Only Half Monster

The world is divided in two, the Vasco and the humans. You could almost say the Vasco had superpowers, but the reality is much, much darker. In a destroyed world where the Vasco rule, the humans are being slaughtered, and towns obliterated.

Z is a young man with a secret that must never get out, for he fits in neither with the humans nor the Vasco. But after reminiscing with his past, and a series of unfortunate events, he is thrust into the war and he must get his hands dirty if he wants to uncover the truth about himself and those around him.

It seems you can never truly know a person, until you know yourself.

Note: I've currently drafted 30,000 words of this story, but needs significant editing before uploading. Names of characters will change at some point, and chapters will soon be changed to delete plot holes and remove pointless ramblings.

If you're enjoying the story, please leave a like/favourite, and feedback is greatly appreciated!


6. Where I Belong

Chapter 6

'Where I Belong'


Z found himself standing atop a tall platform, in the shape of a small golden cube. As he observed his surroundings, he could see nothing for miles, and it seemed he was in the middle of nowhere. Z immediately felt something rough around his ankle, and looked down to inspect.

"What the hell?" Z cussed as he saw how his right foot had been bound by thick silver chains, followed by a large, rusty anchor. Z immediately bent down and tugged at the shackle on his leg, figuring his strength would be enough to break the shackle, but he was wrong, as he couldn’t make it budge an inch. Z gave up and sighed, straightening himself out.

“Where am I?” he wondered aloud, his voice echoing in the distance. He carefully stepped onto the edge of the cube and looked down, but was almost taken aback by what he saw. He was surrounded by a sea of thick, crimson red liquid, of which, blood, came instantly to mind. He could barely tell where the sea ended, for the sky was just as dark and red. As Z began trying to make sense of things, he heard faint noise behind him, and as he turned around with haste, he was faced with a girl in tattered clothing, covered in blood, with her messy hair drenched and hanging in front of her face. Her face was barely recognizable, but her slender body and childlike appearance made her all too familiar.

“Abby!?” he shouted in disbelief. He questioned whether it was really her, but he knew he was not mistaken. “What are you doing here?” he asked in confusion, trying to pull himself together, but he had so many questions rushing to his head he didn’t know where to start.

“Come, Z,” Abby said softly as she slowly walked towards him, but Z, in his utter shock, could not help but step backwards. “Come and join me, it’s where you belong,” she continued, still walking towards him. Suddenly, in the corner of his eye, Z could see something in the sea. He turned abruptly and was horrified to see his mother, father and Mr Calridge standing shoulder deep in the blood, with their arms extended to Z.

“Come home!” they chanted in unison, over and over, slowly making their way closer to Z. As he watched in horror, hundreds of bodies began rising from the sea and he recognized far too many of their faces. He stepped away from the edge in panic, for a split second forgetting where he was, as he bumped into Abby’s small but firm hands pushed against his back. He managed to turn just in time to look Abby straight in her fear-stricken eyes for a split second before she pushed Z off the edge of the platform with great force. He felt as if he had been falling forever, but all too soon he hit the surface like a deadweight. He steadied himself, kicking his feet to try and stay above the surface, but the blood was thick and the anchor attached to his leg began to sink. He panicked as all his loved ones began edging towards him, still chanting “come home”. Wherever this was, this horrifying sea of blood and death, was this where he belonged? He had finally realised the sheer amount of pain and suffering he had been through and the deaths he had unwittingly caused. Was this his home? With everyone he’d ever loved and lost? His thoughts were cut off as the struggle to keep his head above the sea became too much. He gasped for air but it was his last breath, before the anchor pulled him down into the depths of the sea. As he sank deeper and deeper, his arms reached up towards the surface, but the light he could see disappeared as he was plunged into a pitch black abyss. His last remaining energy was wasted trying to fight the anchor before his body gave in, inhaling; allowing the blood to rush into his lungs. It took only seconds before his airways collapsed from the thick blood, and his body became completely limp, with his eyes not having had the chance to close before his heart stopped beating. 

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