The Lighthouse A novel

Abbie Graham is a thirteen year old girl who lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with her parents. When they die in a car accident, she meets her Aunt and Uncle who own an old Lighthouse unaware of the dark secrets both of them keep.


2. The Lighthouse-Part One


The nurse came to the bed in the Hospital. 

"Abbie! It's breakfast time", she said.

Abbie stared at the tubes that were in her mouth. She stared at the deep bruises on her arms, legs, and feet. "Mom! Dad!", she said. "They're dead, Abbie; they're not alive". She cried, as tears fell down her young face. She let the nurse take the tubes out. Then she ate her meal knowing that she was alone in the world.


The middle-aged woman and man arrived at the Hospital. Ward 5 was busy with nurses and doctors doing their rounds. Abbie wanted to see her parents. We're going to Lawrence, Kansas​, she was told. She opened her blue eyes. "Abbie! It's your Aunt, and Uncle". Abbie blinked, then she spoke. "I don't know you both", she said. She cried, and prayed to God that she wanted to be dead.


Abbie opened her eyes. She saw an African-American nurse smile at her. "It's going to be alright, child; it's going to be fine. Now, your Aunt and Uncle mean right; your....", she was cut off by Abbie. "They never came to my house", she said. And she sighed, and wished that she would disappear.


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