The Lighthouse A novel

Abbie Graham is a thirteen year old girl who lives in Lawrence, Kansas, with her parents. When they die in a car accident, she meets her Aunt and Uncle who own an old Lighthouse unaware of the dark secrets both of them keep.


6. The Lighthouse-Part Five


The Lighthouse's bright light zoomed into the grey rocks. Abbie stared at it with awe. She stared at her Aunt and Uncle. "It's huge", she said. And, as she reached the bottom of the eerie looking Lighthouse, Abbie wondered what it was like to keep secrets from everyone. 


The Lighthouse Keeper, Earl Marks, Jr., smiled at her. "Welcome to the Lighthouse, Miss". Abbie  nodded. "Everything's new here", she said. He smiled at her. "I've been here since 1973 when I took over from my father, Earl Marks, Sr. He died from cancer on Christmas Day, 1971. He was sixty-eight year's old. I'm forty-five now". Abbie nodded. "I'm thirteen. My parents died from a bad car accident. My Aunt and Uncle mean well...". Earl nodded. "All people mean well, Abbie. Now, I need an assistant to help me use the light to warn sailors on the ships and boats not to crash on the rocks", he said. Abbie nodded. She gazed at the stone steps that led to the top of the Lighthouse. Once she was there, Earl stretched her legs, and waited for the ships to arrive.

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