cream thickly then carefully placed the other piece on top then sprinkled some icing sugar over the whole cake. There you are now you have a beautiful sponge cake to eat after your dinner tonight.

“Now what are we going to make asked Deborah Jane excitedly?

“Well, I thought we could make a corned beef hash.’

This meal is the easiest to make in the whole wide world and everybody loves it.

“I can help you Rose?

“Yes, of course that’s what cooking is all about, now we need six medium sized potatoes peeled and then boiled.

Rose found the larder where the vegetables were kept and got four of the larger potatoes.

Deborah Jane began to peel one as Rose set about the others with a knife.

Once they were peeled Rose cut them into quarters then added salt and some water then put them on the gas. “Now my dear, we have to peel an onion without crying.

Once Rose had peeled the onion she chopped it up fine then added some butter to a frying pan and added the onions, she lightly fried off the onions until soft then opened a tin of corned beef.

“Now when you open the tin Deborah Jane, be extremely careful or you will cut your fingers.

You have to insert the key like this and then slowly turn the key and it will open like so. Now here comes the tricky part.’

“Get a blunt knife and push it in the top part of the lid and hey presto the lid comes off. Then place it on the chopping board like this, just pop the blunt knife right around the edge then hold the end of the tin and shake. The lump of corned beef dropped out. “There you go, no cut fingers.

“Now we need a dish to put the corned beef into. Deborah Jane brought one to the table.

“Thank you, my angel, now we break up the corned beef like so. We now add the onions and open a tin of Heinz baked beans and we pour them on the top. Then we mash the potato with a little butter until it is smooth with no lumps. Using a large spoon, she scooped the potato onto the top of the corned beef, onions and beans then using the back of a fork she spread it out and then got a block of cheddar cheese and grated about two ounces on the top. She made a wavy pattern using her fork. Now we pop that into the oven for half an hour until all the cheese and potato go crispy

and it’s done. Now wasn’t that simple?

“Yes, I can make that easily Rose.’

“Good, I’ll make a cook out of you yet.’

“Tomorrow I’ll show you how to make the best homemade bread.’

“Really, and we will see what we can rustle up for dinner.

I’ll make you a sandwich for your lunch then we can go out to town.

 Rose made a meat paste sandwich for them both and they had a cup of tea together then Rose asked Deborah Jane to clean her teeth before they went out. Walking into town Church way Rose held Deborah Janes hand the crossed over the road and went past the Queen’s head. It was a bright day. There were a few clouds but nothing to be concerned about. In the distance the YMCA was open. She saw people going in and out. Many used the YMCA to get a shower because a lot of homes were still using a tin baths. Turning right she walked to Bedford Street, one of the main shopping areas. She bought many of the essentials like milk, eggs, and flour. She walked on down onto Saville Street the smell of beer was in the air. The draymen delivered barrels of beer to the many pubs along the Street. The two shire horses fed from a nose bag. As Rose took Deborah Jane into Woolworth’s. They walked around the many aisles looking but not buying. They came to the biscuit counter and Rose bought a large bag of broken biscuits for just a penny. They were for herself but she opened the brown paper bag and let Deborah Jane pick her favourites. Crossing the road, they went to R. Mains the butcher shop where she purchased some cheap cuts for through the week she bought pigs trotters and bacon bones so she could make soup.

“Can I carry one of those bags for you Rose?

“Alright but if it starts to become too heavy just give it back to me alright.

They walked from one end of town to the other.

Tomorrow we will go down onto the fish quay and see if we can get ourselves some fish.

Have you seen the herring girls, who work down there?

“No, my daddy took me to South Shields though on the Ha’penny dodger. That was fun.

“I will show you where my friend works and we might get some free fish to bring home. 

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