The Lighthouse A novel

Abbie Graham is a thirteen year old girl who lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with her parents. When they die in a car accident, she meets her Aunt and Uncle who own an old Lighthouse unaware of the dark secrets both of them keep.


4. The Lighthouse-Part Three


Abbie got dressed in a blue T-shirt, black jeans, a brown belt, red socks, and black shoes. On her right hand was a silvery watch. It read: 9:37 AM. She saw her Aunt and Uncle. "I know it's hard, Abbie. John and Margaret were nice people", Lisa said. Abbie nodded. "Can I see the Lighthouse?", she asked her. "Yes, it's three hundred year's old", Lisa answered her. "Wow!", Abbie said. And she saw her Uncle. "Thomas, we can go now", Aunt Lisa said. 

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