Supernatural Twins

Two girls were born into a family of magical wonders that just so happens to skip every other generation. Luckily, or maybe unluckily, it had skipped their mother's generation, and had hit them with full force. Whether misfortune or untold adventures await the twins, only time will tell. Be prepared to experience the full force of the world of the supernatural.


3. Story and Birthday Celebration

Evangeline's P.O.V.:
        I stared at Angie, waiting for her to ask me so that I'd know if I really had to start explaining. She seemed to sense this, because she cleared her throat and gave me a 'start-explaining' look. I sighed, "Well, last night, after the party, I went into my room because I wanted sleep and stuff, and I had a visitor in my room. He was sitting on my bed with a piece of cake, a box of chocolates, and a present. I walked over to him and he told me 'Happy Birthday,' and handed me the cake.
        "I ate the cake, then he gave me my present while setting the chocolates on my vanity. I opened the present to find a beautiful sapphire purity ring. I'm surprised mom and dad never bought us purity rings, but whatever. Then, I thanked him for the ring. Then, the weirdest and strangest thing happened." Angie looked to be on the edge of her seat. I was mentally deciding whether or not I should tell her the actual truth, or lie to her to avoid her teasing me about my kiss and now having a boyfriend. "He," I started, in the middle of choosing whether to tell the truth or lie to her, "he - uh- he, he smiled at me, then jumped out of my window. I checked to see if he'd hurt anything, but then I looked out and saw him running away, clearly unhurt. I was confused until I realized that my room is on the ground level. And that's it. I got a couple presents, and a boy jumped out of my window."
        I smiled in a half-nervous/half-proud-of-myself way, hoping that would work. Angie eyed me skeptically, as though she didn't believe me. I quickly put on my poker face, knowing that I have a pretty good one. "Okay... All I wanna know is why Nana thought that I needed to know that. It doesn't really make much sense," Angie finally answered after a few seconds that seemed like an eternity. I laughed a bit, "Please, when does Nana ever make any sense?"
        "True, true," Angelica responded, slightly laughing herself. "Now," I said giving her a hug and standing up, "why don't we get dressed and go into town for a while. We can go shopping or get mani-petti's or go bowling or go to a movie or something." "Okay. I'll see you by the front door in about ten minutes," Angie answered. "How about twenty? I still have to brush my hair," I suggested knowing how awful my hair likes to be. She nodded, so I ran into my room to start getting dressed.

~20 Minutes Later~

        I put my phone in my purse and slid on my purity ring Lloyd gave me and the bracelet Nana gave me. I took one quick glace at myself in my vanity mirror. My outfit looked fine enough, so I ran down to the front door where Angelica was waiting for me, while wearing her ring that Nana had just given her. "Finally. For once you've actually managed to be on time," she teased me playfully. I grinned, "I know. It's so weird. Maybe I should go back and do something else to make it so that I am late." I slowly turned around. "No! Let's go!" Angie exclaimed as she grabbed my wrist. She turned me around, and we walked out the front door.
        We both stopped and she looked at me, "Wait. How are we supposed to get to places? Neither of us have our license yet." I rolled my eyes at her, "I know that. I've already texted our ride to pick us up." "Who is it?" she asked me curiously. "Oh, nobody in particular," I answered, devilishly not telling her who was taking us places. She gave me a frown and grumpily folded her arms. I smirked at my opportunity to irk her further, "Geez, Angie. No need to be so Sirius." She glared at me.
         So, Sirius Black is her favorite Harry Potter character, so she was devastated when he died. Now, I make the Sirius joke to her every chance I get when I feel like messing with her. She's not actually mad, more of a playful mad, but it's still funny to watch her reaction.
        A black van with a capacity of 8 people pulled up in our driveway. "Our ride!" I squealed, grabbing Angelica's wrist and dragging her to the black minivan. The back door on the driver's side opened for us, revealing our friends Jason, Lloyd, Jessica, Cadence, Benny, and Eric. I hopped in, followed by Angie who lit up upon seeing Eric. Jason seemed to be excited to see Angie, but that was normal as everyone knew he has a crush on her, but he has no idea that he's not the only one that knows of his little crush.
        The middle seat in the second row was pushed down, and Eric went over it and sat in the back in the right side window seat. Cadence sat to his left, and Benny sat to her left. Lloyd pushed the middle seat back up, so I sat in it. Angie came in and sat on my left, so Lloyd sat back down in the seat to my right. Jessica was already sitting in the passenger seat (she has a secret crush on Jason that she's only told Cadence and I about. She'd tell Angelica if Angie wasn't who Jason had a crush on), and Jason was already in the driver's seat. Once we'd all sat down and buckled, Jason started up the van, then pulled out of our driveway and out into the street.
        Lloyd looked down at my hands that I had folded in my lap and smiled. "You're wearing the ring," he whispered in my ear. I nodded smiling, and whispered back, "I love it so much, how could I not wear it?" He smiled at this, then smirked as an idea popped into his head. "Hey," he started shifting himself closer to me, still whispering, "If you like it so much, then maybe I should get a reward?" He pointed at my lips, then to his own. My face flushed a color very similar to that of a rose. "Not, not right now. I-I haven't told Angie yet. Wait until later, when, when we're alone," I whispered in response. He chuckled at my bashfulness, I was hardly ever like this.
         I turned to Angelica who'd been on her phone. "So, are you okay with our ride? Or are they too low class for your taste?" I teased her, poking her side. She giggled, "No, they'll do. But, where are we going first?" "I have no idea. I just told them to pick wherever, because I'm too indecisive to decide in a reasonable amount of time," I answered truthfully. She smiled and shook her head at me, "That you are dear sister, that you are." I playfully glared at her and laughed, "But, seriously, guys, where are we going?"
        "Well, we thought we'd go to the waterpark. Eric and Lloyd set up the reservation so that we could go there and not be interrupted by all of the people that would be there," Jason answered from up front as the van took a left. "We also assumed that you wouldn't be wearing swimsuits or have any of your stuff, so the girls went and bought you each a swimsuit and gathered up all that they thought the two of you would need," Eric added. Benny spoke next, "Well, Eric and Lloyd were the ones who actually picked out the swimsuits. And Lloyd made sure and bought this special sunscreen that was pretty expensive for one of you."
        Cadence punched Benny's shoulder, "You weren't supposed to tell them that! They didn't need to know that Jessica and I weren't the ones that picked out their swimsuits or that Lloyd bought the sunscreen!" "Sorry.... can you forgive me?" Benny apologized. Cadence pecked him on the cheek, "Of course." "Hey, Lloyd, who did you get the sunscreen for?" Jessica piped up, finally coming out of her trance of staring at Jason. Lloyd raked a hand through his hair, "I got it for Angel, of course." I frowned and looked over at my twin whose skin didn't burn easily and didn't need special sunscreen.
        "Why would you get Angie the special sunscreen? She doesn't really need it," I asked him, wanting an answer. He chuckled at me, "I didn't get it for Angie, I got it for you." I looked at him confused. "Well, Angel is in your name, Evangeline. But, I guess I slightly forgot that Angel was in Angelica too," Lloyd laughed. I smiled up at him.
        I was the one who needed the sunscreen. I burn so easily, that I can barely go out in the beautiful summer days. This sunscreen allows me to not only be outside for long periods of time, but it also allows me to go swimming during the summer without getting burnt to a crisp so long as I reapply once every two hours. So, it makes my heart swell with happiness that he remembered.
        We pulled into the waterpark, and everyone hopped out of the van. Jessica, Cadence, Angie, and I went into the girls' changing room to get into our swimsuits, Jason and Benny went into the guys' changing room, and Eric and Lloyd checked in at the front desk before going to get changed themselves. Us girls eventually got finished getting into our swimsuits, but not before I complained about how much skin mine showed -I had a plan to kill Lloyd for it later- yet we were still able to finish.
        When we left the changing room, we found the boys already out there in their swimsuits waiting for us. Jessica was practically drooling over Jason and his exposed chest. She was honestly too busy drooling over him to notice how he was drooling over Angie. Cadence ran over to Benny and jumped into his arms. "Do you like my swimsuit, Benny-Bear?" she asked him. Benny pecked her forehead, "Obviously. I mean, you're wearing it, so how could I not like it?" I mimicked vomiting causing Angie, Eric, and Lloyd to laugh.
        Then, while Angie was talking with Eric and everyone was preoccupied, Lloyd pulled me to the side. He wrapped his arms around my stomach from behind and bent down so that his chin rested on my right shoulder. His lips brushed my right ear, sending tingles throughout my body. "You look hot, Angel. Almost too hot," he whispered huskily into my ear. My body stiffened and my face turned beet red. I turned around and playfully pushed him off of me.
        "You know you love it~"
        "Shut up."
        "Why don't you make me~"
        I smiled at him, then smirked as an idea popped into my head. I pushed him into the pool. When he resurfaced, I yelled, "RACE YOU TO THE TALLEST WATERSLIDE!" before taking off running towards it before he could register what I said and get out of the water. Soon, though, he was out of the water and running towards me, as were Angie, Eric, Jason, Jessica, Cadence, and Benny. Sadly, my legs are short because I am short, so they all caught up to me. But, I was already at the top of the slide when they did, so I FINALLY beat them! Yay! Angie pushed me down the slide, then she was pushed by Lloyd who was then pushed by Eric who was then pushed by Cadence who was then pushed by Benny who was then pushed by Jessica who was then pushed by Jason who was then sliding down after the rest of us.

~Time Skip~

        Soon enough, it was 10pm, and we'd dropped off Cadence and Benny at their houses. We were on the way to Angie and I's house so they could drop us off. Angie and Eric were chatting in the back, Lloyd and I were laughing together in the middle, and Jason was talking with Jessica in the front. "Hey, can we tell your sister that we're dating yet? I mean, everyone else knows already," Lloyd whispered to me. I glared at him playfully and whispered, "You really couldn't keep it a secret?" "No," he answered. I sighed, then nodded, "Sure. It's not like she won't find out soon enough anyway. Besides, she won't have very long to tease me before we have to go to bed."
        I pecked his nose just to tease him, and he made a small groan of disappointment that caught Angie and Eric's attentions. (Lloyd and I weren't buckled btw, cuz we be rebels boi. deal wit' it. -3-) Then, he pulled me down on top of him so that I was basically laying on top of him. My face flushed pink, then he wrapped his right arm around my waist, and used his left hand to pull my head down towards his. He crashed his soft lips onto mine and soon forced his tongue into my mouth. As if it wasn't bad enough that we were kissing in front of my twin, he had to add to it by sticking his tongue in my mouth and putting our bodies in the position that they were in.
        Lloyd pulled away when Eric started talking. "Yo! Lloyd! Not in the van, man! At least wait until you're alone with her in her bedroom," Eric joked chuckling. I sat up in embarrassment, then I looked up and saw Angie's face. She had this look of 'you-lied-to-me'/'now-I-know-what-Nana-was-talking-about'/'omg!'/'I'll-never-let-this-go'/'You're-dead' on her face. I guess maybe lying to her wasn't smart in the long run, but it was the right choice in the moment. We pulled into our driveway, and Angie and I got out after thanking everyone and saying goodbye. I ran into the house with Angie on my tail.
        She grasped my wrist when we got into the living room. "Explain. Now," she commanded. "Well, I may have lied just a little earlier," I replied nervously. "No shit, Sherlock," Angie cussed. Wow. I guess there is a first for everything. I shifted feet nervously, "So, I'll continue from, 'Then the weirdest thing happened,' okay? Lloyd, the guy in my room, leaned over and kissed me. And it was a beautiful kiss. My first kiss, and it was a French kiss. Then, he asked if he was the crush you were referring to, even though you had no idea that I liked Lloyd, and I called him 'Idiot' and he kissed me again. Then, he left after a little while. So, now he's my boyfriend. And that's all."
        Angie squealed in excitement. The truth is, she's been shipping us for years, since Lloyd and I became friends, actually, and Lloyd and I have acted disgusted by the idea and just denied the possibility that it could ever happen. So, that's why she squealed. Then, she gave me a bone-crushing hug that knocked all of the air out of my lungs. "Angie....I can't.....breathe!" I somehow managed to gasp out. She let go and mumbled an apology. "Okay, are we cool now?" I asked. She nodded, "Sure, but don't think this'll get you out of any teasing." Great. "Okay, you know I'm not dumb enough to ever even try to fool myself of that, but okay. I'm going to bed. 'Night," I gave her a hug. "'Night," Angie replied, hugging me back.
        We let go and I got into my pajamas and went to bed after an awesome birthday. What's weird is, up until right before I fell asleep, I'd completely forgotten the whole 'I-have-magic' thing. Oh well..... I can just focus more on that tomorrow when I have more time and energy...................

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