"HE WHO RIDES A TIGER" Chief petty office Peter Thompson the upstanding, charming gent hides a secret, he is an abuser of children. How long can he evade the law. one young girl, his daughter finds the courage to come forward to tell all after years of torment.. based on a true story. "A must read"


17. 17

Deborah Jane picked up her book and began to walk out of the house. “Bye she said turning to look at her father.

“Aren’t you going to give you dad a kiss before you go asked Brian. I will write to you if that’s alright.’ He went into his pocket and gave her a half crown.’

“Thank you, said the child as she went to him and kissed his cheek which was rough because he hadn’t shaved she gave him a picture of herself then walked down the passage and out of the house.

She looked at the pictures in her book inside the car. She never looked up as her father stood at the window of the house looking out. There was tears in his eyes as Janet drove her car away down the street.

“How can people live like that asked Deborah Jane, I felt sick, the smell, it was disgusting.

“Not everyone lives like us Deborah Jane. Some people are very poor.’

“We will never be poor, like my real daddy, will we?

“No darling, we won’t.’

Deborah Jane hugged her teddy bear and then lay down on the back seat and closed her eyes. She was tired.

“It was a long way to come for so little said Janet to Peter, however, we can now relax knowing that Deborah Jane has met her real father.’

“If you want me to drive I will said Peter.’

“I’m okay at the moment, maybe when we get to London you could take over.’

Stopping in Birmingham Peter found a café where they could all get a coffee and something to eat.

Deborah pointed out that there were a lot of black and Asian people on the streets and in the shops, she noticed the different clothing that they wore. Peter gave her a lesson in the different cultures around the world.

“Do you think we will go on a holiday abroad daddy, I should like to see these countries you speak of.’

“Well that kind of depends on whether or not mummy and I are working. Maybe we can get away for a week somewhere the next time I’m home.’

“Oh, can we daddy, that would be nice.’

“They ate steak pie, chips, and peas in the café. Peter paid the bill leaving a tip before setting off again.

The heavy meal had made Janet tired and she got into the backseat and laydown for a sleep with Deborah Jane. Peter drove until it became dark they were still four hours from home.


Crowds gathered outside of the Eglise Reformee de France from the village to witness the marriage of Edward Thompson and Elizabeth Burton. Everyone had worked so hard over a week to put on this wedding, many had baked and given their time to help. A wedding in the village was a very special event. Charles Barnet had informed everyone and had done most of the organising.  There was a touch of sadness on the morning of her wedding, Amaline and her daughter Alayna had got Elizabeth ready. The dress she had loaned Elizabeth was beautiful and it had been adapted to fit her perfectly. They made a new veil and a head dress for her. If only her mother and father had of been here to see it she thought. It was tradition in the village that the bride arrived by horse and cart. Luckily it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky as Charles dressed in his uniform escorted Elizabeth onto the cart.

He took the reins and set off through the village, people cheered and then followed as the horse walked slowly so that everyone could see the bride. The chestnut horse that had been decorated with white plumes walked the mile or so to the church then stopped outside as everyone went inside and waited.

Charles helped Elizabeth down from the cart. “I’m sorry your father and mother are not here today Elizabeth. They would have seen how beautiful you look today. Edward is a very lucky man indeed.’ Alayna picked up the train at the back of her dress she was her chief brides maid as Charles held out his arm for Elizabeth to take. All the medals on Charles uniform shone brightly as he led her into the church doorway, they turned and a photographer took a photo of them.

Walking down the aisle Charles felt very proud that he’d been asked by Elizabeth to give her away. His army issue shoes were polished to a high shine, He looked immaculate. Isaac Messner was there, he had made the rings for the wedding. They were unique, there were no others like them. Father Andre wore his special gown that he used for weddings.

Edward looked at his bride as they took their vows. Father Andre translated the vows that they were undertaking in both French and English.

Father Andre finally pronounced them husband and wife and they walked out of the church and were driven by car to the village hall where they held their reception. There was music being played by the locals and dancing. A great number of bottles of homemade wine were drunk that day and the wedding banquet, that was placed on four long trestles was paid for by Charles as a wedding gift, He wanted it to be just as her own father would have done. Photos taken of her wedding day were taken, they could be sent home for her parents to see.

Elizabeth knew that her own parents could not have afforded this kind of wedding. She, like her mother would have ended up marrying in a registry office. There would have been nothing to remember of her wedding day. Now she would remember her wedding day as long as she lived.

They stayed in the village until after midnight then they slipped away after tossing her bouquet which Alayna caught. One day it would be her walking down the aisle she thought.

Edward drove his wife to the cottage that had now been vacated by Antione. Edward carried his bride over the threshold. There was flowers and a food hamper on the table along with a bottle of champagne “Wishing you many happy years together said a card attached. It was from Antione.

Elizabeth loved the cottage, she ran from room to room and was surprised at how beautiful it looked.

“You were right Edward, you have made me the happiest woman in the world.’

Edward took his bride into the bedroom where they made love in the bed of their new home.



Deborah Jane never spoke about her real father after they returned home. Peter prepared to leave that Friday morning. He had to return to his ship again and would be away for a few months.

This time he was going to sail to Norway to pick up troops and deploy others who used Norway as training bases. Narvik and Stavanger were where they were situated. All of his shirts were neatly ironed by himself, and his trousers too. His uniforms had been dry cleaned. His shoes were nicely polished ready for him to leave. He checked and rechecked the list he always carried to ensure that he did not leave anything behind.

“I wish you weren’t going away Peter.’

“I have to make a living the same as everyone else Janet.’

“It just means that I will have to work evening shifts, I’ve had to hire a nanny to look after Deborah Jane whilst I am at work.’ She’s coming this morning.’

“Don’t worry, I will send you some money to cover the cost.’

Janet always cooked him a full English breakfast before he left. Deborah Jane sat on Peter’s knee. She always got clingy when he was going away.

“Now you be a good girl for mummy won’t you.’ I hope that you will send me lots of letters because I look forward to reading them.’

“Yes, daddy I will and I’ll be good.’

Peter had to leave early to avoid the traffic rush so at 5 a.m. He kissed Deborah Jane, Janet got her up to see him off as she always did.

“I’ll phone you when I get there said Peter, he packed his case in the boot of the car then closed it. He hung his uniform jacket on a hanger on the back- seat rail above the door. Then kissed his wife before getting in. Peter gave them a wave as he drove away.

The Nanny Janet had hired was coming at eight o’clock that morning because she wanted to go into work that day to arrange evening shifts at the hospital. The woman was in her early fifties and had experience the agency said.

At 7.45am there was a knock at the door and Janet went to answer. Standing outside was a woman was smartly dressed and had a nice smile.

“Hello, I’m Mrs Rose Sullivan the agency sent me.

“Please come in Mrs Sullivan, may I take your coat and hat.’

“Rose wiped her feet on the rug then came into the house, she removed her coat and hat and gave them to Janet who hung them up in the passage.

Deborah Jane stopped playing and came to see the lady who was going to be looking after her.

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