Only Half Monster

The world is divided in two, the Vasco and the humans. You could almost say the Vasco had superpowers, but the reality is much, much darker. In a destroyed world where the Vasco rule, the humans are being slaughtered, and towns obliterated.

Z is a young man with a secret that must never get out, for he fits in neither with the humans nor the Vasco. But after reminiscing with his past, and a series of unfortunate events, he is thrust into the war and he must get his hands dirty if he wants to uncover the truth about himself and those around him.

It seems you can never truly know a person, until you know yourself.

Note: I've currently drafted 30,000 words of this story, but needs significant editing before uploading. Names of characters will change at some point, and chapters will soon be changed to delete plot holes and remove pointless ramblings.

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4. Abby

Chapter 4




His heart ached. He had been betrayed, and it hurt him very much. He wished he could tell his seven year old self not to trust him, not to get his hopes up only for them to come crashing down on him. Anger welled up inside of him and he scrunched up the paper and threw it across the room. 
"That damn mayor-!" he began to shout, but his voice cracked and his throat throbbed and he clenched his teeth. He would not shed a single tear, not for that mayor. He was here for one thing, and one thing only, a beautiful silver wristlet, that just looked like a normal silver band with engravings on the front. It was resting peacefully inside the box, and he was relieved to see that it was in good shape. Memories of the wristlet were bitter sweet, and he relived the moment the wristlet was given to him as a gift thirteen years ago.

Back before Z had written the note, he still had two people left in his life that he cared about.

As he drifted soundly off to sleep in his bed, he suddenly awoke, hearing repeated clanking noises against his window. He huffed, irritated, at how he was being woken up right in the middle of the night. He sprung from his bed and went over to his window, whipping it open, when out of the blue he was hit in the face by a small pebble. 
"Ouch... That hurt!" he hissed and then realised it was Abby, who was now rolling around on the grass laughing. It always made him smile when he saw her laughing like that. Abby was the only friend he'd ever had and even if she was a year older than him, they got on really well and she still put up with his moaning and complaining. Z grabbed his coat and quickly ran outside to meet Abby, who seemed a lot calmer than usual as she sat patiently on the grass. 
"I’m sleepy, what do you want?" Z moaned as he yawned loudly and stretched his arms.
"I wanted to give you something," said Abby, holding out something silver and signalling him to sit down. He did so, and then his eyes widened as he realised what she was holding in her hand.
"My Vasco bracelet. I wanted to give you it so you won’t forget me," Abby smiled, but it only expressed sadness.
"What do you mean?" he questioned, but deep down, he already knew. 
"They know where I live now." Abby said, her voice low and Z definitely saw fear flash in her eyes.
"You have time to escape if you leave now!" Z shouted, a hint of urgency in his voice.
"It’s too late now, but... I’m tired... I'm tired of running, Z."
"You're just going to give up?!" 
"I’ve made up my mind, Z. This is it now." The air was thin and the tension built as the two of them sat in silence. Z realised she was being deadly serious, and she really was going to wait for them to come to her.
"Here," Abby said after what seemed like forever. "Mr Shino-Oku got my bracelet off, and the tracker has stopped," she explained. “I want you to have it." She added, gently placing the bracelet in Z’s hands.
"But bracelets are for girls," Z joked, but he was already gripping tightly on to it.
"Call it a wristlet then,” Abby smiled. "I should go. I don’t want them to find you too," Abby said as she got up and patted herself down to get all the dirt off her.
"I’ll never forget you! You're the bestest friend I've ever had!" he smiled brightly, his cheeks going red. Abby smiled happily.
"I know you hate hugs, but please just enjoy this last one," said Abby, pulling him into a big hug. Z held tightly onto Abby, and for the first time, he didn’t want to let go. He forced a smile onto his face hoping it would make him feel happier, but it had the opposite effect.
"Goodbye," he whispered, nuzzling into her strawberry scented hair, as a solitary tear trickled down his cheek.

And that was the last time he ever saw Abby.


He clutched the wristlet in his hands like he had done that night. He regretted letting her go that time. He wished he could've convinced her that it was worth running and that it was worth running all your life as long as it meant you could survive. But that’s when he realised that he was just being selfish. After thirteen years of hiding himself away, he came to understand how she must have felt, and only then he could accept her decision for death as the right thing to do.

Looking at the wristlet again, he was able to clearly understand the engravings on it, as back then he was too young to grasp want they meant. There was a sun and a moon, a sword and a shield, and finally, a rose. He was old enough now to understand what each of the items meant. It was as if being a Vasco granted you a choice, whether to be on the side of light or darkness, whether to walk the path of life and happiness or death and destruction. As easy as the choice may seem, it appeared all the Vasco chose the latter. If this was the case, it seemed Z didn't have a choice after all, for having the marks of a Vasco meant he would always be followed by some kind of death and destruction regardless of what he wanted. 

All his life he had hidden the markings on his body, whether it be with long sleeved clothing, gloves or cloaks; he never let anyone see what he despised so much about himself. It was clear to him, and to anyone who saw him, that he was part Vasco, but even though he was half human as well, nobody would ever believe him. He would be seen as a half-blood Vasco who was a threat to both the humans and the Vasco. So it was clear why he hid the marks. He didn't want anyone to look at him with fear in their eyes, and only see a monster; a cold-blooded killer. 


He knew all too well about the wristlets and the people who wore them; but he refused to believe he was the same as the monster that killed everyone he ever loved. Part of him was in denial and so he shunned the powers he had deep inside of him. If pretending to be fully human is what it took to make people believe he was, then so be it. Doing this made it ever so slightly easier to fit in, but never as easy as he’d like. Despite his age making it easier to deal with now, he would never be able to overcome the hell he went through when he was younger. Z looked down at the wristlet he held in his palms. This was given to him so that he would never forget Abby, and when he was near it, he almost felt her presence as if she were standing over him, looking out for him as she always did. He hadn’t planned on putting it on, but right now he felt so alone, and so in need of his best friend’s comfort, that he was almost compelled to put it on his wrist. At this point he didn’t care what anyone would think if they saw it so he adjusted the size of the wristlet and slipped it onto his right arm and it fitted perfectly. He felt an odd sensation, like a small pulse of electricity running through his body. For the first time in a while he felt happy, believing that Abby was with him one again. But that happiness was short lived once the wristlet locked and clamped down tighter onto his wrist.

"Shit!" he exclaimed, pulling at the clasp on the wristlet. "This can't be good," he added, as he gave up tugging at it. He'd rather be stuck wearing it for the rest of his life than to break it trying to get it off. He'd just have to find someone later to ask about it. He slipped his glove back on and he enclosed himself within his cloak once again, for as long as he was wearing it nobody could see the wristlet or markings anyway.


He'd had enough of today, and lost control far too many times. He knew what this trip back to Bingry could do to him, but he thought he was stronger than this. He thought he could keep it together and just get what he came for, but unexpectedly seeing Alistair had shaken him and caused him to lose all control over his emotions. Why did he have to bump into him today of all days. All these emotions were driving him insane and he needed some fresh air, yet surprisingly, this happened to be the only room that didn’t have a smashed window. He got up from the floor after putting everything neatly back in its place and headed to the window to open it. Part of him wished to receive the impact from a stone, but sadly, it never came.


The sun was setting, turning the sky into a concoction of reds, pinks and oranges, with an icy breeze that whipped his face. He had stayed here far longer than he'd anticipated and these days it was unsafe to travel in the dark. Though he knew he could handle himself, he just didn't want to deal with any petty muggers that come out at night to take advantage of the mayhem the war is causing. As he stood gazing out of the window and looking far into the distance, he was able to come to a decision over something that had been playing on his mind all this time. He liked the freedom this world has, or at least used to, and he decided that freedom is what he needed. He needed to be free of the pain he suffered; and the root of his personal hell began in this very house. With that thought, he headed downstairs and stopped to rummage through all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Half of the drawers broke when he pulled them out, and some crumbled in his hands. He was probably too focused to realise how much strength he was using, something he often forgot. 

"Found it," he said finally and held the box in his hands. He closed the front door quietly behind him as he made his way outside. He stood on the grass directly in front of his house and looked it over once more.
"Goodbye and good riddance," he said firmly, as he lit a match from the box and threw the match onto the porch with it catching immediately, shooting up into flames. He felt the cold wind hit him once again. "I hope this fire doesn't spread," he said, questioning whether he'd done the right thing. He shrugged and settled down onto the grass to watch his house burn down and his root of evil destroyed. Z watched in tranquility, as the house in front of him burnt to ashes, with the world around him plunging into a deafening silence, with nothing to be heard but the flames crackling and spitting.

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