The Perfect Daughter

Mr and Mrs Dunnet had the perfect family consisting of four beautiful boys and themselves whom had the perfectly loving and supporting relationship. It seemed as though they had the perfect life but they all knew something was missing - a little girl. The perfect daughter.

Contains some sensitive topics.


1. Prologue

Mr and Mrs Dunnet were the parents to four boys, Noah, Angus, Callum and Archie. To everyone else they were the perfect family that everyone aspired to be but they were missing one thing… a baby girl. Although Antoinette loved her boys with her entire self she felt that she was being denied something that she longed for- something that was stuck inside of her skin and  in every fibre of her body. One day her dreams had come true, she finally had her baby girl safe inside the velvet lining of her body… or so she thought.

Once the news had broke that they were having a baby girl there was a huge party. The whole house was decked out in pinks and whites. There were pink cupcakes, pink balloons, pink and pink bouquets and everything else you could think of… except in pink. People filled the house so there was barely any room to move. There was so much food everywhere that everyone could take home a goody bag and afterwards Christopher could take the leftovers to work twice. Once people had taken their turns making speeches, varying in lengths, everyone tapped their glasses together as they toasted the baby girl who was safely tucked away in Antoinette’s womb.
“To Antoinette, Christopher and the boys!” glasses clinked and people cheered. The family of six cheered with the crowd of people and began to thank everyone for coming with handshakes, hugs and an awkward kiss for the boys from Aunt Lana.
“Have you thought of any names?”
​"What's her due date?"
​"Have you painted the nursery?" 
“Does she have Christopher’s nose? Or yours?”
​People cooed over her bulging stomach as Antoinette hobbled proudly around her home to speak to her guests. That night she crawled into bed with a warm feeling settling over her body as if she was being wrapped in a cosy blanket, she had so much fun that day seeing all of her family and friends and neighbours but she was exhausted from being surrounded by that many people so once her head touched the pillow she fell into a deep sleep. 
      Every morning Antoinette woke up in a glow that painted itself over her from head-to-toe but this morning was different. She had had a dream about a little girl dressed in a beautiful satin dress that was an ivory colour with a band of red stretching around her tiny waist. They baby had been asleep in a small wicker basket in the middle of an open field that seemed to reach far beyond the skyline, however once Antoinette approached the basket the little girls eyes opened revealing tiny brown eyes that glinted in the sunlight and her little mouth spread into a wide smile as Antoinette reached down to hold her against her chest. Suddenly she woke up, a sharp smell assaulting her nose and her eyes blurry, Antoinette swung her legs over the bed and stood up as a sudden rush of ice filled her blood and made her heart drop. It was almost as if something grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. Her eyes drifted slowly down to the mattress, the once white bed sheets were scarlet; her legs were stained with streaks of rouge that painted her all the way to her ankles. She stared at the sheets for a moment before glancing towards the half prosthetic leg coved with a black shoe and sock that had slipped down so it pooled around the metal ankle.
“Christopher…” Antoinette called calmly, “We need to go to the hospital.”
Christopher flipped over on the bed and groaned, “It’s too early for labour. Go back to sleep.”
Antoinette picked up the prosthetic leg whilst holding the bottom of her stomach and tossed it onto his side of the bed, “I. Need. To. Go. To. The. Hospital. Now. Either you drive or I walk. Now hurry somethings wrong, I’ll call my mum to watch the boys.”
Christopher was up quicker than Antoinette could dial her mother’s number.
The phone rang four times before Antoinette’s mother picked up, her tone was sharp and stale in Antoinette’s ears, “And, what time do you call this?”
Antoinette sucked in her breath. Her mother always made the air in the room become thin and scarce and made her feel like a shrivelled up prune. Even if she wasn't physically there. 
“Hello mother.” Antoinette bit her lip, “I need to go to the hospital.”
She could hear her rustling in the background as if her mother was getting out of her bed, “What’s wrong?” she sounded concerned.
“Please come over and watch the boys.” Antoinette’s voice shook, everything around her began to swim and the once slight cramping sensation was now so bad it felt like a hand had ripped through her stomach muscles and had crumpled her organs into a tiny ball. Everything turned black…

    Antoinette stared up at the bright white ceiling through blurry eyes, the dull ache in her stomach had subsided and the bleeding had stopped. The dried tears tightened her cheeks so they were stiff and sore to move. The piss yellow light coming in from the hallway made her head throb harder than it ever had before but the pain stabbing at her heart hurt even more. She never even felt her husband lift her shirt of the ultrasound technician cover her stomach with gel. Everything else was a blur and Antoinette’s mind was focused on her boys at home. The last thing she remembered was a nurse coming into the room with a cup of water that was gripped tightly in her sandpaper hands. Antoinette never heard the words leave the nurses tiny pursed lips but from the way her stern face moved as she talked, Antoinette knew that it was over.

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