Only Half Monster

A deadly war ravishes a kingdom, led by a powerful man with cruel ideals.

A young man known only as Z, has had his life turned upside down since the day he realised he was not as human as he thought. He must stay hidden in the shadows and never let his secret get out, or there could be disastrous consequences.

However, when the lives of everyone he knows are in danger, he must decide whether to keep his secret hidden and stay out of the battle or accept the power of the monster he detests and fight in an unwinnable war.

Though accepting who he is might lead him down an even darker path.

Note: I've currently drafted 30,000 words of this story, but needs significant editing before uploading. Names of characters will change at some point, and chapters will soon be changed to delete plot holes and remove pointless ramblings.

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1. Prologue

Prologue/Chapter 1


*14 years ago*


“Quit hiding, you stupid bitch!” A sinister voice bellowed from beneath the floorboards of a dimly lit bedroom. In the corner of the room, a panic-stricken woman kneeled on the floor beside the bed. In front of the beautiful, slender woman stood a young boy in his red pyjamas, his gaze fixed on the bedroom door as he listened to the men wreak havoc in their home. He didn’t understand why.

“Honey listen to me!” the woman whispered frantically, and when he didn’t respond, she gave the boy a gentle but urgent shake on the shoulders, finally getting his attention.  

“I want you to stay in here,” she said slowly and clearly, reaching to her right and opening the wardrobe shutter door slightly. “It’s important that you don’t move or make a sound.” She gently patted the boy on the head, feeling his short and curly brown locks beneath her hand, before then caressing his cheek. She watched painfully as tears began to run down his small chubby face.

“What did we get ourselves into, huh?” the woman cried as she ran her thumb along the black marks on his face, a painful smile appearing upon her beautiful face. The sounds of the men shouting as they vandalized their house continued to resonate up through the floorboards, making the boy wince at every loud bang.

“I’m scared Mummy, please stay with me!” the boy cried, as he tried to wipe his tears away with the back of his hand, but it was futile as he couldn’t stop crying.

“We’re just playing hide and seek! You mustn’t come out until I say it’s okay, do you promise?” She asked softly, staring deep into his sad blue eyes. The boy sniffed and nodded, and the woman kissed him on the forehead before ushering him quickly into the tall, wooden wardrobe next to them. The floorboards suddenly began to shake as blaring thuds could be heard getting louder, and louder.

“Mummy’s just going to hide next door,” she said with trepidation as she stood up from the floor. “I love you,” she whispered quickly, smiling, as she gently closed the wardrobe door.

The boy crouched down out of the way of the hanging clothes and watched through the shutters of the wardrobe door as his mother swiftly loped towards the bedroom door, her yellow dress flowing as she ran. The boy listened, terrified, as the shouting got louder and closer, when suddenly, the woman exclaimed, frightened as she realised she had run straight into the coarse arms of a largely build man entering the bedroom. The boy cried out in shock but quickly covered his mouth with both his small hands, watching in terror as his mother tried to push through the man to escape only to no avail. The man abruptly seized the woman’s long blonde hair, causing her to let out a painful cry, before he tightened his grip and tossed her backwards onto the bed in the centre of the room.

“In here, Earl!” the man suddenly roared, a grotesque grin appearing on his narrow face, revealing his crooked, yellow teeth. Almost instantaneously, an energetic, younger and thinner man burst into the room, holding a baseball bat that rested on his shoulder.

“If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with,” the woman said bluntly as she sat upright on the bed, gently massaging her sore head.

“Not just yet princess,” the large man said, crossing his arms. “Before that, we want to know where the boy is.”

The woman sat in silence, and the boy’s eyes widened as he thought surely, they were talking about him? He placed his palm on the wardrobe door ready to burst out and save his mother, but then abruptly stopped in his tracks, remembering what he had promised to his mother. He had to stay calm, he was sure his mother knew what she was doing.

“Don’t make me ask you again!” the man shouted, startling the boy who was deep in thought. The thinner man, Earl, took a step towards the woman and extended his baseball bat towards her.

“Want me to make her talk Duncan?” Earl asked, his eyes widening, as he licked his cracked lips. The man referred to as Duncan, raised and shook his hand to dismiss Earl’s advances, all the while not breaking his eye contact with the woman. There was a moment of silence, before the woman finally spoke.

“He’s dead,” she said bluntly. “His father killed him and then killed himself,” she added. The boy didn’t understand. Were they talking about a different boy?

“Well we certainly didn’t expect that good news, Earl, not only is the spawn of Satan dead but now we’ve got one less Vasco to kill as well,” Duncan laughed happily, but Earl looked dissatisfied as he clicked his tongue.

“Now, now Earl, do you think so little of me?” He smirked, reaching into his pocket to pull out a black revolver, and instantly the ominous smile was back on Earl’s face. Duncan leaned in close to her and grinned.

“Any last words?” he asked, making the woman recoil from the strong stench of alcohol and bad odour.

“Go to hell,” the woman hissed. Duncan scowled.

“If I find out you lied, I’ll give him the most painful death you could ever imagine,” he whispered into her ear. Her eyes widened and terror-stricken, she watched as Duncan leaned back and pointed the revolver towards her. The boy held his hands up over his eyes and he winced when suddenly, two gunshots cracked through the air, resounding throughout the house, leaving the boy’s ears ringing. He watched the men as they left the room swiftly, full of laughter. The boy clenched his fists and then reached out towards the wardrobe door, but, unable to maintain his balance, he stumbled out of the wardrobe and onto the floor.

“Mummy?” the boy called out, barely able to comprehend his own voice. There was no response, only a deafening silence. He pulled himself up from the ground and trudged towards the bed on his bare feet. When he climbed up onto the bed, tears began streaming down his face before he even understood what he was seeing.

The last visible ray of sunlight from the sunset shone down through the open window onto the woman’s motionless body as she laid on the bed, arms by her side and eyes open. Her golden blonde hair was splattered with red, and her yellow dress had now turned crimson from two gaping holes in her chest.

“Mummy!” he cried again, placing his hands on her side, shaking her as hard as he could. “Please wake up!” he shouted, his crying uncontrollable as he laid his head on her warm chest, with his fists clenched, and his eyes shut tightly.

It felt like time had stopped as he cried and mourned but it was only minutes before he had cried himself to sleep, oblivious to the presence of the stranger behind him.


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