You Belong With Me

You Belong With Me

Taylor Swift


2. Next door neighbor

”I lived next door to him, my crush.

We act like the olden days. So instead of using phone to text, we used paper.

I like this better than the phone anyway... I didn’t have that much money. 


My name is Taylor Swift.


One day when I was doing my homework.. I saw you in your phone begin mad. I knew for sure it was your girlfriend. It was that fight you can’t afford to buy her that pots of colorful flower. Right?

I didn’t know what to do to help you. So I just watch and did my homework. 

You were trying to clam her down by telling her a joke. I heard it, our window was wide open. I’m so glad I heard it though. 

“Why did the chicken cross the road?” 



“To get run over by the cars!” I was laughing with him. He heard my laugh and looked at me and gave me a bright smile.

“What was that!!?” She asked.

“It was a joke”

“That was not even close to begin funny”


Why date this girl? She doesn’t even get your humor!

As I said, I was in my room. I was absent during Monday so I gotta work all my work on a topical Tuesday night. 

I’m listening to this song call “You Belong With Me” But she doesn’t like it at all. She hates country music. But only you and me love that song. Why choose her and not me.

I know so much about you! You told me your life story from birth to... Right now. 


You Belong With Me.



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