No Match For Us

They are the monsters that live amongst us. Only people with the Sight can perceive them as they truly are. El is one of these people. She runs a bar for them and others with the Sight, along with her best friend Beck. But one night Beck is kidnapped, and maybe El isn’t anything like she though she was.


1. Chapter One

Why can’t you see us?

Why don’t you get to see the drakones-shifters, the wights, the mages, the wizards?

It’s simple. To see you must be one.

There’s another way to get the Sight, of course. If you’re borne on a Monday of a full moon with the stars in your eyes and the sky shalt favor you, if you are blood of the moon and brood of the sky, if you may live to see the century of Passage, thou shalt be Gifted with Sight of Them.

In other words, you need to be part of a very old, very prestigious family and born on a Monday when the moon is full and have weird eyes.

The chances of getting the Sight are about one in three billion. There are only about three in this realm, and to have it paints a large target on your back. The more wild of Them like the Sight girls.

People with the Sight are always girls, of course. We have eyes as golden as the sun and hair as silver-pale as the moon. We have long limbs and fighting spirit, and nothing else. No wings, no fire power, no nothing.

I run a bar for Them. I’m well known as El the Fire-Walker. I tread a dangerous path, dealing with Them, but I like it. What’s life without adventure?

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